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1-2 Spaces just opened up in July! (contact

with Patricia Fields, PsyD



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There are still a few spots available for the retreat and workshop
with sleeping accommodations off-site.
Please read prerequisites before registering.  If uncertain as to your qualifying, please email for approval.

CLICK HERE to register

The Call of the Teton Masters

The Grand Tetons in Wyoming inspire awe and emanate a magnetic majesty for good reason-the mountains and surrounding lands hold one of the few anchor points on the Earth for Spiritual Law.  An inter-dimensional portal exists in the foreground of the East face of the mountains that connects to Galactic and Intergalactic Councils. These Councils, administered by the Teton Masters,  regulate energies from the Earth through the Galaxies. 

In the Fall of 2023, the portal will extend to other Galaxies all the way out to the Universal arenas.  And there is a great possibility that another Master Deva will be birthed there.

Our work for over three years in Iceland planted fertile soil for this portal expansion here in the US.  Few places on the Earth have access to Universal energies and Master Devas and usually those places and Devas are not in the direct line of tourist activity; but instead are hidden away behind veils of secrecy or situated in out of the way locations. This means the prospect of expanding the portal, bringing through the Laws of Freedom and birthing a Master Deva are all rare occurrences.

The upsurge of energies from other cycles of existence this year brings wild energies and possibilities with a corresponding need for more Law anchor points and Master Deva intercession.

So, the Call has gone out.


"The bell has sounded.  It is time to re- release on the Earth in this cycle, waves of Lawful Freedom. The momentum starts in the spring, builds over the summer and reaches its peak in the Fall. In the Fall, portals both within and around the Tetons will open their veils. Liberation and Freedom need to reign supreme on any planet that longs to renew its contract to spiritually progress.

The tone of the Soul of the Earth will be re-sounded with a remix including the Law of Freedom.

Freedom and Free Will are God given rights to all species and over the centuries, this pure vibration has become distorted.  Re-toning, re-anchoring, re-releasing the tone of the Soul of the Earth with the Law of Freedom is a necessary part of any evolutionary cycle, awakening in our genes the Remembrance of Who We Are and All That Is.

The alignment to the Law of Freedom supports a reconnection to Life and Spirit simultaneously.  This alignment reminds us that we are a part of a larger galactic, inter-galactic and universal community and that, together, we renew our allegiance to our Prime nondual Source. This is Law."

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Bondurant, WY
34 Miles South of Jackson, WY

Join us for a sacred energetic event: 

  • Community

  • Meals together

  • Spacious ranch with room to play

  • Campfires

  • Games together

  •  Music, singing (bring your instrument)

  • Laughing

  • Making memories


Dates: September 21-25, 2023


Black Powder Ranch, 14733 US Highway 191, Bondurant, Wyoming 82922
(34 miles south of Jackson, WY; 41 minute drive time from Jackson, WY)

We are so pleased to have found this wonderful Ranch for our Gathering.  The Ranch can accommodate a total of 27 people for group practices.  However, there is only room for 15 participants to stay on-site with sleeping accommodations. Your deposit secures you a reservation for the Gathering. On site versus off site reservations are determined by meeting prerequisites. 

If you are designated as off site, you will need to secure your own accommodations.  Please do so as soon as you can as lodging is at a premium in the Tetons.

Registrations will be made first for the Ranch, and then assignments will be made for off site.  There are 12 additional reservation spots for off site accommodations  Please do not request off site accommodations when you register. When spaces are filled at the Ranch, then off site registration will be assigned.

This Gathering is in high demand with limited spaces.  Place your deposit by Sunday, March 12 10 pm Pacific Time to reserve a space.  On site versus off site assignments will begin Tuesday, March 14th.  If you are assigned an off site reservation, you will need to secure your own accommodations.

Off-site participants will receive a $250 credit on their reservation fee balance.  Total fee includes daily resort fee.

Black Powder Ranch
The Ranch accommodates 15 people in triple rooms, double rooms and/or rooms with a king bed. All accommodations are for shared rooms; there are no single rooms at the ranch.  Rooms are either in the main lodge with access to the kitchen and bathrooms or else in cabins that have a bathroom and small kitchenette.

To secure your shared accommodations at the Ranch, you will need to pay your deposit for the the Gathering. Julie Blake at will be contacting you about on site versus off site designation and also for on site room assignments.

Since we anticipate a high level of interest in this event, there are prerequisites for attending.  I apologize for this; however the Tetons are an extremely popular place to visit and our group was very blessed to have found any group retreat site for 2023 in spite of my having reserved this place in January, 2023.

Prerequisites are also made for your safety.  We anticipate potent energies, so your  prior experience enables you to safely navigate these energetic waves.

Once the prerequisite slots are full, and if there are open sleeping accommodations at the Ranch, registration will open to others to stay at the Ranch or, if the Ranch is full,  off-site by approval.

Prerequisites to Register
In order of priority, here are the prerequisites for first choice of accommodations at the Ranch and for the other 12 spaces off site. (you do not need to meet all of these, if you are not sure, email Patrice).

