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Couples and Family Consultations

All consultations may be scheduled via telephone,
Skype/Zoom service or in person in my San Rafael, CA office. Appointments are scheduled in PDT zone.


Couples/Family Consultation

Couples/family consultations can take various forms: couple sessions, individual sessions interspersed with couple sessions, and or whole family sessions.

Relationship Readings

Readings regarding couple compatibility; karmic connections and agreements; strategies to enhance relationship satisfaction and to resolve conflicts.

Couples/Family Work

Couples/family work is based on many models including the well-researched work of Sue Johnson of Emotionally Focused Therapy which stresses empathy and attachment issues and the work of John Gottman who has researched couple issues and has numerous publications.  Couples work can also include spiritual perspectives if that is part of the couple's worldview.

Once a couple/family has been seen together, their individual information is kept confidential and I am no longer able to intuitively read the energy field of one member to the other member of the couple or to the other members of the family without all persons being present.

To see a list of the Specialty Areas that I address in Consultations,  click here

To read a more detailed description of how I work  and how the Consultation session flows, click here

To read answers to Commonly Asked Questions about my work, click here

Booking a session:

All consultations may be scheduled via telephone, Skype/Zoom or in person in my San Rafael, CA office.
Please note that there is a 72 hour cancellation policy. Prior to 72 hours you can easily reschedule online.  

In case of emergency, if you need to reschedule within the 72 hours, please call me directly at 415-9950.

You are welcome to record your session if you'd like.  If you do not have recording equipment, given enough advance notice I can secure a phone line that records the session.


Click on the service below to schedule a session:

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