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Community Telecalls: Benefits and Preparation

Benefits of the Telecalls

We gather monthly on the last Tuesday of the month from 5-7 pm PDT for a telecall where I give energetic planetary updates and transmissions of evolutionary frequencies. Calls are recorded and audio files are sent following the call.

The calls provide:

  • Energetic support to nourish your being and support its own unique evolutionary journey

  • Strategies for thought and belief patterns that result from the current intense energies

  • Hurdle help for your physical body   

  • Transmissions for completing certain spiritual initiations

  • Spiritual Laws that you can immediately invoke for protection

  • Emergency practices to keep your physical body and energy field properly grounded and fueled during times when the grids and portals are radically shifting

  • Support for the planet and Humanity during evolutionary times

 How to Prepare and Receive the Most From the Community Telecalls:


All energy transmissions take better root in your energy field, when you are grounded, centered, and present. Try to ground and center before the call, or use the Ground, Center, Balance and Align recording or alternatively the Clear and Balance recording in the Welcome Course. 


Just to be sure that you are not psychologically reversed, massage your EFT Sore Spots, while saying, “Even though I may be singly, doubly, triply or quadruply reversed, I deeply and profoundly accept myself.”  Say this aloud six times while massaging the points. If you feel very unbalanced or preoccupied, do the full set of EFT points.


An easy way to open your energy field is by saying, “By Law and my Oversoul,  I give permission for this transmission to be received as deeply and pervasively in my energy field as is just right for me. This I ask and allow by Law and my Oversoul."


These are available in the Welcome Course.


It’s fine to take notes during the introductory informational part of the telecall, but during the actual transmission, it’s best to clear everything off of your lap and close your eyes.



I have a long professional history facilitating, drug-free, altered states of consciousness. I studied hypnosis for a number of years and also became an expert in inducing a powerful state of consciousness often referred to as the alpha theta state. 

In the alpha theta state, the brain first enters a mild relaxed trance, like an open focus state of mind.  Then slowly, while retaining consciousness (not sleeping), the brainwaves shift into a deeper “hypnogogic” state—a state of consciousness where unbidden images float before your eyes in a nonlinear and often symbolic way. During this state, you may seem to lose the track of your alertness and/or my guiding voice during the transmission.

You may think you have fallen asleep—you are awake, but in a twilight state of consciousness. Research has shown that this particular state of consciousness has powerful transformational qualities, as it bypasses the normal, conscious mental guards and has access to the deeper levels of the unconscious. Mind, body, and overall energetic field transformation happens readily in this state.

Many participants in the telecalls report that they seem to “lose consciousness” during the call, falling into a deeper altered state. They report being able to hear my voice slightly, but not all of the words or meanings.

Some even report that they lose total track of time altogether; however, they always seem to come back on time when I start closure for the telecall. “It’s like magic, I am somewhere else in some deep state, but as if right on cue, I come back at the end, regain normal consciousness and take part in the integration and closure.” This is a sign that, during the call, that person was in the classic transformational alpha theta state of consciousness. 

That being said, some participants remain alert and conscious; some are alert for part of the call, but in the alpha theta state for the remaining part of the call; some slip into the alpha theta state right at the beginning of the call.  Whatever you experience is just right for you.

However, if you slip into this alpha theta state, rest assured you are deeply receiving both the information and the energetics.

The great thing about the telecalls is that you can opt to receive an audio file of the calls so that you can listen to it as much as you’d like. Often through repeated listening you will find that you remain alert and awake and then remember the call.


After the Call:

  • Try to reserve at least 10-15 minutes after the call for integration

  • Drink lots of water—sometimes the calls transmit energies that prompt detoxification in the body

  • The night after the call, you may have unusual dreams—these are most likely purifying dreams

  • If you feel any discomfort or energetic distress after the call, you can always do an Undo/Redo

    • “I ask and allow by Spiritual Law and my Oversoul that I undo and redo any and all energies that I might have taken in from the telecall that were not in pure alignment with my energy field. This I ask and allow by Law and my Oversoul.”

    • Remember the Undo/Redo not only takes out any energies that were misaligned for you, but it also allows your field to receive any and all of the energies that were in alignment from the telecall and integrates all of that all at once!

  • Save a copy of the telecall to your hard drive and listen to it as much as you like.

  • For some of the telecalls, you may be instructed to wait several days before a repeat listening; rarely, there are calls where you are advised to only listen once. Usually you can listen to the calls as much as you like.

  • The more you listen to the calls, the deeper the energies sink into your energy field and provide a deeper level of support, evolution and overall comfort.

To register for a Telecall, click here

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