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Johnson Canyon: An Evolutionary Site and Shelter

What is Johnson Canyon?

Johnson Canyon is a spiritually protected sacred site in Utah.  Many Ascended Masters have anchored themselves into the  Johnson Canyon cliffs.  Their spirits, anchored in the cliff faces, claim a destiny bound to the earth from the beginning of time until the very end of time. These Masters are available to us to navigate these revolutionary evolutionary times.  

Johnson Canyon has become a spiritual  haven and shelter from turbulent energies as well as a nexus point for creation and evolutionary practices. While it does have a physical location,  it can also be accessed via  consciousness through Invocations.   When you enter it, you enter another world, sphere of influence or "bubble world."  However, as a protected site, even if you locate the Canyon, its underlying power is available only to those who visit with an appropriate demeanor of wisdom, respect and awe.

Johnson Canyon currently houses all beings related to The Platform Practice as well as many others.

In many telecalls, the Community is energetically transported here and inside of our "bubble world",  we:

  1. Powerfully create together new alignments for our energy fields

  2. Radically “go off the grid” of the collective in these new alignments

  3. Provide energetic service and support to the planet and to the human collective

  4. Adaptively forge new evolutionary pathways during these wild times of change

The History and Legacy of Johnson Canyon

I originally discovered the magic and power of Johnson Canyon when I was dowsing a map of the Southwest for a tour I was going to lead in 2009.  I was looking for power sites for the tour members.  As I poured over the map of the greater area, my finger kept returning to this one back road.

On a preview visit, as I was driving near the site for Johnson Canyon, I was struck by thunderbolts of energy.  There before me sat a huge series of white cliffs with the power and energy I had envisioned.  I felt surrounded by Cliff Beings so old, so masterful, deep and profound that I was rendered speechless.  I have been to many world class sacred sites, but this took my breath away!

The wisdom of the Johnson Canyon Masters encompasses the creation and the final annihilation of the earth. Their spirits emanate from many universes, all concentrated and ground into the geology and minerals of the Canyon.

Since 2009, I have been giving a voice to their presence. Yet for all of their impersonal wisdom perspective on the earth and its place in the galaxy and universe, the Masters are friendly in nature, compassionate and hold the wisdom of an evolutionary perspective.

Over the years of my communing with these Masters and the powerful Canyon, I have enjoyed taking small groups on initiatory rites of passage to Johnson Canyon. I have also received permission to give spiritual and energetic transmissions from the Masters in telecalls and in private Consultations.  In this great abode lays paths to energies linked to Earth, the celestial realms, planets, stars and other universes. Because the energies here are so primal and forceful, this site beckons evolutionary initiation.

As the years have passed, the Canyon has amassed more and more Ascended Masters, as if it were a beacon signaling Ascended Masters to anchor themselves here during these revolutionary evolutionary times. The Johnson Canyon Masters make themselves available at their sole discretion to spiritual seekers both at the location of the site and by remote consciousness.

As a result, the Canyon has now become a site, protected and safeguaded for all time.

Next visit to Johnson Canyon is May 5-7, 2017. Click here for more information

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