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Advanced Energy Structures : Beyond The 7 Chakras

  You are the Embodied Universe


Note: Each of these pages is written with an energetic seeding, catalyzing your energy field to remember its origins. So, I invite you to relax and allow the words to wash over you.  Then read them again, allowing the energy of the concepts and words to reach out to you and infuse you with its full energetic impact.


Even though these concepts may not make sense to the logical mind, many find that by feeling into the words, some part of their being recognizes the truth and power of the concepts. So don’t sweat the details, as I can assure you, your energy field won’t be sweating them—It will be busy feeling the alignments.


The Central Axis:  Connects us to the Universe and Sets Planet's Consciousness

One of the most important structures in your entire energy field is your Central Axis. Think back to your elementary school geography class; you were probably taught that the earth rotated on an axis at a tilt angle. This axis—which scientists still measure at a tilt angle—is what we’ll call the “Central Axis.”

How is this relevant to the human energy field?  It’s relevant because the Earth’s Central Axis exists inside of the human body as well. To put it simply, you and the Earth share a Central Axis.

The Central Axis is an energetic structure that threads its way through your kundalini and spinal column and all the way down through your DNA.

The Central Axis itself is relatively stationary; the earth revolves around it, providing the planet with a stable consciousness. The fixed, grounded state of the Axis is what firmly anchors the planet into its current state of consciousness (which is currently between 2nd chakra and 3rd chakra consciousness). 

The Central Axis controls or regulates the state of consciousness of the planet and all of her inhabitants. If the Axis were to rotate or wobble, it would shift the entire consciousness and dimensional alignment of the planet!

The rigid state of the Central Axis is both good news and bad news.

The good news is that our state of consciousness is not based around a flimsy, constantly shifting Axis, which would prevent us from being able to adjust to any one fixed reality. The stability of the axis of the planet is what guarantees a constant reality on the planet, or to put it simply, an agreed upon collective consciousness.

Of course, the bad news is that because it is so unmovable, it is more difficult to transcend beyond the current planetary consciousness—and transcend duality consciousness into more non-dual dimensions.

Communication With the Universe:  Shifting the Central  Axis

The Central Axis connects you and the consciousness of the Planet to the Universe. It is the antenna to the Universe that allows the Earth to connect to all of the dimensions of the Universe.  Your chakras are the "toll booths" to the 12 dimensions of the Universe.

Normally, when you are connected to consensus reality, your consciousness is stable and your Central Axis stable and fixed. This keeps you grounded and aligned to day to day "normal" reality.

However, if you want to connect to the Universe and her various dimensions, you need to rotate your Axis. Shamans, spiritual adepts and teachers, and many indigenous tribal members are naturally skilled in doing this. 

Many people take altered state inducing drugs to nudge their Central Axis. However, with practice, you can learn to rotate your Axis to each of the twelve dimensions in the Universe.

Through the Central Axis, you can:

  • Travel to other dimensions in the Universe

  • Connect with inner plane Spiritual Masters, alive or deceased

  • Connect with departed relatives or friends

  • Channel other higher vibrational beings

  • Find inner plane resources, such as Libraries of Higher Knowledge

  • Find the Akashic Records

  • Time/Space Travel to other time periods

  • Travel to other matter based worlds, light formed worlds and worlds without any matter or form at all

  • Move your consciousness to nondual, unity, universal consciousness


Dimensions:  Where You Find All the Good Stuff!

The Central Axis connects you to all aspects of the Light Universe, particularly her dimensions. This Universe is made up of many dimensions as well as many other archetypes (we will save them for later!).

There are 12 dimensions, or trans-dimensional levels. The twelve dimensions co-exist and co-relate at deeper levels, while also functioning as separate dimensions. (Others say there are more dimensions or levels, but that number usually includes all of the sub-levels).

You are an embodied, multi-dimensional being!

Connection to the dimensions happens through the seven chakras of the human body, with each chakra connecting to a discrete dimension. Dimensions 8-12 have connections through other aspects of the body, such as the molecules, atoms, sub-atomic structures and some other cellular structures like the glial cells.  Think of it this way-each chakra is like the body's toll booth or gateway to its corresponding dimension.

When people talk about alternate existences on other planets or galaxies or realities, they are talking about alternate dimensional existences, accessed through shifting the Central Axis.

What is a Dimension ?

 A dimension is a whole realm of reality! It is identified by its vibration of consciousness and each dimension has a unique and characteristic vibration. You might say that each dimension is like a country that has its own government, laws, culture, landscape, resources, conflicts and understandings of reality.

And, while each country is unique, most countries are bordered by other countries with border control and access points. This is somewhat true of dimensions as well. Each dimension has its own characteristic territory, culture, and universal lessons to learn.  Galaxies correspond to varied dimensions.

The Layer Cake Metaphor

The best metaphor I use to explain the dimensions takes me back to my childhood. On Saturdays in Baltimore, we would go to a very special bakery about half an hour away. My favorite treat was the layer cake with chocolate icing.

