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Evolutionary Consciousness 

Note: Everything on this site was written as an energetic transmission for you, to catalyze your consciousness. So, I invite you to relax and allow the words to wash over you. Then read them again, allowing the energy of the concepts and words to reach out to you and infuse you with its full energetic impact.

Even though these concepts may not make sense to the logical mind, many find that by feeling into the words, some part of their Being recognizes the truth and power of the concepts – just reading them unfolds your evolutionary structures.


During a peak moment following my near death experience in 1987,  I “got” evolutionary consciousness.

In my vision,  I was a bobbing molten glow of Light gliding on the surface of slow moving, rhythmically lulling, Universal waves. Curvaceous rainbow colored, ribbon shaped sounds meandered through all time and space. Harmonies erupted every time these ribbons of sound wrapped around a galaxy, planet or star.  Often times, there were multiple ribbons gently coinciding, coalescing, colliding and creating fantastical interference patterns.  The harmonics butter-creamed those collisions and the resulting sound echoed like magical music all through my body.


Suddenly,  lightning bolts of evolutionary thrusts pierced the lulling waves. My molten glow of Light nearly capsized amidst the , disturbed rhythm of waves. Everything was shaken up and disrupted; everything was affecting everything else.


While it seemed chaotic and revolutionary, an underlying evolutonary intelligence, beauty and radiant silence permeated in, with, and through the scenic sensations.

Instantly, everything moved to course correct and adapt.  My molten orb shape shifted and diverted direction, all the while being carried by powerful undulating waves. Discordant sounds reshaped back to smooth harmonies.   I was shaky and steady all at the same time, but irrevocably changed, alive, liberated and fully committed to Life.


At a nexus point somewhere in the center of the Universe, I came to understand that:

  • Evolution is a cyclical impulse coursing through the Universe, her galaxies and the Earth,  thundering its way through human consciousness and the Earth now.

  • As humans, we are in the thunderous white wake of that power, headed toward a horizon of greater interconnection and uplifted consciousness.

  • Learning to dip and glide with the up-welling tides of evolutionary consciousness surge is what much of this time, this life, our collective spiritual path is all about.

  • Many spiritual lineages and paths do not take planetary or universal evolutionary tides into account in their practices.

  • Deeply relevant to our everyday lived experience, Evolutionary Spirituality is fully engaged, full throttle present time,  committed living. All levels of our being organically strive for wholeness, interconnection and a unified flow alignment.

"The goal of evolution is not to move from matter to consciousness; rather, it is to integrate matter and consciousness into a co-evolving. spiral of mutual refinement."  Duane Elgin, The Living Universe

Core Evolutionary Concepts

“We are the creative, scintillating, searing, healing flame of the awesome and enchanting universe.”

– Brian Swimme, from The Universe is a Green Dragon


Over the course of many years and through dreams, meditations and visions the enduring concept of the ultimate interconnectedness of everything became my cornerstone. Repeatedly,  I clarified awareness that our bodies are connected to and inseparable from the universe.

I saw/felt/heard/experienced how the universe was “plugged” into us, into our energy structures, into our molecules and atoms. The visions came, danced before my eyes, accompanied by a kind of moving, living, breathing and musical mathematical code.

I saw the human energy field rotate, vibrate, contort and twist and when the cavorting completed, I saw our perfected alignment to the universe.  I came to say that “we are the Universe, turned inside out, upside down and with a unique twist and torque.“ 


I came to understand that evolution forms the ultimate essence of our Universe, the Light Universe.  The Light Universe emerges and unfolds in rhythmic movement patterns, as part of a nexus of harmonies with the galaxies, planets, stars and species. In simple terms, the Universe is relational with unlimited communication feedback systems that flow between, among, into and around all of Life.  It self-regulates and shifts continuously balancing the dynamism that is inherent in its Grace.


The seemingly impersonal tides of the Universe become personal through the medium of our bodies. Our physical bodies carry advanced energetic structures (beyond the 7 chakras) that literally connect us to the collective of humanity, the planet, the galaxy, and the Universe, ensuring that we are dynamically engaged with the Universe at all times.

The underlying evolutionary code for humans compels us to explore and ultimately to return to the enlightened Universal state of unity.

We are hardwired to remember our Universal origins, all of the aspects of the Universe and galaxy, all while rooting in Earth as our physical home.

