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APRIL 30, 2024
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MARCH 26, 2019




Spiritual Law is one of my most favorite energies to transmit and one of my most favorite energies to educate people about. Why? Because it's the most important concept and energy to have in your life.  I have taught an advanced course in Law for many many years and never get tired of working with it and finding its nuances.  

To repeat myself: Spiritual Law is one of the most important energies to master in this Life and the next.

Spiritual Law is a PRIME energy in this universe.That means it can't be divided into any smaller parts and that it forms the spiritual foundation for the Universe.  It is listed as one of the Master Archetypes which are the basic energy building blocks for the Universe (some others being: space,light, sound, rhythm, pulse, movement, harmonics, sacred geometry).

Law governs the the dimensional universe. It governs the right use of certain energies and forces in the universe. There are many facets to the concept of Spiritual Law- like having many laws all wrapped up in one big law. You can invoke Spiritual Law for use with yourself or in your healing practice on behalf of your clients.

One of the most commonly used facets of Spiritual Law states that you have the right to the integrity of your own energy field. So, for example, if you were under some form of psychic attack, you could invoke Spiritual Law and it would immediately cleanse your field of any entities or energies that were in violation of your field.

Law was featured on Star Trek. You remember that one of the Prime Directives was that the Star Trek force could not interfere with another planet's future without their permission.

One of the other aspects intertwined within Spiritual Law states that free will is your inherent birthright as a being. This aspect of Law has enormous implications. It implies that you have the right to enter the planet (with the planet’s permission) and exit the planet at will (or die when you wish). You have the right to freely explore the Universe without intrusion. You have the right to evolve at your own pace and at your leisure. In its essence, Spiritual Law protects you throughout the Universe and ensures that you will at some point remember your fully interconnected self.

There is an aspect of Law in just about everything-as everything is governed by an aspect of Law.  Life is governed by the Law of Life; the magnetic grids are governed by Devas who regulate their Laws; all spiritual lineages are connected to Law.

Right now on the planet, we are being governed by Adaptive Law and Supercedent Law, Laws that come into play when the planet is in the throes of evolution.

I have not discovered all the facets of Spiritual Law; nonetheless its invocation can be one of the most powerful tools in your spiritual repertoire.




FEBRUARY 26, 2019



In the upcoming months, the monthly telecalls will focus around the Collection Series, a series

of calls highlighting important transmissions that you may want to listen to again and again over

the course of your life.  These calls will transmit what might be called Completion energetics.  They

will focus on frequencies that allow your field to gradually over time resonant to higher order energies that help your human energy body to "complete with fulfillment some of the most important energies of the earth and the Universe."

In my most recent meditations (and the last month has seen me in my meditation room almost daily for hours at a time), I have been guided to experience what have been fulfilling ecstatic inner experiences.  I have found myself rotating through the landscapes of the earth, drinking them in as if they were a 12 course gourmet meal. I have found myself learning to rotate my magnetic grids through evolutionary periods of the earth and fulfilling my dreams of communing with a higher order energy of the Life Force.  I have been roaming through the dimensions like a gentle breeze reviewing the extraordinary beauty of the Universe's architecture.  I have had the pleasure of climbing the Tree of Life  and am in the process of learning how to climb the Magical Tree of Life.  I have dreamed in the 11th dimensional Organizing Principle and its companion energy, the liberating force of the Disorganizing Principle which liberates us from the chains of old karmic realities and frees us up to vibrate our total structure to a higher order of Liberation.

I have been guided to esoteric portal openings from the multi-verse to our planet. And I have traveled through time to a place/time where only Liberation prevailes.  I have found my ultimate source for this life and danced in it as I remembered the frequency of Unity from which I came.

And my guidance has made it clear that it is time to share these meditation energies.

 I am not special....the planet at this time is offering us all a rare chance to upgrade our beings. It is a if in the middle of all of the turmoil, if you just look past the radical shifting, you will see the gift of our total Liberation.

Over the course of 13 years, I have been offering nearly monthly telecalls.  Their overall purpose has been to prepare you for Liberation, while at the same time assisting you on your journey though the Universe-taking you to the special places that it holds.  I have not wanted you to miss a thing (well, the good things :) And with the profound help of my guide,  the Love that only nonduality holds,  and the power of our collective community together we set a road map to move  through those aspects of our existence that were not always so pleasant.  

Please join me and our group collective over the course of the next months, as we offer the Gifts culminating meditations provide.  They are the Gifts that are yours to give to yourself.  I am just the messenger.


In this first call, I intend to transmit the Fulfillment of the Earth Within. In this call, we will rotate our molecules through the Earth, enriching what is called the Land of You.  Remember the Land of You is 1/3 of your energy field-the other third being your dimensions/ chakras and your magnetic grids. In the Western World this is the least developed aspect of your field.  The aboriginal tribes all over the world are masters of this field.  They live in constant nondual connection with the Land and it runs through them via their molecules and their skin.  The Land to them is just as vital as their own skin.  This is the field that has withered in most of us in the Western world, having been separated via industrialization from our very rootedness to the soil and to the elements. We forget that we are earth, air, fire and water mixed with minerals and metals and the rich nutrients of the soil.  We are all parts of the Earth, each and every land mass spiced with the blessings of each culture.

