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Johnson Canyon 2023
Deepening into
The Land  of Us 



Help me celebrate my birthday weekend in sacred sites in Utah!


We will be visiting Johnson Canyon, home to some of the Earth's most revered Masters who reside in the cliff walls of the Canyon. And we will also be taking a side trip to Zion National Park which is about a 35 minute drive from our home base in Kanab, Utah.

We have several purposes for our Gathering:

1. To make a spiritual retreat to Johnson Canyon for our own personal spiritual sustainance, nourishment and evolution.

2. To commune with the lands in this area that form a part of One Great Hoop (see description below) in order to " safeguard and safekeep the Great Mother Earth, lending her balance and support that continues the ancient journey to keep alive hope that all lineages, spiritual paths, elders, tribes, and  cultures learn over time interdependence, great peace and evolutionary unfolding." (Great Hoop Masters)

3. To positively imbue the great spiritual back channels with our powerful community force for peace and nonduality.

4.  To deeply integrate into our cells and through the space of us, the sacredness that is embedded in the walls of Zion National Park.

5. To renew our friendships, to build new friendships within our community and to have fun!

The Johnson Canyon Masters have existed since the beginning of the Earth and clearly declare that they will be here until the very end of the Earth. There are few words to describe their power, eloquence and wisdom as well as their peerless perspective on humanity, the Earth and the Earth's place in an even grander scheme. It is the Johnson Canyon Masters who have summoned us on this trip. The Canyon walls seem permeable and I anticipate, "walking through the portals of time" that are the Canyon.

The Johnson Canyon Masters were discovered by our group on our first tour of the Southwest in 2008 and have made themselves available to every subsequent group.  When adopted by them, you can rest assured that you will be tended to by some of the most Wise Elders until the end of your life.  I expect both individual communion time and group time for channeling and blessings.



Zion National Park is also home to many Elders and Ancient Spirits who grace the canyon walls, though they are of a different breed than the Johnson CanyonMasters. Here is Zion, the sky, the earth, the canyon walls and the  resounding power of the undulating space confer energies that wholly integrate our beings and bodies to the celestial and galactic grids, while all the while taking us into portals of TIMELESSNESS.  There really are no words to describe the magnificent effect that Zion can have under the radar of your awareness, while wow-ing with its vastness.



"The One Great Hoop is a unique energy structure that is alive, living, moving, breathing.  Once you enter it, you are an inseparable part of the entire Earth experience, past, present, future. It includes and incorporates all tribes, cultures, epochs of time and connections inside the earth to the Galaxy and the Universe. It is both internal and a concrete path you can walk in these lands, where you are the completion, the renewal..the beginning and the end. It connects you to all living beings. Once experienced, you are free.  This experience is what mankind hungers for and returns lifetime after lifetime to experience. It is the  felt sense of Liberation in a body that you crave. It is the force that heals humankind. The completed Earth within you is  the healed flesh of who you are."

I am so excited to visit these powerful earth sites again and to gather as community to continue our journey with these sites and the One Great Hoop of lineages and cultures that we started way back in 2008.  Please help me celebrate my birthday weekend!!

A Model For Nourishing Self, Spirit, Nature, 
& Community In Your Backyard

Greely, CO & Cherry Hill, NJ
October 2015 



We took a marriage vow to Nature when we were born and Nature is calling in the Liberation chips


This past year, I have pioneered using the Tone of Liberation, an inaudible Tone so profound that it shatters lower, impure vibrations and restores  the primal pure connection to Spirit.  Instantly, lost souls find their way.


The Tone echoes down the highways and byways of our inner planes, shattering memories of past lives lived in suffering. It resounds through our bodies breaking atomic bonds that hold bodily suffering. It has its

own Creation trajectory and destiny as it confers Unleashed Liberation, wherever it goes. 


During a recent gathering, the Tone of Liberation resounded through One Great Hoop (an energetic structure anchored into the Southwest, where all cultures, lands, spiritual lineages, time epochs, and galactic and universal energies can cross pollinate allowing for resource sharing), spreading freedom globally to many cultures, lands and souls.


