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Tools  for Accessing Higher Self,  Inner Guides and


By Patricia Fields, PsyD. copyright 2020

Here you will find all the information you need to access your Higher Self or Inner  Guides, develop communication and deepen rapport.  There is even a handout for the many ways you can use them in your day to day life and spiritual development. Follow along in this order:
  • Finding Your Primary Information Processing Modality
    • Do you see, hear or sense better? This handout addressed how that matters to Higher Self and Inner Guide Contact
  • Developing and Deepening Your Relationship with your Higher Self / Inner Guide
  • Suggestions for How to Use Your Higher Self / Inner Guide
  • Finding Your Inner Guide  mp3 file (22 minute guided imagery) 
Dowsing and Muscle Testing Resources
CLICK HERE to watch the "3 Easy Muscle Testing Methods" video
CLICK HERE to watch the "How To Use A PENDULUM And Get Accurate Answers"

CLICK HERE to watch the "Beginners Guide to Dowsing with Rods" 

Before you muscle test, dowse or communicate with your Higher Self/Inner Guides, it's important that you are in your body, your energy is not reversed and you are grounded, centered and balanced. 
The Platform Practice audio walks you through all of this, CLICK HERE to download the MP3.
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