We are the blessed realization of the original dream of the Earth, embodied in flesh and coursing with vital blood. We are the feminine curves of the rolling hills and the jagged masculine crags of the mountains.  

This is all a part of our heritage as humans; our heritage as Earthlings.  And being able to experience that grace, beauty and power is our birthright.  It is a vital part of our advancement and enlightenment.

While my intention is to transmit this frequency, given that I am only the messenger for this Collection Series, my guides and the Universe might decide at the last moment to offer another transmission in the series.

Remember this year in particular and every moment in general is a moment for the expect any and all surprises :) 




JANUARY 29, 2019




Sometimes if feels like life can toss you back and forth like a ping pong ball with its ups

and downs, back and forths, balance interspersed with surprises.  Life is constantly changing

and rearranging and bringing your unique life along for the ride-for the highs, lows and everything in between. 

In today's world we are up-ended every day with unexpected news relating to politics, the stock market, climate change,diseases, and  job market shifts not to mention the day to day machinations of your own personal life.

What keeps us going in spite of it all? What keeps us on track emotionally and spiritually?  What allows us to "stay the course", "keep the faith" and maintain our balance, our equanimity and our poise.

In recent years, scientists have studied resilience.  The American Psychological Association defines resilience as " that which gives people the psychological strength to cope with stress and hardship.  It is the mental reservoir of strength that people are able to call on in times of need to carry them through without falling apart. "

Studies have shown that resilient individuals handle adversity better and are more able to rebuild their lives after adversity.

But resilience is a skill that everyone might want to cultivate in every day life, irregardless of stress or adversity.  It is the trait that allows us to be hardy, to persevere, to persist, to "bounce back" from everyday life.  It's that trait that allows us to recover and to spring back more quickly after stress, loss, illness, trauma or just plain old life changes.  It's the psychological engine that keeps going.

There is psychological resilience and then there is spiritual resilience. Spiritual resilience is the capacity to shift one'e energy field on a regular basis in response to the vibrational shifts both within and outside of the earth.  Spiritual resilience is what we are being asked to grow and nurture in ourselves during these times of profound energetic landslides.  Even scientists are reporting that the magnetic grids are wobbling in unusual ways; solar flares continue to affect us; evolutionary waves from the galaxy surround us; upwellings of deep inner earth vibrations happen with more regularity  forcing  us to adapt.  Many have reported that their "grounds of being" have faltered with all of the atmospheric and atom-spheric and climate change shifts. 

Spiritual resilience is also that factor which allows us to keep the faith; to hold to the light no matter the seeming chaos or darkness.  Spiritual resilience steadily holds our eyes on the horizon, rarely allowing us to veer from a deeper sense of purpose or meaning. 

Spiritual resilience is what keeps us DREAMING/CREATING even when a solution to personal or world events seems dim.  Spiritual resilience takes us deeper and deeper into the Mystery and allows us to grasp and hold onto our rock bottom  spiritual foundation.  And if that foundation seems to fall away, then spiritual resilience allows us to flow into a even deeper alignment with a spiritual Source that holds strong and true-a Source that rides the waves without tipping. 

I remember many years ago when I was teaching a course with my ex husband on the nature of Evil and how to deal with it.  We were teaching to a group of therapists who all either had multiple personality disorder clients who had suffered severe trauma or who had clients with some dissociative disorder due to complex childhood trauma.  The clients backgrounds were grisly.  Some of the therapists' backgrounds read like a bad science fiction novel, too.

I really thought at the time that I had a handle on Evil and how to wrestle with it. My ex  and I had a very strong spiritual practice that we shared and we both had handled many cases where Evil was a strong component. I knew at that time that my life purpose was about handling the forces of Evil  (thank god, that chapter is over).  But nothing prepared me for the psychic assault that we suffered teaching that course.  My God...the demons just did not want us to talk about how to handle the darkness that can invade a client and then spread to a therapist.  My ex and I were under such psychic and spiritual assault that we considered cancelling the course-we both lost alot of sleep.  Our spiritual resilience was getting ragged, to say the least and our well of spiritual resources was  beginning to run dry.

One night in particular, the sense of potent evil was so strong, it began to overpower me.  I was separated from my husband at the time we taught the course so he wasn't there to help out.   I called out to every spiritual guide I knew; said every spiritual mantra I could think of.  Nothing worked.  I started to feel so surrounded by this evil presence that I even saw my own death-how I would succumb to the darker forces, die from a body riddled with some disease.  I saw how one person's light going out could affect the entire body of light on the planet.  It was demoralizing and disempowering.  And I knew I just did not have the strength or resilience to fight back.  My life force started to falter as did my breathing.  I could feel my chi disburse out of my body and I remember saying at the very end, "Please God, I can't fight this.  If there is anyone out there in the whole universe who can hear my cry, please help me."  After I murmured that, I felt my "light" go out.  I started to die.

