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by Patrice Fields, PsyD.
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An Introduction

 This page contains links to articles I wrote for the Foundation of Global Humanity that are contained on their website and which I have permission to link to here on my website.


This body of work is a compilation of many years of education, research, practice and study and  is at a more advanced level of understanding and comprehension with the original intended audience of healing practitioners. Therefore, some of the concepts, and supporting framework on which my theories and this material is based, are complicated and build on ideas presented by other scientific theories, philosophical teachings, healing methodologies, and schools of healing. It is a rich source of information and I  recommend that you read a section and let what you have learned to integrate into your being and then go on to another section.

Background On What It Means To Be Human—Operating Manual

Basic Concepts and Vocabulary
Beyond the Chakras: Advanced Energetic Structures

12 Chakras—12 Transdimensional Connections

Magnetic Grids
Ley Lines, Leyr Lines and Muyr Lines

Core Star
Your Universal Autobiography 

Other Important Concepts

Cosmic (Master) Archetypes


The Basic Building Blocks of the Universe

Models of Healing 
Your Own Model of Self

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