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Your Oversoul and Your Higher Selves


When you call upon your Higher Self, who are you calling?

Most people think they have just one Higher Self to call upon, but when you really think about your multidimensional self, it becomes clear that you have many Higher Selves.

In fact, you have a Higher Self for each of your dimensions. And since you have a total of 12 dimensions, that means you have 12 Higher Selves all there to support your evolutionary development.

 As each dimension (up to and including the 9th dimension) acts somewhat separately from every other dimension,  so each Higher Self is different from every other in its perspective and purpose. In other words, each Higher Self, corresponding to a particular dimension of you, provides personal wisdom and guidance in the tradition of that particular dimension.

For example, if you ask your 5th dimensional Higher Self to voice your soul purpose, it will voice a purpose representing your 5th dimensional spiritual goals— which will be very different from the purposes of your 6th, 7th, 8th, 9th, 10th, 11th and 12th dimensional selves.


​Therefore, when I ask for guidance I tend to say, “I wish to call upon the Higher Self or Selves that will provide me with the most useful wisdom based on my question, prayer or intention.”

Generally, if I’m seeking information regarding my own personal life, I like to call in my 4th dimensional Higher Self. When I want information about my soul purpose for this life, the deepest issues regarding my spiritual development for this life, karmic or past life information, I call on my 5th dimensional Higher Self. The 4th and 5th dimensional Higher Selves understand human existence in all its glories and pains and provide guidance that can be put to more practical use in day to day life.

Below the 4th dimension, the input does not communicate as purely- the wisdom tends to be tainted with ego interference, and duality perspectives, and so there is not as much transcendent wisdom.

Above the 5th dimension, the information tends to be fairly meaningless on a personal level, because the perspective operates on a much larger scale than individual lifetimes and personal concerns. But this is where you find the spirit’s perspective, though again, it often does not lend itself to easy translation into day to day life.

For more about Dimensions....


Your Oversoul is another name for your 10th dimensional self. I have designated this Higher Self with a special name because it is a very special kind of Higher Self.

As I mentioned earlier in the description of Dimensions, dimensions 1 through 9 have very distinct levels of separation between them, and each represents a very specific aspect of you.

The 10th dimensional self represents the first level of self that has the capacity to simultaneously connect to all of the lower aspects of self (1-9) all at the same time.

In other words, your Oversoul represents the first level of self that is non-dual or unified.

Your Oversoul is like the Big Boss; when it makes a decision, it can override any
and all contrary decisions of any of the lower dimensional Higher Selves.

Why is this important?  Because sometimes, certain aspects of your multidimensionality “go rogue.” They may set off in directions that are not in the best interests of your other selves.

You can almost compare it to the United Nations, operating under agreed upon laws and rules. One or more countries might decide to go off on their own and disregard these governances, “going rogue.” An example might be that your 8th dimensional self gets curious about the workings of the Darker Forces, decides to go underground to take a peek and then gets itself into serious trouble when it gets discovered. 


When you invoke the Oversoul, it is like ordering these rogue nations to comply with the good of all, whether they like it or not.

Invoking your Oversoul gives you the Lawful permission to override the free will of the other Higher Selves and bring them into a more unified alignment. 


Common Oversoul Purification Invocations

  • “I ask and allow by Spiritual Law and in accord with my Oversoul, that my energy field be purified of any and all entities or energies that are not in alignment with my Oversoul and its alignment to the purity of Spiritual Law. This I ask and allow by Spiritual Law and my Oversoul.  ”

(This will address entities or energies that are connected to you through the dimensions or chakras commonly referred to as entities or ghosts)

  • “I ask and allow for the intercession of my Oversoul with the help of the world’s great Nature Devas. I ask that they work in concert with the Spiritual Laws that govern the meridians and grids of the earth and the earth’s various worlds. I ask and allow that with these intercessions that my energy field be purified of any and all energies or entities that are not in support of my Oversoul and my life and I ask and allow that these energies or entities be immediately dissolved from my energy field.  This I ask and allow by Spiritual Law, my Oversoul and the great Master Nature Devas. "

       (This will address entities or energies that are connected to you through the earth's magnetic grids or ley lines commonly     referred to as demons).     


Oversoul Override

Oversoul Override is an energetic and spiritual Invocation that allows you to protect yourself against yourself—specifically the mischievous, self-sabotaging, unconscious parts of you. (However, I also use this quite a lot with clients after a very significant session).

Here are situations in which this Invocation becomes particularly useful:


Example One

Most energy healers have had the experience of giving your client what you considered to be a first rate healing; the session comes to a close and you seal the client’s field and integrate your work in an elegant way.

But to your dismay, when the client opens their eyes, it is as if they unzip all of the energetic work in mere minutes, undoing the whole session. This is one scenario in which the Oversoul Override can come to the rescue.


Example Two

Lets’ say you have a psychological pattern of undermining, destroying or avoiding things that are good for you in particular situations—maybe every time you start to find success, you find that you “accidentally” sabotage your own success.

Maybe every time you attract in a potential partner, you “inadvertently” say or do something you know turns them off.  Once again, the Oversoul Override becomes useful here.

Example Three

Imagine that you want to experiment with some energetic or spiritual practices and consciously you want to experiment safely, ensuring your energy field keeps its integrity.  But on a fairly regular basis, you end up with “energetic indigestion” or “your knickers in a twist”, wondering how you ever got yourself into the energetic mess you are now in. Your energy field has dis-regulated and you cannot seem to find your way back to who you were before your experiments.

Over time, you realize that you have an unconscious (or semi-conscious) shadow part of you that goes rogue, off the charts and ends up creating more trouble than transcendence.  Perhaps there is a part of you that cannot tolerate a smooth energy field or life for very long.

Potentially, there was childhood patterning where you were constantly disrupted whenever you felt safe and secure. Now as an adult, you are the perpetrator of your own chaos. Again, the Oversoul/Override can come in handy.

Ideally, you want to be sure that your unconscious sabotaging shadow
side does not operate at your own spiritual and energetic expense.

What these three situations have in common is that there is or could be an unconscious part of you that acts like your own personal little “devil” sitting on your shoulder creating problems that you consciously wish would vanish. The Oversoul Override was created for situations like this.

How to use the Oversoul Override

If these patterns pertain to you, then simply say one of the Invocations below when you have a sense that you are or potentially could be self-sabotaging or engaging in an energetic that is not good for you.


When you suspect that a client has a sabotaging tendency, before the session is over and the client gets up off the table, you simply explain this concept to them and ask them if they would like to say one of the Invocations below for themselves. If yes, then you say it aloud and have them repeat after you.

Remember, your Oversoul is your 10th dimensional Higher Self. At this level of dimensional self, you have the ability to contact and connect with all of the other aspects of self- when you make a request of your Oversoul, it can organize and align them to a single intention. No other dimensional self below the 10th has this amount of power.

Your Oversoul is so powerful that it can override the lower, more unproductive aspects of yourself without violating their free will. And this is an important point, because each aspect of self can exercise its free will any way it sees fit.


​Invocation #1

“I ask and allow by Spiritual Law and my Oversoul, that I override any and all parts of me, conscious or unconscious that might otherwise undo or sabotage… (this session, this work, this intention, this new piece of behavior, this new energetic). This I ask and allow by Spiritual Law and my Oversoul.”


Invocation #2

 “I ask and allow by Spiritual Law and my Oversoul, that I override any and all parts of me, conscious or unconscious that might otherwise create or participate in a practice (spiritual or energetic) that would not be beneficial to me and or my spiritual development.  This I ask and allow by Spiritual Law and my Oversoul.”

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