About 30 seconds later a rather paranormal event occurred.  I thought I had succumbed, and was well into the process of dying.  But no, some Force lifted me up out of my bed where I was lying down and managed to lift me up the stairs.  I remember being stunned as I was so weak, I couldn't even walk.  This Force lifted me onto my sofa and there I heard what seemed like the voice of God say, " There will always be a time in the ultimate journey of a soul, where Life, Evil, the Dark will be so strong that it will seemingly overtake you.  You, with the might of your ego and the strength of your spiritual resources will prove to be helpless, powerless.  It is then and only then, when you completely release your pride and power and surrender with Trust, that you will be saved. " 

This is one of the deepest meanings of spiritual resilience. Trust,  surrender while keeping a breath of hope.


DECEMBER 18, 2019






Talk about shake, rattle and rolling!!  These past 2 weeks have seen some remarkable shifts on the planet affecting, body, mind, spirit, grounding and the very way we process reality. 

We are entering a time when the evolutionary cycles of the earth, galaxy and Universe are all intersecting in wild waves of vibration. The energy has been so wild, that it has created what could be termed "mild earthquakes" in the very way we hold reality together.  In other words, there have been ripples through to the 11th dimension, where the cohesiveness of our reality is glued together.  Many people did not even notice, they were so riveted to global political events. 

However, many of my clients felt all sorts of shifts from bodily disruption to a total loss of their entire Ground of Being.  The Axis, Atlas and Earth of you were most definitely affected.  I lost several nights sleep.  And it requires that we go back to the Platform Practice and ask in a deeply intended way to have our whole system reset. 

I think this is just a temporary wobble, but it will have some lasting effects. 

This is a time to be sure your whole field is anchored into another Universe and ground daily into the Life Force.  To do that, just do the Platform Practice (it's on the website under Telecalls) and then rotate into Johnson Canyon. 

I will address stabilizing in the telecall.


It turned out last telecall, that Let It Go, Let It Be is far more deep and comprehensive that I imagined.   This is one of the few practices other than the Platform Practice that is a practice that will last you your whole life.  It's that complex. 

Let It Go, Let It Be  is a very complex practice designed by Padmasambhava to enable us to adapt to the ever changing climate on the planet-both weather wise and energetically.   In the last call, we focused on Let It Go, Let It Be for body. This allowed us to :

  • Attune to our bodies

  • Accept all aspects of the body without shame/judgement

  • Receive this transmission

  • Drop into a deep Dreaming/Creative state of consciousness

  • Dream with the Life Force, our full Selves and the Masters to adapt to the ever changing earth vibrations

In this call continue our discovery of the subtle, powerful effects of this life long practice. 




NOVEMBER 27, 2018





In this call we first discuss the nuances of the “old/current paradigm of living” and contrast it to the “new paradigm”.   Then we spend a long time in deep communion with the practice of Let it Go, Let it Be.


The old  paradigm contains:

  • Day to day life and soul purpose governed by the Archetypes

  • Soul purpose

  • Practices that lead to Liberation

  • A model that supports Change and most often Change through Struggle

  • Increasing soul vibration through successive initiations

  • Checking in with one’s Higher Self to see what decision is in the Good for All

  • Checks in on the status of the planet, evolution, the collective and the Light vs Dark balance

  • A strong commitment to Past, Present and Future


In the new paradigm, the hallmarks are:

  • Day to day life governed by other Forces, like the Life Force, Flow, Balance, Magic, Harmony that are more free of content and more focused on the process of living

  • No soul purpose; nothing to achieve

  • Assumption that each person is already Liberated and that it does not need to be earned

  • A model of Change built on self-acceptance and relies on Trust in Life or another other prime Force

  • No initiations needed to increase vibration

  • Assumption that there is no one right choice; all choices are made with the highest order of discretion and are based on liberated free will

  • No need to check in on any status; life flows from the Now, where every moment is dreamed in accord with Life and one’s Self

  • The Now is strongly developed

  • When to die is a free will, liberated choice


This call transmits the profound practice: Let it Go, Let it Be.  This practice focuses on Let it Go, Let it Be in the Body.  Here we attune to the molecules of the body,  fully accepting all aspects of our body. From there the practice deepens and allows our consciousness to attune so deeply to the body, that it begins to self-regulate, course correcting itself.  From here, the practice deepens again to elicit cooperation from the Life Force where our body and the Life Force together DREAM the future of our body…all without the engagement of our mind. 


Let it Go, Let It Be is a lifelong practice designed to bridge us from the old paradigm into the new and to take us deeper and deeper into a more unified way of living.



OCTOBER 30, 2018






So much to write about this month, I barely know where to start, so put on your seat belt, as we are going for a wild ride in this newsletter. 
If you aren't interested in details, skip down to the summary statement!  I know this is long and complicated, but the moral of the story is that we...



Let's start easy...with Law.

Many of you watched the Supreme Court nomination process where both Ford and Kavanaugh presented their version of reality. I was called to watch the proceedings and knew that I was on "energetic duty" so to speak.  I was told by my guidance not to listen so much to the words, but to watch and learn from the energy of both parties. I had to put aside my own beliefs and judgements and take a long hard look at the underlying potency of the energies.  And what I saw was fascinating and highly predictive of the outcome.

