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 Core Beliefs

  • Everybody and everything belongs to a larger interconnected evolving universe through which consciousness permeates; Spirituality is eternally relational, nondual and interconnected in deep and often subtle ways.

  • Each individual has a spiritual track or path uniquely sculpted by their Oversoul, spiritual orientation, culture, tribal affiliation or community membership.

  • Some spiritual  tracks correspond to a traditional spiritual lineage or religion, like Christianity, Buddhism, Hinduism, Islam, Judaism, Taoism, et cetera.

  • Many traditional lineages and religions also have unique mystical offshoots such as Gnosticism, Sufism, Kabbalah, Christian mysticism, Essenes.

  • Cultural or tribal paths include groups such as Native American Indian, South American, Australian, Mexican, African indigenous tribes and others.

  • Unique cultural spiritual path examples might include: Wicca, Druidry, Magical Kingdom spirituality.

  • There are many custom designed spiritual paths. These might include: 

    • Those who come for the sole purpose of assisting the planet at this critical time

    • Those who embody for the purpose of pure Earth exploration

    • Those who act as ambassadors from other galactic sources

    • Those who have membership in a greater soul group formation whose specialized sacred geometry allows them to evolve as a cohort

    • Those who are walk-ins and or have alternative matrices of energy and very unique purposes

    • Those who are here to inaugurate onto the planet new forms of spirituality that reflect the needs of the planet at this time. For example: Permaculture, social activism groups, transformative technology groups, groups like the Evolutionary Collective which explore inter-relational space; groups who have unique themes such as global peace

  • Each person evolves at her/his own inherent pace, rhythm and timing.

  • All spiritual paths, spiritual lineages or religions belong to a larger, collective body. Each is a colorful tile in an elegant mosaic, and when all of the pieces fall into place, we can fully appreciate the magnificence of the universal spiritual hologram.


  • On a highly personal level, individual psyches are simultaneously sculpted with and by the land and geography upon which they were born and the LAND upon which they reside as well as the regional collective of their residence. Local land and local collectives interrelate with the larger spheres of planet, galaxy and universe.

  • Individuals in concert with their Higher Selves can opt for a spiritual path that excludes or includes evolutionary development.  However, when an individual lives on the Earth during a time of potent evolution, that individual's unique path is greatly affected by the Earth's evolution and their path needs to be adapted to those incoming evolutionary energies.


  • Spiritual development cannot be separated from character and personality development--and the thoughts and patterns that go along with them. We exist on a planet seeded with duality and investigating our shadow personality sides is important for balancing self and Spirit.

  • Even the concept of the “ego,” which is often painted as the fundamental obstacle to spiritual growth, has a place in this process. The ego is spirit personified through personal traits; it is the stained-glass window through which spirit shines--giving Spirit color and a unique human essence.  The goal of spiritual development is to support the ego to become transparent so that essence traits can "shine through" with clarity.

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