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                  June 8 - June 14, 2018
Where All Spiritual Paths Meet

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Registration currently open ONLY to returning 2018 participants

Did You Know..
That 54% of all Icelanders are open to believing in Elves?

And that the Magical Realms include way more than elves, dwarfs and fairies?

There are about 5-8 realms which reflect wholly different worlds and include a global network of Hidden Folks, plants, flowers, animals and other Kingdoms?

North Iceland Calls Us...


                                                                                                      The Magical Kingdoms
                                                                                                        The Norse Protectors and Gods
                                                                                                     A Land of Fire and Ice,  Alive Elementals
                                                                                                      Evolved Life and Land
                                                                                                                    Patrice Fields, PsyD with Special Guest Maja Bandelier

My long time Swiss friend, colleague and consummate Magical Kingdom

expert, Maja Bandelier will again be my invited guest,  assisting in year

two of our exploration of the deeper mysteries and magic of Iceland.

Each year in June, a Parliamentary meeting of all 9 realms of the Magical

Kingdoms assembles in Iceland. Delegates from all over the world

representing each kingdom gather to envision and dream their future. 

Normally, each Magical kingdom remains separate from the other domains;

but here, once a year, a sacred bridge is built to allow cross communication.

We are being dreamed by the Great Deva of Iceland to return and participate in this historic event. 

We are headed once again to the beautiful Iceland Yoga Retreat Center located in northern Iceland in the city of Akureyri for 5 full days together (plus 2 days for arrival and departure) which will include:

  • Meditations that allow us to slip deeper into realms of the Magical Kingdoms and the Hidden Folk

  •  Channeling and practices withthe Deva of Iceland who interconnects us with the deeper purpose with the Parliamentary gathering 

  • Day trips to Sacred Sites and Magical Power Places

  • Inner and outer journeys to commune with the Norse Gods who "space share" realms with the Magical Folk and act as their protectors

  • Visit to the sacred Mt. Kaldebakur where all 9 realms of Magic are housed along with the Norse gods

  • Energetic practices with global impact via our work with the powerful ley lines and magnetic grids of Iceland

  • Visioning practices that allow us to integrate Magic into the Wholeness of our Beings and lives.

  • Jacuzzi time, star gazing, and leisure time

As many of you know, I visited Iceland in June, 2017 and was greeted by

and guided to many places by the Magical and Hidden Folk of Iceland.

There, in the south of Iceland in one of the national  parks, I was taken to

the global Parliament Meeting Place where Magical Beings (elves, fairies

and others) and Hidden Folk from all over the world energetically meet,

update and discuss global issues.

There were many requests for assistance from them as I was initiated

into a deeper understanding of how the Hidden Folk and the realms of

Magic were integral to the future of the planet.  I learned how important the world of Magic is!  In a most invisible way, it holds humanity together with all of her various faiths, religions, cultures and spiritual lineages. It is primal for our human heritage. It is source of unending nourishment for our spirits.

A full group of us met in 2018 and had what can only be described as a truly magical energetic encounter with the realms of Magic in many of its forms.  It was life changing.  But the cross pollination of our group with these Magical Kingdoms is not complete and we are blessed to be headed back to deepen our awareness and ability to integrate back into our lives the living reality of Magic.

                                                                                  Since returning from Iceland in 2018, I have been initiated Iinitiated                                                                into contact with the Norse Gods  "share space" with the                                                                           the Magical Kingdoms.  Many of the Norse Gods also act as                                                                              as protectors for the preservation of these Kingdoms. They                                                                         They have also requested our return to Iceand for reasons that                                                                          that are yet to unfold.


This is a most sacred Retreat, on most sacred Land
            ....undertaken with delight, adventure and Nature


We arrive for check in and dinner greetings on the evening of Saturday, June 8 and depart after breakfast  Friday, June 14.

We are headed to the beautiful Iceland Yoga Retreat Center located in northern Iceland in the city of Akureyri for 5 full days together (plus 2 days for arrival and departure) which will include:

  • Spiritual practices for everyone from all faiths, religions or lineage

  • Experiential immersion into the realms of the Magical Kingdoms and the Hidden Folk

  • Intercession help by the Deva of Iceland for the planet

  • Discovery of the full power and potency of the global Hidden Folk Community and Magic for our embodied spiritual practice and the well-being of Nature

  • Initiations into the Magic of matter

  • Practices with global impact through working with ley lines and magnetic grid systems

  • Exploration of sacred sites and power places in Northern Iceland

  • Interesting optional excursions like whale watching & horse back riding on sacred Iceland ponies