I ended up crying through Ford's testimony.  And yes, I had a million floating thoughts about her story and  style of presentation and how it contrasted to Kavanaugh's  (the good girl versus the aggressive non compliant male)-and what all that means in the era of being a woman in what is still a man's world of power.   I was moved to remember my own sexual abuse as a child all over again as the story of women's sexual abuse is being revisited by the planet. 

And then as if I wasn't wrenched enough, I ended up crying during Kavanaugh's testimony as I felt his pain at the destruction that was being wrought that week to his family, his sense of self.  His moorings to reality were definitely being threatened.  Then, I processed all the karmic underpinnings (remember Kavanaugh was a part of Ken Starr's team that was hell bent on destroying the Clinton's reputations and lives) and that created yet another layer to try to process.

Emotionally, I felt sickened. The first lesson was to listen to all this with the full presence of my heart.  And my heart was breaking.

As I watched, I monitored the energetics.  And while Ford's testimony claimed my heart as a woman, her energetics did not fare well against the backdrop of the sheer potency of Kavanaugh's.  Mind you, his potency was not about his forceful tone of voice or aggressive body postures and movements.   His field was set to Law; or to be more accurate, the opposite of Law also known as the Law of Separation. 

It's hard for anyone to match that energy as it's a 10th dimensional vibration.  That's ungodly powerful and it loads the energetic deck in your favor as very few people on the planet carry that much energetic potency.  It was then that I knew the outcome of the nomination struggle. No doubt he was going to win.  When you set your frequency to that energetic, you have essentially aligned every atom and molecule to your version of reality and your manifest desire.  There is not a hair out of place in the realm of fear.  It is an absolute.  And to you, your version of the Truth is, quite simply not a lie, but impeccable, immoveableTruth .

To Kavanaugh, his story was completely true. To him, nothing about what he said about his past was a lie.   And unfortunately, Ford simply could not match that energetic. Nor could the Democrats muster that energy.

I sat on the couch speechless.  There were two equal and opposite versions of the Truth and to each person, her/his version was completely True.  That's the moment I knew that Law itself was in trouble and on the verge of breaking. Here we were talking about the Supreme Law of the Land (the Supreme Court) in the context of what was to be a gathering of Lawmakers.  It was all about Law and Law was cracking.

Every frequency has its opposite, or counterpart and Law is no exception. We are living in a Universe of dualities and everything, including the electrical charges in your atoms has its equal and opposite charge. 

When Law is set to its  opposite it simply means that it is set to the Law of Separation or to put in more positively, it is set to the Law of Freedom.   This means that folks who are set in the strain of pure separation are doing so Lawfully.  To repeat, It is Lawful to be in pure Separation. 

Osama Bin Laden's field was also purely set to the Law. of Separation.  I distinctly remember when I was working with a very potent meditation group  that we were working on the energetics around Osama and the havoc he was wreaking all over the world and the responses of the  Bush administration. Osama's field was set as purely as it gets to the Law of Separation; and yes, he surely was successful at creating separation wherever he set his sights. And for a long time.  I remember looking at Bush's field at the time and seeing how it couldn't even compare to Osama's potency and that's when I knew we were in for a long haul intersection with Osama's actions.  Osama called on the Power of the Law of Separation, his lawful right to do so, to fuel his dominion and his campaigns of terror.  And yet in his own version of reality, he was operating Lawfully on behalf of Spirit.  It was a pure intention, whether we all liked it or not.

When you set your field purely to the Law of Separation, you are bound to reap and sow separation wherever you go.  And usually that is accompanied by struggle, irresolvable conflict, and suffering. And it can last as it's so potent and rarely matched by its opposite in Law.  And yet, even to be matched can still create a heavy duty war..a war of Laws.

  When its energies are directed along different pathways, the pure Law of Separation  guarantees that we can separate from nonduality or unity and strike out on our own path of individual freedom and soul evolution.  The Law of Separation guarantees our right to pursue our spiritual path with Freedom backing us up.  Our souls are here on the earth, journeying in accord with our spiritual destiny because we have the permission of the Law of Separation to creatively adventure here on the Earth.  To rid ourselves of the pure Law of Separation would be ridding ourselves of our lawful freedom to exist here in this Universe and more importantly, on this earth.  To rid ourselves of this Law, is to annihilate our individual souls.  So with the good that this Law ensures, comes the more difficult!!  Such is the nature of a Universe scripted with duality.

There was a moment of quantum peace in the nomination process.  Jeff Flake from Arizona boldly went "where no man had gone before."  Breaking with Republican fronts, he managed (along with the millions of souls who were watching and meditating) to secure a moment's pause..a moment wherein the resolution to postpone the nomination for a week of FBI probe guaranteed that Law did not break that day.  This compromise is what we call a quantum resolution-both sides are acknowledged, left intact but there is a rather miraculous resolution that manages somehow to bring some peace or reconciliation to both sides without changing either side or diluting either side's power.  The tension released from the country..even if only for a week. 

However, In the end, the Law of Separation prevailed and a new cycle has begun on the Supreme Court.  However, on the day the gavel struck down and rendered his nomination Lawful, Law itself couldn't stand the pressure and it fractured. Forces operating on the planet and in the collective were so polarizing and potent that Law itself bent and fragmented.  It is not completely broken, but it is clear that for now the Law of Separation prevails and even it is hanging on by a thread.