Yet something unexpected and marvelous also happened in this alchemical marriage!  Nature felt the resonance. It awakened in her a hunger for this unmitigated connection to Liberation. Local regions of Land stirred. 


Now Nature beseeches us to impregnate her with this Tone our very own backyards. Nature cries out for us to restore the soul to depleted Lands in our own communities and /or to refresh and revitalize the aliveness that is currently present.  Nature progates Life through the Earth grids and in so doing, keeps alive the culture of Humanity.  Nourishing Nature liberates Life. Life is what keeps the culture of Humanity alive. It's that simple, that deep, that profound.


Liberation through Nature activates, energizes, and regenerates Life on a moment to moment basis.  Liberation makes the Earth more alive, more sentinent.  Liberation has the power to upfift and align the community collective.   Nature's raw power harnesses its energy best when in alignment to its local community, when its sheer existence is drawn into the bosom of its residents.  We are being called to reconcile our human species with Nature, no holds barred.


I will be presenting a model that you can take home and practically use in your home town and regional areas. 

You will learn how to form local hoops of Liberation and how to sustain them.  Yo will leave uplifted by the nourishment you have given yourself and Nature.  These localNature Hoops vitalize your body, mind and soul and enrich the soil that feeds your food source.


Make no mistake. You can change the world by changing your backyard.  Come and join me and the harnessed power of  community as we DREAM into creation the future of Nature Unleashed. 



May 29-31, 2015 
*With optional 2-Day Sacred Site Excursion 

In October, 2014, as I hiked a trail which etched the hills near Boynton Canyon, on of the sacred vortex sites in Sedona, the Canyon Elders opened a gateway or portal that took me on a spell-binding trip. 

I ended up at a point so sublime it was indescribable.  And I heard the voice of so many sacred Beings and Elders point to a nexus of riveting energy.  I can only describe this as the felt experience of both the Creation Moment of the Universe and its climactic completion endpoint, all wrapped in unison from the webbing inside of me to the farthest reaches of Eternity.


The sun was beginning to set and I had no flashlight, so I scurried back down the trail in a stunned state. When I reached the car and watched the matrix of sunset colors illuminate the backdrop of the canyon, I started to sob. Something was so complete and yet so fulfilled.


The voice of the Elders and Quantum Masters all chanted in rhythm and rhyme to the multi-layered backdrop of Padmasambhava's rainbow body. The Covenant Masters' energy surged through my body magnetics. A whole body message poured through me: BRING THE COMMUNITY HERE IN THE SPRING.


And so I am inviting you to join me and others for this Graced Bestowal as we Unleash Liberation and find Liberated Embodiment… This is Sedona's Gift and its Graced Bestowal.


The Tone of Liberation has sounded and will continue to sound. It echoes down the highways and byways of our inner planes.  It shatters memories of past lives lived in suffering.  It resounds through our bodies breaking atomic bonds that hold bodily suffering.  It has its own Creation trajectory and destiny as it confers Unleashed Liberation, wherever it goes.  To gift this land with its many interconnected hubs is to spread a form of freedom to untold regions.


Red Rock Country (as Sedona is called) emanates not only unmistakable beauty, but a mineral and geological force that allows for higher energies to embody.  There is something about the mineral content of the Land and its history that seamlessly compels "enfleshing", "earthing," and grounding.


It is the perfect place to receive Liberated Embodiment.  Make no mistake: our presence will make a difference.

(Following the Sedona Gathering)
JUNE 1-2, 2015

Please join me as we take to the road following the Sedona Gathering and travel for two glorious days to sacred sites, homes of some of the great Earth Elders of many and diverse lineages. 

Trek with me to absorb the visual grandeur and the energetic magistry which is the hallmark of the Four Corners area of the United States. This is a road trip with many stops along the way to absorb energies, hear my voicing of the Elders and to receive the bestowing of the Elders' transmissions.


We may be doing some walking or light hiking, but most of the energy is there for the receiving if you allow yourself to be inducted into the sacredness by our Earth Gatekeepers who are enfleshed within these Lands.