  • Jacuzzi time, star gazing, and leisure time



Our Tour Package reflects the Magic of the trip! The full tour price will include all teachings, meditations and guidance at the retreat center and at sacred sites with Patrice and Maja plus: 

  • Group transfers from Akureyri airport   

  • 6 nights shared accommodations in apartment like dwellings (single supplements will be available on a limited basis); backyard jacuzzi

  • Meals: 6 breakfasts, 5 lunches and 6 dinners  

  • Central meeting place at the Retreat Center

  • Inland transfers from accommodations to retreat center

  • Group transportation' to sacred site meeting places for 5 days with guides




Away from the mainstream tourism of Reykjavik, we’ll take you North to the town of Akureyri, Iceland’s second largest city (population = 18,000). Once one of Iceland’s best kept secrets, Akureyri has been voted 
#1 European Destination by Lonely Planet the last 2 years.



Iceland is an expensive country but we have been gifted with many unusual benefits and about a $700 discount for this opportunity by Inspiration Iceland, our tour operator.  That's Magic!

Total Package cost per person for double shared room: $2710 USD  (International fees below)

Total Package cost per person single room: $3080 USD (International fees below)


Is Iceland Magic calling you?

  Space is limited so register early!   

  • Please note cancellation policies; Travel insurance recommended to cover any cancellation needs

  • Payments are made to two (2) sources:

      - to Inspiration Iceland (the Retreat Center's tour operator) see links below for US and International Clients

               Payments are in either US dollars for US Clients or in Euros for International Clients

     -  to Patricia Fields, PsyD

               Payments are made in USD


  • All accommodation bookings will be handled by Andreas Baumgartner with Inspiration Iceland. Please let Andreas know if you would like to share a room with a specific other participant.  Contact details below.


    Step 1 : For Returning Participants

  • Deposit of $400 Due by December 21, 2018 to Patrice Fields,  to secure your place

   Step 2

  • Deposit of $600  USD to Inspiration Iceland Due by January 20, 2019

  • Deposit of 600 euros to Inspiration Iceland Due by January 20, 2019

  • Roommate Desires to Inspiration Iceland Due by January 20, 2019

  Step 3

  • Payment  of $350 USD Due to Patrice Fields by March 20

  Step 4

  • Final payment of $350 USD to Patrice Fields due April 20

  • Final payments due to Inspiration Iceland due April 20

    • Double room  $1010  USD; or 820 euros

    • Single room $1380 USD or 1150 euros




DUE JANUARY 20, 2019

DUE : $600 USD



1. Click on this link:


2. Enter  Tour ID: spiritevolvingretreat

3. Enter the correct amount due in to the Amount box 

4. You will be directed to the KORTA Secure Web Payments website

5. Fill out the payment form on the KORTA secure payment website 

6. Click the box "I accept terms and conditions" 

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DUE JANUARY 20, 2019



1. Click on this link:

2. Enter  Tour ID: spiritevolvingretreat

3. Enter Amouont  in the Amount box 
4. You will be directed to the KORTA Secure Web Payments website

5. Fill out the payment form on the KORTA secure payment website 

6. Click the box "I accept terms and conditions" 

7. Click the "Pay with card" button


Pay by check, your online bill pay or credit card

Check: Mail check to Patricia Fields, PsyD

 P. O. Box 313

Larkspur, CA 94977


Credt Card: see Box below                           



Pay by credit card OR bank wire transfer via TransferWise .

Wire Transfer from your checking account directly

CLICK HERE to make a payment of $350 USD

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1. Set your Time Zone, Click Continue  (FOR MANY EUROPEAN CLIENTS, CLICK GMT+2:00)

2. Next page, Click Continue

3.  3rd page, Fill in your name, phone and email and Click Pay Now

4. Follow instructions to enter payment information

Note: Ignore the fact that it looks like you are signing up for a class on January 20 at 11 pm for "30 minutes"

Note: Andreas will accommodate specific roommate requests as much as is possible.
Please contact Andreas directly:

Andreas Baumgartner
Chief Executive Officer
IS-601 Akureyri

Phone:  +354 865 9429



Due to the extraordinary discount price and other gracious benefits we are receiving from Inspiration Iceland, we need to set a strict cancellation policy. As mentioned, we have a firm date as to when Inspiration Iceland needs its registration monies and registration numbers. As a result, once your monies are paid, there is no refund unless the retreat cancels due to limited registration or we can fill your space. If we can fill your space, you will receive your monies back minus a $35 fee.

So please, buy your travel insurance to protect your monies in case something causes you to miss this occasion. 