  Fractured Law: A Call to Deepen Compassion & Wisdom
Just when you think your heart cannot tolerate opening to more compassion, there comes a CALL to grow your heart and foster your wisdom beyond all limits.  And that is what this time calls forth from us.  We are being called to hold compassion and wisdom and space for the Deepest Forces of Separation.

When Law fractures, the Law of Separation rules, and  reality gets murky, this usually predicts a fundamental period of change.  Chaos and confusion abound and at the level it is hitting the planet, galaxy, Universe and even M, the Universe of Universes, it is unprecedented. 

When Law fractures, it means that everyone, including Light Workers gets confused about what is true or what is false.  More importantly, we get confused about what side represents the Light and what side represents the Dark;  what side represents Unity and what side represents Duality.  We get confused about where to put our energies even to stay neutral.  Reality itself starts to get warped and distorted making it hard to know where to stand, where to ground and what energy to hold onto.

If Law fractures enough (which is has), even the Law of Separation and the Darker Forces that can feed off of it, start to lose their own center and begin to make decisions and take actions on the planet with consequences that are even harmful to them.

Even the Forces of Separation are losing their way.

We are at a critical  junction of decision and change. But what way are things going to change?  Massive ascension, massive descension, massive implosion with neither force winning the game or something we cannot even fathom that could us with wonder.....or not.

In the history of the Universe, this cycle has been seen before.  No doubt about that.  What is unusual, is that the Universe itself is wondering which way to lean...and normally it makes it decision without the conscious input of aware humans.

Our group is an aware self conscious evolved group consciousness.  And we know how to mobilize to give the Universe input.  We have the maturity to stay in wisdom, compassion and reverent silence even for the Forces of Separation.

We are at a fulcrum...and we need to tip the balance. And as I keep saying....WE MAKE A DIFFERENCE.....








July 31, 2018

Iceland: Living Liberation


No doubt about it.  My co-faciliator for the Iceland workshop was right: our time in Iceland was an appointment with destiny.

From the moment I landed in Reykjavik, the magic unfolded. The waterfalls, the landscapes, the mountains which contain magical beings, the weather, the way things unfolded seamlessly combined to enthrall us all into the deeper secrets of what Magic really is-quite simply it is the fabric which holds all of reality and the Universe into a seamless woven whole. It is the harmonics of Interconnection.  

But Magic experienced from the perspective of Iceland is something even more.  Here in the relatively small island world, the very vibration of the elements of earth, air, fire and water take on a Universal vibration.  Here it is possible to bring forward into the very depths of your physical matter and body all of who you are and anchor that universal fullness into the very depths of your body.  Iceland resonates the ultimate Law of Embodiment. 

The Life force in Iceland is incomparable.  You can feel the Universe whisper (or howl) through the wind, mesmerize you as you are pulled into the power of the waterfalls, charm you as zoom in a zodiac boat through glacial lagoons, and entrance you as you traverse wild and unsettled canyons.  There is no escape from the wholeness all around you, from the wildness of pure Liberation.

Life and Spirit marry here with the blessing of the Universe and you cannot experience this without the allure of the Magic that abides here to hold this marriage together, forged by the very walls of boundless nature.

I am just starting to integrate after almost 2 weeks back.  Levels upon levels are unfolding: the adventure of all of our day trips in the retreat with the magical kingdoms; the splendor of walking sacred elf paths with Icelandic women who studied with one of the chief Parliament-elf community negotiators; the sacredness of my co-facilitator who "came out" as a fairy queen and asked us to liberate her kingdom; the power of creating and dropping ley lines of Liberation wherever we went; the freedom we experienced as we ferried to Hrisey Island which is overlooked by one of the great Icelandic sacred mountains;  the delight of discovery at the way the hidden folk and powerful magical beings embody in rocks; the steady magical gait of Icelandic horses as we rode on wild nature trails; the holiness and force of being on land housing the Great Master Deva of Iceland; the seriousness of marrying Spiritual Law and Magical Law as a way to preserve humanity and the magical realms; the unfettered fun of mixing intercontinental participants in day to day adventures where every step presented a new awareness. 

Novelty begets  transformational genetic unfolding and novelty became a day to day delight. 

I know the power of Iceland will be unfolding for months.  My dreams has shifted.  I have dreamed inside the sacred mountain of Mt. Baldakur where all of the magical kingdoms reside; I have dreamed in Liberation.  And I am bringing into my body and life what is a new form of existence: Liberated Living. 

Please join me in the is exciting call as we all together join in magic and allow the depths of Iceland to surface.  Go to and click on the link under Event Schedule.


JUNE 19, 2018






I must admit, I have been struggling to come up with a theme for this month's call.  There is so much going on that is exciting in the spiritual arenas: the Magical Parliament is opening and there are magical shenanigans afoot (like the Time Loop Tunnel...something straight from Harry Potter); new forms of protection practices to offset some of the incoming frequencies which can be unsettling; the opening of deep dreaming caves in Johnson Canyon to work with positive global resets; the power of Supercedent Law;  deeper Liberation energies being released- and on and on!!  So why no themes emerging??

