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Community Matrix of  Sacred Geometry

One of the greatest benefits of being a part of the Spirit Evolving Community is the unique matrix of the Sacred Geometry that was created with the Ascended Masters.

This Multiverse Matrix makes it possible for you to get the benefit of the groups’ collective creativity without taking on other people’s energy. In other words, you get the benefits, protection and power of being in a group, while keeping the integrity of your own energy field in place. In a group of spiritually diverse people who come from varying spiritual lineages and paths, each person's spiritual connections and resources are held sacred and intact (no dilution) while at the same time being "sharewared" and exchanged.

The Purpose of the Multiverse Matrix

I spent years in meditation centers across the world and often found that these spaces left me feeling nauseous or energetically drained due to the residue left by other meditators.

I noticed that while I might have a great experience on my own, I often felt as if I was “picking up” the sloughed off emotional residue from others (karma leftovers). It left me feeling unsafe to open up my field wholeheartedly in groups, since the energetic boundaries of group members merged with mine.

To that end, I worked with the Ascended Masters to create a very special form of sacred geometry for our community which I call upon for every tele-call and workshop. It’s called  A Multiverse Matrix.


In this Matrix, each person is granted her/his unique energy field integrity with a Lawful bounded-ness; yet, paradoxically, each person is unified with the group.  This is a complicated, non-linear form of group matrix, where the paradox of being singularly and simultaneously non-dually connected is achieved. 

To this end, you do not pick up on other people’s energy leftover;
yet you do benefit from the collective positive power of the group.  

You get the benefit of the group’s collective spiritual resources and  creativity while maintaining the integrity of your own energy field. Your field is not diluted by the interconnection with group; in fact, your singularity is highlighted in the context of a deep matrix of belonging.

NOTE: A similar model can be found in the collective work of cellist Yo Yo Ma and the Silk Road Ensemble!

In The Music of Strangers: Yo Yo Ma and the Silk Road Ensemble (2015), he describes the complexity of combining unique musical cultures without diluting the essence of each cultural musical heritage. It is clear from the way he communicates that he understands the intricate dilemma here and has found his own way to resolve this as well.)

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