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Introduction  to The Platform Practice


 Overview of the Platform Practice

The Platform Practice is the foundational evolutionary practice of the Spirit- Evolving Community. It forms the spiritual practice base from which we grow and develop other practices.  

The Platform Practice is a transmission that I facilitate through my voice and energy field on the free audio on the website. It is also transmitted on many of the Community Telecalls.


This practice was developed by an Ascended Master, Padmasambhava and channeled by me. It was designed to last you a lifetime and will allow your Being to evolve with and be protected from the powerful surges of evolutionary energies.

Padmasambhava was an 8th century enlightened Buddhist master who foresaw way back then the turbulent future evolutionary periods of the Earth and the need for special practices for humanity when those periods struck. And those times are NOW. He had an earthly spiritual companion, Yeshe Tsogyal.

The Platform Practice, once fully mastered (and that could take a lifetime) supports your spiritual evolution all the way to the level of Universal enlightenment, all the while respecting the merits of being human on an evolving planet.  That is a rare form of practice.

This Practice is a spiritually complex and comprehensive practice. Don’t worry if you do not understand all of the concepts that it involves!  It’s taken me years to fully appreciate the wisdom of Padmasambhava’s anticipation of the need for this practice. And it’s taken me longer to appreciate the genius of this comprehensive practice.

 Highlights and Benefits of The Platform Practice:

  • It sets up a very special form of sacred geometry between you, the community and all of the elements of The Platform Practice which guarantees that you get the best of the community resources, while still preserving the integrity of your individual energy field.


  • It synchronizes your total energy field- orchestrating your advanced energy structures with the evolutionary thrusts of the planet, galaxy and Universe.


  • It allows the individual or group to disconnect from the collective chaos of evolutionary energies of this Universe – and shift and anchor into a peaceful, alternate, higher vibrational Universe with non-duality, liberation energies and creation potency. This alternate Universe is free from all polarity and separation.


  • During evolutionary times, the single greatest need is to be able to create on the fly, create adaptively and create in a way that takes into account the evolutionary lumps and bumps. During evolutionary times, the models normally used to solve planetary and spiritual issues become outdated. The Platform Practice features creation.


  • The Platform Practice at one and the same time:

    • Evolves and balances

    • Expands and stabilizes

    • Safely bridges the current cycle of humanity to the future


  • What’s embedded in The Platform is highly complex.  However, The Platform is elegantly simple and based on Invocations. You just need to follow the Invocations and open to the energies my voice transmits in the audio file, and the complexity will be transmitted through my field and voice resonance.


Elements of The Platform Practice

The Platform Practice connects all of the 3 advanced structures of your energy field together with the evolutionary energies affecting the planet and integrates them all with your body. Whew!  As if that were not enough, it then rotates the totality of you into this alternate Universe which gives you a safe haven, enlightens you, and allows you to create! 

No wonder it’s a practice for a lifetime!

In order to do that, you need to invoke the help of Spiritual Guides and Archetypal energies, each of whom oversees a part of the process.  Here are the Spiritual Guides and what they oversee in a nutshell:


SPIRITUAL GUIDE:                                                       

Padmasambhava: Oversees - All of your connections to Spirit


Yeshe Tsogyal: Oversees - All of your connections to the Earth


Masters of the Covenant: Oversees - All of your connections to incoming evolutionary energies                                                                         

The Dove (archetypal  energy): Oversees - All of the above connecting to one another; your pure and integral connection to the group


The Bedouin: Oversees - The body’s adaptation to the evolutionary energies                            


The Dark Universe: Oversees - Your safe haven from chaotic evolution; your capacity to create during evolutionary times; your freedom from all separation and polarity


The Platform Preparations


You can complete The Platform Practice in about 10 -15 minutes; alternatively you can spend more than an hour in The Platform Practice if you like. Trust your own intuition when it comes to timing at each of the six phases of the practice. You can always stop the audio file, and stay in any element as long as you like. Some days, you may find yourself not even completing the whole practice, but just enjoying a particular element in The Platform.

Once you have familiarity with The Platform Practice and the transmitted energies, you can do the Invocations on your own without the audio file.  Be sure that you start the Invocation by saying, “I ask and allow by Spiritual Law and My Oversoul that I invoke the presence of ….(each of the 6 elements).  I give permission for him/her/them to engage my energy field as they see fit for this Platform Practice.”  Then just sit back and enjoy, while focusing gently on your breath or bodily sensations.

Many people report that they move from light trance states, into deep trance states, sometimes just hearing the tone of my voice (no specific words) or sometimes hearing nothing at all. However, they usually report coming back into focus quite miraculously at the end of the audio.  That’s just fine! It means that the practice has bypassed your conscious mind and gone directly into your unconscious and energy field.

  • Take a few slow deep abdominal breaths .


  • Be fully present in your body and say the following a few times..

       “I ask and allow by Spiritual Law and my Oversoul that any and all parts of me that may be lingering outside of my body in some other dimension or location return to my body, rotating and anchoring into my energy field, body and  molecules securely.

This I ask and allow by Law and my Oversoul.”

  • Clear any energy reversals in your body and energy field by massaging the EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) sore spots. While massaging your sore spots, say aloud 6 times...

       “Even though I may be reversed in any and all parts of my being, body or energy field, I deeply and profoundly accept myself.”


        If you are having a difficult day, then modify this to...

       “Even though I may be singly, doubly, triply or quadruply reversed, I  deeply and profoundly accept myself.


  • To Ground, say this several times...(you can listen to the Grounding Practice, by Clicking Here) “I ask and allow by Law and my Oversoul that I ground, center, balance and align my entire energy field and structures in a way that is just right for me today.  This I ask and all by Law and my Oversoul.”


