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Intuition Troubleshooting With Guides and Higher Selves

What Can You Do if Nothing Happens When you  Ask for Guidance?


  • First of all nothing never happens…or, to say it another way,  something is always happening!  Trust that when you ask for information whole heartedly, you will get a response. Notice what is happening first and pay attention to that. Information does not always appear in the form that you want.  Remember it could be a visual cue, auditory words or sounds or bodily sensations...or.... (see below)


  •  Pay attention to everything.  Messages appear in unusual and unexpected forms…For example, something moves outside your window, information appears on your inner screen in a form you are not used to, information “appears” in the day following your request via other people, books, shows on TV, “accidental happenings”.  The Universe is always looking to connect with and to you, so open your field of inner and outer vision.

  • You may need to reground and re-center. Try to establish the connection again to your Higher Self or Guides with a more clear and open mind.  Take a few more moments to relax and set aside the day residue that may be cluttering your mind.

  • Always assume you have lost the connection to your Higher Self or Guides and not the reverse. Higher Selves and  Guides train long and hard for their job and are hired because they are good at it!  They will be trying hard to get through to you.  So you may need to stop and check in with yourself and ask the question:  "What is getting in the way of my being receptive?  Or, "What do I need to be more open and receptive?" Check into any fears that you are carrying and clear them.  EFT is great for clearing any and all fears about your intuitive skills.  You can always make a dream request before nodding off to sleep that your fears related to your intuition are cleared in the dreamtime.

  • If you seem to be going round in circles, take a break, go onto something else and then come back later having reset yourself.  A lot of things often clear in your unconscious just by taking a break.

  • Try asking yourself the question: "What if I were clear and centered, what would the information be then?"  Or, just ask yourself to imagine the answer.  Just by doing this, you often clear the channel, so to speak, and end up receiving the information right then and there.

  • If still stuck, try another more structured form of intuitive guidance. For example, pull out the Medicine cards, the I Ching or the Tarot deck and pick a card related to your original question.  Or try the pendulum.  Or try the smoke billet where you put the question on an index card and place it near a candle flame until there are smoke patterns on the card…then free associate to the smoke patterns. Try going for a walk and connecting into nature and asking for some information to present itself to you via the  natural surroundings. 

  • Developing intuition always involves building confidence through validation and feedback loops.  Whenever I am asking for information related to something important, I ask for validation of my intuitive hunches. Get your own intuitive information and then try some other form of intuitive guidance for validation like the I Ching, Tarot cards, Medicine cards to get a cross check.


  • Another cross check tip:  Go outside and  ask your Guides or Higher Self to see some clear validating sign within the next 5-10 minutes.  Then I really open up and look around!  Or, make a request to your Higher Self or Guides that within the next day or two, you receive information in a dream or other format that you can clearly perceive!  Ask them to make the validation very  noticeable, but not harmful or frightening.

  • Remember, intuition is never 100% accurate as we are shifting and changing all the time.  But to develop your confidence you do need feedback to know you are on the right track a lot of the time, especially in the early stages of intuition development. 

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