  • Member of the Spiritual Law Class

  • Member of the InterUniversal Group

  • Regular attendance for Community Telecalls

  • Long Standing Member of the Community or long standing client of Patrice's

  • Attendance at Johnson Canyon Retreats

  • Attendance for the Iceland Tours

  • Attendance at any other international Tour

  • Attendance at the Magic Classes

Registration Process (for those who meet prerequisites)

  1. CLICK HERE to make your $450 deposit
    Be sure to check the box that you agree to the Liability Form

  2. Complete your payment

  3. Deposit secures your space. You will be contacted by Julie Blake on Tuesday, March 14 with more accommodation information.

Registration after Tuesday, March 14
After Tuesday, March 14, 2023,others can sign up to come to the Gathering if you meet the prerequisites and if space is available  You will be notified whether there are places at the Ranch or whether you will need to secure your reserv
ations in the area.

If you are uncertain if you qualify to come to the Gathering, please email Patrice at

Where Do I Stay if I am Off Site?

Black Powder Ranch is located at:
14733 US Highway 191, Bondurant, Wyoming 82922

Jackson   41 min drive to Ranch
Wilson   48 min drive
Teton Village   55 min drive
Bondurant   right nearby

DO NOT STAY OVER THE TETON OVERPASS ON THE WEST SIDE OF THE TETONS.  This would include Victor and Driggs, Idaho and Alta, Wyoming.  Driving over the Overpass at night is not recommended and takes time.

$1650.00  Total Fees  On site Participants

$1400  Total Fees for Off Site Participants  (this includes a $250 credit and also the daily the resort fee)

$450 Deposit to be paid by credit card online to reserve your space

$1200 Balance due by June 15  for On site Participants

$950 Balance due by June 15 for Off site Participants

** You will receive a $50 incentive credit If you pay the balance by check or Zelle 
  On site balance $1150; Off site balance  $900

Registration is not considered complete under you have agreed to the liability form which will be included when you register with your deposit.  You will need to check that you agree to the conditions.


  • 4 nights shared accommodations at the Ranch (if space permits) RANCH CURRENTLY FULL

  • If the Ranch is full, then you will have $250 credit off your workshop fee

  • Energetic group practices conducted at the Ranch

  • Guided Tour of the area's sacred sites with energetic orientation and practices at the various sites

  • Transportation to and from the various sites with driver and van

  • Access to the Ranch resources for evening group fun

  • Access to kitchen facilities for food preparation

  • Stops at grocery stores for food pick up for day trips

  • Entrance fee to the Teton Park

  • For both on site and off site participants a resort fee is included in the overall fee; off site participants fee includes a $250 credit and daily resort fees.


  • Airfare to and from Wyoming

  • Transportation to and from the airport to the Ranch (we are going to do our best to coordinate help with this aspect but we cannot guarantee this)

  • Food costs (we plan to put together a meal plan for dinner for an additional fee which will include a meat and vegan option; we will be sending out more information for this)

  • Breakfast and lunch  (we will be making grocery store stops so that you can be prepared and there are refrigerators on site)

  • Accommodation options for registrations outside of the Ranch

  • Trip Insurance/trip delay/trip cancellation insurance or reimbursement


    Due to our need to make detailed plans for this upcoming trip far in advance, we have a strict cancellation policy.  Cancellations must be made in writing.  Cancellations made prior to June 15 will receive the deposit back minus a $150 service fee. There are no refunds after June 15th.

Tetons 3.jpg


9/21           Arrive at the Ranch
9/22-9/24   Group Practice Time at the ranch; 
                  Driving to sacred sites and practices there
                  Dinner together; Group Play time or integration time on your own
9/24           Evening Group Closure Ritual
9/25           Depart for your return trip home

As with all my trips, we operate in flow with the group energy, the weather and the inspiration from the Teton energies.  Some days we might start earlier or later but the usual start time is 9 am.  We may arrive back to the Ranch later in the evening but we will be sensitive to food needs.  During the driving to sacred sites, you are advised to bring whatever you need for walking/hiking and sun/cold elements.

You are responsible for determining your capacity and fitness for any and all activities. And you are free to leave the excursions at any time (though you will have to find your way back to the Ranch) It is rare, but it can snow in this area in late September. All are advised to bring your own snacks and be mindful of your food needs while we are on the road.  We will be stopping periodically at grocery/food stores. Also please feel free to bring some portable chair or seat to sit on while at the sites. 

There are several ways to arrive in Jackson, Wyoming.  Jackson Hole is the name given to the greater area around the Tetons.
 Black Powder Ranch is  14733 US Highway 191, Bondurant, WY  82922
Bondurant is south of Jackson 34 miles and about 41 minutes drive (without traffic)

You might want to arrive early and stay longer as Yellowstone National Park is just north of the Tetons so choose your arrival airport pending where you want to go before and after our Gathering.

For more information about various airport options:



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