Because we are shifting radically as a community and planet.  The era of archetypal reality is shattering. The old structures that govern the very matrix of how we configure our day, our life our existence are melting.  And Presence, Flow, Aliveness, and Liberated Completion are moving to the forefront.

Now for those of you who have been reading spiritual literature and practicing deep meditations for years, this is nothing new.  But let's face it, you were the vanguard, the forefront, the way pavers.  You were building in the earth and in the collective the pathway.

The pathway is now not a wobbly dirt road that you need a 4 wheel drive vehicle to navigate.  The pathway is now smoothly paved. It's time has come- for those who have shifted into the new collective.


Because of Supercedent Law, we now as a planet have the right to form our own collective-a collective that lives in its bubble world where we share reality. In the current consensus reality, there is still  massive and rampant polarization. In the new collective, our shared community co-creates it values and its core structures.  We don't fight the consensus reality, we just fit into it seamlessly, acknowledging its presence, yet moving right along.  It's just like the freeway-one lane can be moving along at its pace, while you can be moving along in a parallel lane at your own pace with all those driving in your lane.  And yes, you can cross over and change lanes if you like.

This is pretty unheard of as planets go when it comes to the overall collective reality.  Yes, it's true we do share realities on this planet.  An aboriginal in Australia does not live in the same "time" or consciousness as Western folks do.  Yet, at this time, we are talking about a massive reality shift at meta-levels. 

We are allowed to bi-forcate, a word coined to mean that our collective reality path moves along a different trajectory from other collective realities.

It's a huge vibrational leap. 


This shift is available for those willing to come to wholeness and integration-to integrate the inner vibration of spirit with the outer realms of reality.   Being able to bridge the inner and outer has been what has vexed this planet for a very long time.  How can it be that your meditative life has such depth and grace and your outer life seems so full of struggle?  This is duality at its finest on the planet.  In some of the new collective bubbles, the matrix of energies to create the more seamless flow between inner and outer is under way.  THIS IS A PART OF PRESENCE.

Another part of presence is its capacity to move from an archetypal world to a world that FLOWS.  The day to day flow state is more important than the actual content of the day.  How you relate to life's tides, is more important than the archetypes themselves.  Family, friends, work, play still exist here (yes, these are are our most familiar archetypes) but our relationship to them changes.  There is a HARMONIC, AND MAGICAL flow state that ribbons its way through them all. 

Sounds like magical fiction, right?  How right you are are!!  In fact, this is a project, an experimental project here on the planet.  However, as our community integrates more and more magic, this becomes more and more real. 

Magic is what  permits the inner and outer to flow together...and that is PRESENCE.


Iceland will play a huge role in forming and strengthening our New Collective.  The energies of Iceland permit FLOW. They allow all of the aspects of us to forge together as one great stream.  The dimensions, the magnetics, the Land of Us and the Magic all naturally fit, with an ease of nonduality. 

I have never felt more whole than being in Iceland.  It wasn't just my state of mind; it is the way the island is configured. 

Just like Hawaii is one of the places to go to feel the wholeness of all of the  elements co-exiting in one place, Iceland is one of the earthly places to go that permits, encourages, supports all aspects of one's greater self to form a cohesive recipe of SELF.

And with the addition of powerful Magic, the key unlocks the power of Presence.

Let's bring Iceland into our deep Self; let's integrate Magic.


So to finally get back to the point of why I struggled with this month's agenda.

Because there is none- PRESENCE dictates that we stay in the flow of the moment to moment process and feel the visuals, sensations, words, that create your experience of it.

It's dimensional, magnetic and bodily felt, rushing through the skin and earth of you, and smoothed, like buttercream with the Magic of harmony.

Please join me as we scoot to Presence on our MAGICAL MYSTERY TOUR.



May 22, 2018








So much has happened since we last met in March, 2018.  First of all, I moved to a new home in a town called Petaluma, just north of where I used to live in San Rafael.  I am also in  a new county, Sonoma, mostly known here in California for its world renowned wines and lush vineyards. 

And it feels like a new life.  The potent energy of the sweet rolling hills of East Petaluma,  just west of my house, radiate a nondual energy that is wholly nourishing.  My office window, faces the hills and I feel their support in every session and telecall.  The wind from the ocean (some miles away) meanders through the screens and surrounds me with just enough moisture to boost my water element and the wind a whiff of ocean scent.  It's so peaceful here in this quiet neighborhood, out of the buzz of the consciousness of my old county, Marin which had gained an unpleasant edge.  The hills here seem protected, unlike some of the rolling hills north of here, where the California fires raged and ravaged. 

Moving here has been such a reminder that 1/3 of our energy field is made up of the land upon which we live.  The other 2/3 are comprised by the spiritual dimension aspects of us that connect through us via our chakras and the magnetic grids that link us into the earth and vitalize our meridians with Life Force.

Take a moment to soak this in: 1/3 or your whole energy field which sources you, impacts and affects your daily moods, rhythms, biology and personality is aligned to the land upon which you live. Every day in every second, you resonate to the earth and most notably to the land upon which you live, work, eat, sleep, play and dream.

