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Common Spiritual Questions....

Where is my Home in the Universe?

Many people feel that they are from “somewhere else” other than Earth, and want to know about their Home planet, star system or “special place”—they want to know where they came from.

This is always an interesting question, because the real answer is that the entire Universe is your Home. It cannot be otherwise; there is no one place that is more Home than not in the purest sense.

But what people are generally referring to is the place (or places) that feel more familiar, more comfortable and more special to that individual. And this connection is usually felt because that soul has spent more time in that dimension than others, and is more comfortable with its frequency and therefore resonates more easily with its vibrations.

As time goes on and as a soul evolves, the soul will experience having emanated from and been a part of all of the dimensions.

If the Dimensions are Separated, Where Does Nonduality/Unity Fit In?

From the 1st to the 8th dimension, there is a tremendous amount of separation between the dimensions. From the  layer cake example I wrote about in Advanced Energy Structures, you would say that the Universe creators spread the cream and jelly on thick in dimensions 1-8.


Starting in the deepest octaves of the 8th dimension, there begins to be some more interconnection between 8th and 9th dimensions. And if you were totally immersed in the consciousness of the 9th dimension, you would feel some slide between the 8th, 9th and 10th dimensions.

In the layer cake analogy, the 8th and 9th dimensions are more like marble cake layers, with swirls of flavor intermixed with the basic batter. There is some nonduality or interconnectedness here.

Beginning more formally within the consciousness of the 10th dimension, there is finally the ability to cross connect with all of the other dimensions simultaneously.

This is the purest beginning of non-duality and Universal unity; you are able to see what all of your multidimensional selves are doing all at the same time.

One time many years ago, I asked that I rotate all of my Advanced Energy Structures into the total 10th dimension. I felt my energy field shift, but what a headache!  I felt totally scrambled!  These frequencies do not fit in a body!


Most advanced spiritual practices encourage an 8th dimensional form of nondual practice. These are comfortable energies for the body to handle.

The 11th dimension is not really so much a dimension as an organizing principle or force that aligns the other dimensions. 

The 12th dimension represents the membrane of the Universe and is truly a black hole in the Time/Space continuum.

 For more information on the Transdimensional  Levels...

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