Greely, Colorado

September 5-7, 2014

We are all engaged in a long term process of ending one stage of humanity's evolution and embarking on a new trajectory. Yet, the exact road map for our future is still being decided.


Quite simply, it's up to us, to consciously co-create our future course. Co-creation renders the heart wide open and encourages our very elements to mix anew with the earth, the stars, the galaxy and the universe. Our fate is in our collective hands. Our innocence, vulnerability and un-knowingness are our strengths.

I will be conducting this weekend from the resonances of the future. We will be moving with rhythm and flow, tuning to the present moment, allowing our conscious and super-conscious to converge.  At this convergence point, we dissolve our old structures of life instilled by the archetypes and soul bodies and move to a more interconnected fluidity, where conscious evolution and co-creation flourish.


Prime energies like the Covenant energies, placed here before time, mix and mingle with parallel universes creating a matrix where our bodies REMEMBER. Our bodies were divined to co-create and co-evolve. Our journey will be further blessed by the indigenous Dreaming Tribes.

We are dreaming the future and our gathering represents a focal point in that process.  The moment you read this, you will be moving the horizon of our future closer to our present.

In conscious co-evolution and co-creation, there is no fixed destiny, only the emergence of what we generate as the Body of our Experience opens to each other and to what presents itself.  




September 14-20, 2012

With Special Guest Facilitator
David Deppen, Architect


Please join me for an unforgettable small group intimate initiatory experience working with one of the earth’s most significant sacred lands located within the heart of Rome and her surrounding Tuscany/Umbria countryside’s. 


Underneath the Vatican, resides the tomb of St. Peter which marks an entranceway into the center of this magnificent 9th dimensional portal.  


Interwoven through Rome engraved in her sacred architecture and art and extending out to the mysterious byways of the surrounding Etruscan (Tuscany/Umbria) hillsides, this ancient anchored portal emerges with palpable presence and through beauteous form.


The portal interconnects the rich cultural and spiritual resources nestled within the earth with the magnificent and vast reaches of luminous universal Spirit.


Through its one of a kind energetic structure tended by its Etruscan gatekeepers and historic artists, this sacred land enables us to physically sense and feel as real, how spirit, Earth, our personal selves and all cultures coalesce and unite in our tactile bodies, how they language one another and then kindle and spark one another to create and unfold anew.


This is a place of unlimited initiation into a new form of sacred embodiment. The sacred geometry here unfolds the art of the divine through the senses.


I have discovered that walking in certain timeless locations enables us, step by step, to walk unbound into the presence of other cultures and states of consciousness far more advanced than our everyday reality. We feel the striking link between and among various strata of culture and spirit, land and essence as a part of us.


Through repeated exposure to these places, we imprint our beings and bodies with a model of uplifted, interdimensional wholeness where no separation exists between our connection to the land, our connection to our essence and our connection to our universal spirit. In this delight, we can then move forward with a life that expresses this vast wholeness.



  • St. Peter’s Square: meditation and informational orientation to Bernini’s sacred architectural space

  • St. Peter’s Basilica

  • Capitoline Hill-sacred center of the ancient roman Mediterranean world

  • Piazza Campidoglio-Michaelangelo’s sacred geometry

  • Pantheon-unique architectural locus with profound universal energies and energetic keys for the Rome portal

  • Santa Maria Sopra Minerva-sacred architectural cathedral with portals to other realms

  • Guided tour of Palantine Hill with energetic initiations-one of the seven  hills of Rome with many interdimensional portals, sacred energies in the land, and access to Etruscan culture

  • Basilica di Santa Maria Maggiore-one of the  great grounding sites for our initiations


  • Sovana-timeless Etruscan lands and the ancient interdimensional tomb sites

  • Citta de Tufo Archaeological Park with the tomb of Ildebranda; site for initiations

  • Orvieto and its famous Etruscan sites including the Fanum Voltumnae-sites of global wholeness

  • Saturnia and the natural thermal mineral springs

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