So if you are living in an area that bothers you, be sure to take time to commune with "juicy" nature in some way on a regular basis to refuel and re-energize yourself.


The Earth turned a few corners in these last two months.  Most noticeably last week, there was another in the series of Great Turnings.  My guides continue to "repeat" themselves and their themes (and apologize for sounding like a broken record!). Polarization continues, with the good getting better and the unpleasant getting worse.  But again, they stress that the polarities are not the real focus of concern. Rather, the planet, in its wild throes of system change, has lost its ability to balance the extremes of the polarities.  The overarching container that keeps the polarities in a state of checks and balances has to a large extent, exceeded its capabilities. And so the polarities are running wild, without an underlying system of cohesion. 

Even the usual Laws that govern the planet: the Law of One, which regulates unity and the Law of Two, which oversees individuation, freedom and the purity of duality have now eroded in their power.  This is perhaps the greatest change in the last two months.  Law itself, which administers the ultimate in spiritual balance, has shifted.  On a scale of 0-10 (with 10 being most significant), this represents a change of 10. 

A new Law has been made available to the planet, called Supercedent Law-a law which supercedes the Laws of One and Two.  Supercedent Law is very interesting and complex and I will be saying more about that in our upcoming Call and transmitting it to you, as it's a powerful resource during this time.  It's an adaptive Law, meaning it shifts, changes and adapts with and to the forces of the collective as well as the energies of the Earth, galaxy and Universe.  It allows for our collective to to affect many changes on the planet without stepping on anyone's toes!!  But more about that in the call!     

The question more and more becomes:  Where do I source my energies from now?  Where do I position my consciousness? And how do I stay out of the fray of the global buzz and noise? 

Here again is where the Platform Practice helps.  Once you have made it to the Bedoiuin portion of the practice (the Platform is on my website,,  allow your consciousness to slip into the Mystery Universe or Johnson Canyon. These are two designated safe places that exist with nondual, powerful consciousness and remain outside the daily limits of the collective polarization.

I have spent the last several months building energetic tunnels between and among Johnson Canyon, the Tsangpo Gorge in Tibet and the powerful nondual sites in Iceland.  All three of these places are designated as safe places to moor your field.  If you travel to any one of these places in your consciousness, you now automatically receive the benefits of all three universal sacred sites. Meditating in these places fills your being with resilient high level spiritual fuel.

Our goal as a community is to continue to build our resilience and strength learning to DREAM/CREATE.  New energetic permissions have been made available to the planet to seed dream our personal and collective futures and to insert bubble worlds of higher order energies within the planetary collective.


As of this week, preparations began in Iceland to fling open the doors for the Magical Kingdom Parliamentary meeting.  In June, the official meeting of delegates from all nine levels of the Magical Kingdom will begin and our Retreat members will be there during the Parliamentary meeting time, supporting the global agendas of these beings who form the underbelly of planetary consciousness. 

If it is appropriate during the call (which I anticipate it will be), we will assisting in Parliamentary meetings. 

At the meeting, there are many agendas which vary from lending our support to specific magical kingdom realms, to supporting the efforts of the Great Master Deva of Iceland and the North Iceland Emergency team to regulate the consciousness of the Earth.  This is deeply important work, as these regulatory systems form the foundation for all spiritual lineages and the preservation of global sacred sites. 

In Iceland, there are a massive number of interdimensional portals, all of which allow each spiritual lineage and culture to freely access its Ultimate Source.

So please join me in this call, as we DREAM our futures with the help of new Laws, and we directly aid the preservation of all sentient beings and their right to LIBERATION energies.



FEBRUARY 27, 2018  





This past month saw a tremendous shift in earth energies and the influx of solar flares.  Alot of energies coming in and alot of grids in the earth shifting which accounted for a major earthquake in Mexico, a slew of smaller quakes all over and body instability.  In the call, I will give you more details and talk about how to protect your bodies.


My guides have been discussing with me that the archetype of Truth has seen a huge shift and shattering on the planet.  It's now really hard to know what's true and what's distorted. While we can see this here so starkly in the US via the media contortions, it's happening on a planet wide level.  In the call, I will speak to this and offer some guidance on how to navigate a world where Truth is misshapen externally and sometimes now, even in our own inner intuition. What Happens when Truth's a grand opportunity!


In a world where we are continually stimulated by so much dramatic input from the world on a daily basis, it can be hard to sort out the truth, but also difficult to shut out the noise.  There are so many "stories" floating out there from the drama of world politics to the compelling stories of Olympic athletes to the wrenching and heartfelt stories of our family and friends.

It's like we are overwhelmed with the "text" of everyone's stories.  And that includes our own.

Many who subscribe to this newsletter have access to the stories of their guides; to the stories that lay open when you travel to other worlds or dimensions or magical arenas; to the stories of their past lives; to the psychological screenplays from childhood, adolescence and adulthood.  Even the present moment can have stories-the commentary of what you tell yourself moment to moment via your innermost thoughts.

There are enough stories floating around to keep you caught in the dramas hour after hour, day after day, minute by minute. There are enough stories to stimulate your inner process, nudging you to clear this or heal that until you feel so tired, so exhausted, you can wonder what the point is...