The retreat begins on Saturday, June 8, 2019 so it is best for US clients to fly

on Friday, June 7 on an overnight flight to Iceland.  All international flights arrive

in Keflavik (KEF), the international airport. From the US, there is WOW, Icelandair and Delta

and perhaps someothers. Once you land in Keflavik, you must transfer to the inland airport

on a bus called the flybus ( and you must calculate about 2.5 hours between arrival

in Keflavik and the departure on the domestic airport flight to Akureyri.  To state this

another way, you will need to land in Keflavik airport, and then  change airports to get

all the way to Akureyri.  The domestic airport is in the city of Reykjavik. 

On return from Akureyri, fly to the domestic airport in Reykjavik.  Then if you fly out to another international country, you need to leave at least 4 hours between arrival in Reykjavik and departure at Keflavik. 



Flights from the domestic airport in Reykjavik to Akureyri can be booked on 


There are 3 departures from Reykjavik to Akureyri at 8am, 2pm and 7.35 pm. Preferably participants come with the 2pm flight. Apartments will be ready by 3 to 4pm for the participants to move in.


 Friday, June 14th  is the  departure date and so the 8.25am flight and 12.45pm  flight are most likely the choices to take. For those flying back home to the US,  I recommend the 8.25am flight because between landing in Reykjavik and departure to the US in Keflavik, you must calculate quite a bit of time. transfer  to the international. airport and check in which I would calculate with 3.5 hours. 


The International Airport Landing place is in Keflavik (KEF)

The domestic Airport in Reykjavik is (RKV)

The retreat center is located in Akureyri and the airport code is (AEY).

Here's a link for more information on flight routing:


June 8                     Arrive and transfer to your accommodation; meet the group for dinner

June 9-June 13       Group meetings at the retreat center & excursions

June 14                     Breakfast and Departure

Participants are asked to show up for morning meditations, groundings and overview of the day and/or any end of the day debriefings to ensure group cohesion.

We will be operating in indigenous present minded time, that is, Maja and I will be deciding moment to moment the flow of the group's activities.  Daily schedule may be subject to change pending weather and the flow of the energy of the group and our collaboration with the Deva, Magical Kingdoms and the Hidden Folk as well as our collaboration with our host Andreas Baumgartner, from Inspiration Iceland.

Group excursions are optional. However, we do ask that if you join a group excursion, that you stay with the group for the site orientation. Once we have oriented the group to the site location, you may opt to spend time on your own or stay with the group. At site locations, Patrice and Maja  will decide if there will be a group experiential exercise or simply private time for individuals.  We also reserve the right to give individuals guidelines about exploring the land and Nature as we need to be very sensitive to the boundaries or the homes of the Magical and Hidden Folk.


A former  Parliament member consulted with the  Elf School in Iceland as to the elves' feelings about road construction that would jeopardize their inhabitance in a certain rock.  When the consultant worked out an arrangement with the elves that allowed the humans to move their rock home under certain conditions, the former Parliament member paid for the 30 ton rock relocation out of his own pocket, due to his strong belief in their presence in that rock? 

That it's not unusual for human elf supporters, the elves and government officials to work together to negotiate roadway or building construction plans  that might interfere with elf communities?

Maja Bandelier 

 Maja Bandelier is a Swiss native with a private practice of global clients in both Zurich and Buchs, Switzerland.  She has profound skills as a Cranial Sacral Therapist and Subtle Energy practitioner with over 20 years experience. As a child, she was gifted with intuitive abilities and a rare depth of perception of energies and other realities. 


Her expertise in treating clients with physical, emotional, spiritual and energetic issues is well recognized in many countries in Europe. She received a degree as a Subtle Energy Practitioner from Barbara Brennan's School of Healing and she has also practiced in the past as a licensed Physical Therapist.

Maja currently facilitates many groups and workshops in Europe teaching meditation and healing energy practices. She has also led tours to sacred sites in Africa, Tibet, Slovenia and Finland. In addition, she has developed a special expertise in various aspects of the Magical Kingdom.  Her understanding of these Kingdoms and realms, their people, their ways and customs informs the depth of her perspectives on current global consciousness issues.

Contact Information
Maja Bandelier
011 41 81 756 6419 (from the US)


TRIP 1 : Tour of South Iceland  June 3-June 7   See Details

TRIP 2: North Iceland Retreat  June 8-June 14 

Registration by pre-approval of Patrice and or Maja. Please contact them before registering.


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JUNE 8-JUNE 14, 2019

North Iceland  2019

 June 8-14, 2019