Each layer had a different colored dye and a different flavor, from pink cherry, lime green, lemon yellow to rich dark brown chocolate. In between each layer was either a flavorful jam or a special creamy filling. The whole cake was covered in chocolate ganache.

That was my introduction to the dimensions; each dimension, up to a point, is like a layer in the cake, with its unique flavor and distinction. In between the layers, is Space, the jam or creamy filling that provides borders and boundaries.

The icing, which covers the whole masterpiece, represents the beautiful harmonics and Universal Law that holds the entire system together.

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Magnetic Grids: Human Energy Field's Connection to the Core of the Earth & Meridians

When we are born, our multidimensional selves lock into place like the buckling of a seat belt into the magnetic grids of the earth. The magnetic grids are energy grids that exist within the earth and which act as energetic scaffolding for the ley lines, or earth’s meridians.


If the dimensions give us our multidimensional spiritual identity, the magnetic grids give us our Earthly identity. When these

two systems lock into one another at 90 degree angles (just like a cross), you are officially a citizen of Planet Earth!  Spirit and Matter, Spirit and Life, Divine and Material lock into a kind of marital union. 

The magnetic grids emanate from within the iron ore core of the earth.  These grids propagate within them a slow and deep sound-wave frequency. 


The vibration of the very famous sound of “OM” is a magnetic grid, deep sound wave frequency.

This deep inaudible sound wave is so powerful that as it propagates, it constantly cleanses the collective unconscious of the various cultures that live on the land through which these grids permeate. The vibrations of these sound waves were created to be able to penetrate even the most dualistic or separating energies of the body and of matter itself.

These vibrations were designed to be even more potent than high frequency light waves when cleansing or healing matter, earth related karma, or physical tissue structures, because they affect matter directly.

These magnetic grid sound waves are like carrier waves upon which Life itself moves throughout the planet.  Supported by the sound, Life itself wells up from the creative void and locks itself into the planet. 

While Life is also poured into the earth from other various structures, like sacred mountains or sacred portals, the grids are the most pervasive, systematized, webbing for its portage.

The importance of the magnetic grids cannot be overestimated. They carry within them the history of the earth, the history of the spiritual evolution and devolution of the planet and the heritage of all of the living beings on the earth. They track the evolution of matter itself on the planet. The magnetic grids, unlike the dimensional grids, support no dimensions or chakras, nor do they convey emotions or beliefs. They simply bind together the inner realms of the earth and connect your body to them.

Just as we are the universe embodied, we are also the planet embodied. Like the Earth, the human energy field also contains magnetic grids that directly contact the organs and physical structures of the body’s tissues through the meridians of the body.



When the soul incarnates, it usually writes an energetic soul blueprint—like an architect’s drawing—containing the lessons to be learned in this lifetime. These energetic blueprints are then translated into real life events that give rise to the very curriculum of the soul through the magnetic grids.


Your hara or dantien, one of the most important magnetic grid points, ensures that your spirit securely locks into place into the earth and acts as the contractor for the architect, constructing this real time, real life scenarios for the soul.

Other prominent magnetic grid attachment points in the body can be found in the joints, like in the ankles, knees, hips, wrists, and elbows. These points exist as significant points along the whole body meridian network.

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The Land of You

There is one more major structure to discuss—and I have saved the best for last… The Land of You, but first let’s review the previous structures.

  • The Central Axis connects you to all aspects of the Light Universe, particularly her Dimensions. The Central Axis connects you and the consciousness of the Planet, to the Universe and to the beauty of the inner spiritual planes. It allows you to be multidimensional.

  • The Magnetic Grid or Central Atlas/Equator of You lock you into the core of the Earth and her meridians. They give you  your Earth identity and fill you with Life.


The Land of You is that field which allows you to be the embodied, enfleshed Land of the Planet. This is not an easy concept to grasp literally, but easy to transmit energetically.

Think of the Native American principle that we are the Earth; we are inseparable from the earth, and the earth is inseparable from us. Well, we are! 

We are made up of the elements of earth, air, fire and water. We have minerals, metals and ores. The very food we eat comes from the Land and so we ingest rich, nutritious soil. But even more than that, contained in and interconnected through our entire bodies’ molecular structure is every country, every land mass, and every natural landscape on the planet.

Our bodies and Nature are interwoven, interdependent, co-creative. Through the molecules of our skin and tissues flow the energetic vibrations of all of the earth and her varied land masses. 

We were designed to be one with the earth, our very hardware composed of the circuitry of each continent.

This same aspect of our field, called The Land of You holds all of our early survival imprinting that was given to us by our parents, and by the Land. When we are born, we were originally meant to be given a special birthplace in the Land, where our spirit roots into the Earth and where the Land receives us into her bosom. 

The Land of Us infuses our senses with the love of Life and the pleasures of being an embodied soul. The Land of Us allows us to feel equanimity with the Earth, knowing we are inter-dependent, co-creative and co-conspirators in the great evolutionary dance. 

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You are the unique aspect of the Universe, the Planet and the very Landscape of the Earth. Once you realize this, the trip here, to a body, actually becomes a journey through the Universe.  Enjoy your travels!

And there you have it! 

Layer Cake Metaphor
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