There are enough stories to hide your BEING.


It's easy being human to get identified with our stories, holding our identities captive to the novel we have written about ourselves.  "Here is what I am based on everything I did, my purpose, all of my dreams I realized and all of my visions I hold for the future."  It's easy to confuse the story, for the deeper connection to that simple place of Being.

Being is the true story. But you can only LIVE BEING, when you detach from the stories and hold onto the flow of your BEING.

I will address the comforting addiction to the stories.  Yet, as with all addictions, come the aftereffects: the numbing, the pain, the isolation, the defeat and the fleeting victories.

In this call, you will be offered the opportunity to release your story, settle into the depth of true comforting Presence and Being and feel the transmission that writes a happy ending to all of your stories...

Please join me as journey to this ultimate place of peace.




DECEMBER 12, 2017 






Please join me for this free telecall presentation with energetic transmission!  Iceland is a place like no other.  It contains many portals to other dimensions and worlds, houses other cultures such as the Magical Folk and the Hidden Folk and fiercely anchors into the Life Force and her magnetic grids.  Here in this land, the very elements of earth, air, fire and water combine in an evolved way.  The Icelandic horses themselves emit a transmission of magic, while the hills peer out to you with their mythological eyes. This is the land of the Sagas. 

Here you can meet and greet the kind of  Enlightenment that only Land can bestow.  The call includes energetic transmissions and channelings from the Master Nature Deva of Iceland and the Magical and Hidden Folks.


NOVEMBER 28, 2017



The response to this past month's free telecall presentation on Ground of Being has been so

positive that I have decided to devote this month's telecall to a comprehensive transmission of

the Flower of Life.  Your feedback indicated that you wanted more time with this transmission.

In particular, as this is the month of Thanksgiving here in the US, this call focuses on our Gratitude

for Life as it is expressed through the original template on the Earth for the Flower of Life. 

The Flower of Life is an essential part of your Ground of Being, that sacred geometry matrix that encapsulates your soul into your body, setting up your life course. As your pure Spirit condenses down to your particular and personal soul matrix, there is a miraculous process that happens during fetal development. Climaxing at birth, your Flower of Life sacred geometry matrix activates when you merge with your mother's Flower of Life and the Flower of Life recessed within the Planet. 

Birthing with these profound energetics should be a sacred and blessed process allowing your personality to be forged with the elements of earth, air, fire and water.  Your imprinting to Life integrates and consolidates with a deep sense of belonging as you ground into the earth at the site of your birth location.  The sinking down into the minerals and metals in your body grounds you nubile sense of self.

So much of this sacred process has been lost over the years and the originial blueprints for your mother's role in this sacred ritual of "belonging to the earth"  have all but been forgotten. Our grounding and feelings of belonging have been compromised.  Our sacred balance to and with all life forms which should have been initated at birth is usually off balance. 

Plants, flowers, trees, Nature Spirits, Earthkeeping tribes and Magic, all a part of this communal process, grieve the loss of this deeply intimate biological and psychological connection with humans.

In this call, we re-forge our connection to the ancient and sacred Flower of Life, inherent in all Life Forms.  We reinstate our original human connection to Life and bless its beginning dreams and yearnings for us. We dream ourselves back to the beginning of the Flower of Life and we re-dream the dream!

Last but not least, we take our time in this call, to re-ground you, to re-birth your sacred geometry, to reinstill within you the power, the blessings, the gratitude for Life...your Life...  Your Life as it uniquely contributes to the Whole of Life, here on Planet Earth.


NOVEMBER14, 2017



In this presentation with energy transmissions, I will address: 

  • What is a Ground of Being?

  • How is it the same as or different from just being grounded?

  • Why is a Ground of Being important?     

  • Do all humans have the same Ground of Being?

  • What or who sets my Ground of Being?   

  • Why is the right Ground of Being necessary for advanced spiritual practitioners?

  • Does a Ground of Being change over time? Is it set from birth?

  • What are some examples of a Ground of Being?

  • Does the Ground of Being change with Earth changes or is it independent of Earth changes?

  • How do I know if my Ground of Being is right for me? And if not, how can I adapt it?

Please join me for this free presentation which will also contain energy transmissions.  My own guidance has made it clear that this information is time-sensitive and needs to be delivered to anyone on a spiritual path.

In short, a Ground of Being is a particular configuration within your energy field and body which latches into and interconnects with your spiritual vibration or spiritual essence and allows you to be securely moored into your body and into the earth.  Your Ground of Being includes your connection with the magnetic grids of the earth but is much more comprehensive.

When your spiritual vibration and Ground of Being are in right relationship,  they complement one another. When they are in right relationship, your life is “on track.” When they are out of balance, even if your soul has a life purpose or path laid out for you,  that path cannot materialize or unfold.
Too much spiritual vibration without a proper Ground of Being can burn out your body and its molecular structure.  It can create damage within the spine and kundalini; it can upset your overall consciousness making it feel ungrounded, resulting in your being dissociated. Furthermore, it results in your being untethered to the earth, giving rise to the feeling that you just “want to drift away” into the multi-dimensional realms!

With the recent tumult in the magnetic grids of the planet, having a solid Ground of Being is essential!

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