We can choose to stay totally aligned to the One, the ultimate interconnectedness, while we walk the path of the Many, exploring the earth, her land and cultures, her inner dimensions and worlds, savoring the scenic route.

SCIENTIFIC DISCOVERIES NOTATION: While these revelations were made to me over the course of years following my NDE in 1987, they have subsequently been verified by physics.  The work of Nassim Haramein supports the view that through the structure of the proton, we are fractally connected to the Universe.  (see https:// www.


It happened while walking the sacred ancient Etruscan vie caves (sacred pathways ritually walked once a year by the ancient, now extinct Elders) outside a little Italian town called Sovana.  I “grokked” (felt/heard/saw/whole body experienced all at the same time) the big picture of the human identity code. 

I experienced the original vision for the human being: a beautifully sculpted embodied nexus of interlocking vibrations of personal self and Spiritual Self,  with a vibrant influential connection to Land and Culture.  I  felt each of these resonant layers weave into the fabric of my whole being- my identity expanded into rhythmic waves of bonded loving presence for myself, my spiritual nature, the land of Italy and its culture.

 The more I walked, the more I expanded. The love spread from Tuscany to the world and from Italian culture to world cultures.  I heard the voices of ancient Etruscan elders whisper in my ear from some other era:  “This is the dream for humanity; this is the future we planted with our footsteps so long ago: Whole Humanity is Whole Self, Spirit, Whole Land, Whole Culture.”

Farther along the pathway, one step in front of the other, I slowly absorbed the energy messages embedded in the remnants of those Etruscan footprints. I felt the connection to the celestial starry realms as my third eye opened more and more. My whole energy field vibrating, rotating, inducing altered states, I finally arrived at the center of the galaxy and slipped inside of myself to some black hole and melted into the Universe through my atoms- all of me, the Land, the Culture all cradled into the Planet, Galaxy and Universe.




Evolutionary consciousness is a nested phenomenon.  Evolution assumes that the evolutionary trajectory of the Earth nests within the respective evolutionary cycles of the galaxy and the Universe. Within these nestings, instantaneous quantum feedback loops intersect and weave a Universal hoop of sentient life, where all levels from human to Universal reflect the by-product of this moment to moment relationship of co-creation.

As the Universe evolves, so do we humans. As humans evolve on an evolving Planet, so the Universe rides our backdraft and shifts in turn with our motion. The impersonal evolutionary force of the Universe becomes personal through our bodies.

From the greater universe down to the level of personal self, each aspect carries its own inherent wisdom, which when accessed, allows the system as a whole to align. All levels of being organically strive for wholeness, interconnection and a unified flow alignment.

An embodied nexus of self, Spirit, Land and Culture

nested in the arms of an evolving Planet, Galaxy and Universe: That’s who we are.


Holding sacred our connection the planet, galaxy and Universe assumptively implies that we have a spiritual mandate to function as Earthkeepers. It's that simple. It's that deep.   


In another one of my awakening experiences, I was presented with glossy, alluring movie footage telling the story of how all of the major religions and spiritual lineages were interconnected at a very high level. I saw a globe or sphere with large interconnected land masses, each continent representing a major spiritual lineage or path. However, in this spiritual globe, the borders between the lineages had feathered, lightly stitched borders, depicting some overlap in communication and connection, yet well bounded.  


Each lineage has its own natural order or lawfulness.  Each religion or lineage has a unique corner of the universe; each has a unique take on life, evolution, spiritual completion, and the afterlife.  While seemingly divergent, placed together like an artfully crafted patchwork quilt, they make up the entire Universe,  with all of her domains and terrains. 


Spiritual lineages, while at times contaminated by human distorted belief systems, ultimately in their purity serve to ensure that no soul ever is lost to the Universe or in the Universe. All souls in a sense are "tagged" to guarantee they return Home to unity.

Many spiritual lineages take into account evolutionary cycles, adapting their lifestyle and spiritual practices. This is mostly seen in indigenous tribal cultures; however, many lineages do not take evolutionary patternings into account, leaving devotees in a precarious spiritual predicament. Evolutionary cycles matter to deep spiritual principles and practices.  More specifically, they greatly affect your own evolutionary choices.

At the end of my awakening experience, the message was clear:

The whole is integrated into all of the diversity; the Many spiritual paths meet, greet and unite into the One.

And there is little room for judgment…only awe.


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