         Notice any changes or shifts in your body sensations or your energetic awareness as you do this.


  • Next make sure you’re relaxed and comfortable seated or lying down – seated is recommended. Place yourself in a gentle, open focus state of mind, ready to move into a light trance state.


  • Permission Granting. Say... “By Spiritual Law and with the support of my Oversoul and all of my energy structures, I give permission for this transmission practice and for all of the Invocations. I ask that The Platform Practice be received as deeply into my being as is just right for me on this day. This I ask and allow by Law and my Oversoul and all of my energy structures.”

The Platform Practice Audio

The Platform: Written Preparations &
Invocations PDF

The Platform:

Advanced Writings


The Platform Practice Audio - Patrice Fields

CLICK HERE to download
The Platform Practice MP3

Ending the Platform Practice

Gently open your eyes and begin to move your body to readjust to a more usual state of consciousness. Allow your breathing to return to a more normal pace and rhythm.

End the practice with a simple inner smile-a smile of gratitude and appreciation to Padma, Yeshe, The Masters of the Covenant, The Dove, The Bedouin, and to the Dark Universe and The Masters of the Dark Universe.

Be sure you are back and fully present before you actually get up and move around and be sure that you are fully back and fully present before you do anything that requires attention and concentration, like driving or exercising.


The Platform Invocations


 On the audio file, I might vary the wording a bit to add some nuance to the practice, but when you do the practice yourself, without the audio file, just follow the instructions below.


    ”I invoke Padma. I ask for his intercession for The Platform Practice. I ask him to shift my energy field so that I connect with him in the Tiger’s Nest in Bhutan. I allow him to engage with me in a way that shifts my being and body so that I have a close connection with him inside the inner spiritual realms contained within the Tiger’s Nest in Bhutan.”

    I allow myself to see, hear, or feel Padma’s connection with me, in whatever way is best for me. Whatever I experience, even if it seems like nothing at all, is ok. I give myself permission to relax and trust the process.

    I take my time as I allow Padma to oversee my Dimensions or Central Axis, all of my inner Spiritual Planes, as well as my particular Spiritual Lineages as they relate to The Platform evolutionary practice.

    I trust that Padma is custom designing this practice for me. As I do this practice individually, it is summoning up the potency and power of the entire community.”

    *Stay here a few minutes or however long you want.

  2. YESHE TSOGYAL "Yeshe"
    “I invoke Yeshe.” I ask for her intercession for this Platform Practice. I ask her to shift my energy field, so that I can connect with her in the Tiger’s Nest in Bhutan as well. I ask that she oversee my Magnetic Grids, my Central Atlas/Equator, the connection between my body, Spirit and the core of the Earth and all of my connections between Spirit and matter as they relate to the Platform Practice."

    *Stay here a few minutes or however long you want.

    “I ask that Yeshe Tsogal seamlessly turn me over to the Masters of the Covenant who reside in the Eagle’s Nest by rotating me into a connection with the Masters of the Covenant. 

    I invoke the Masters of the Covenant and ask for their intercession for this Platform Practice. I ask them to securely anchor me into the Eagle’s Nest.  I ask the Masters of the Covenant to oversee the evolutionary energies in my field and to align those evolutionary energies with the greater energy field and structure that I inhabit.”

    *Stay here a few minutes or however long you want.

    “And now, I ask the Masters of the Covenant to escort me to the Dove, by rotating my energy field to the Dove. I ask that the Dove set up all of the sacred geometry connections between myself and the greater community, and to cross connect me with all of the elements we’ve already done and will do in The Platform Practice.”

    Notice your energy field drop several octaves deeper into the potency of the practice. Here, the individual integrity of your energy field is preserved, while at the same time being supported and balanced by the the community and the potency of all of the elements of The Platform practice.

    Note: Even if you do this practice on your own, you are connecting into the potency of the community group, while not distributing anyone’s individual energy field.  

    *Stay here a few minutes or however long you want.

    “Now I ask the Dove to connect me seamlessly and effortlessly to the Bedouin. I invoke the Bedouin and I ask for their intercession for this Platform Practice. I ask them to oversee the Earth and the Land of me, to adjust my physical body, to balance my elements, minerals, metals and ores- to purify my ego structures and my bio-physiologic imprint fields. I ask the Bedouin to rotate and spin my molecules in a way that’s in accord with the intention of The Platform Practice.”

    Notice here any body sensations such as internal heat which reflect the shift in your molecules.

      *Stay here a few minutes or however long you want.

    “I ask the Bedouin to rotate my energy field and all of my energy structures- my Dimensions, Grids, and the Earth and the Land of Me, in a way that shifts my field from the Light Universe to the Dark Universe.” (Reminder: the “Dark Universe doesn’t refer to evil - it’s a physics term, where it’s void of duality and polarity; it’s a place of pure creation).

    Note: You may or may not experience this shift consciously, but just trust the process.

    “I invoke the Masters of the Dark Universe and I ask for their intercession for this Platform Practice. I ask that they guide and direct my Prime Alignment allowing my Dimensions, Magnetic Grids and the Earth/Land of me to move into a flow alignment that is very powerful and positions me via the community for deep creation.

    I allow myself to move deeper and deeper, octave by octave into the Dark Universe with the assistance of the Masters of the Dark Universe. I trust that they fully see, hear and feel me and that they know how to set and adjust my Prime Alignment. 

    With my Prime Alignment set, I continue to move into deeper octaves of creation. Here the Masters know exactly what I need to create – without my having to ask. These creations positively affect my body, mind, Spirit and energy field as well as my day-to-day life.”

    Trust your own experience of this shift no matter if it feels subtle or significant. Center your mind on your breathing and on your body sensations or energetic awareness.


       *Feel free to stay here as long as you want.

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