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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


What Really Happens in a Session?

The first 20 minutes or so I will gather some basic background information. After that, I will review information about how I read energy fields that is similar to the content of  Re-Unions with the Self. Then I will ask you what you would like to address in the session. This sets your intention for what you want from the session.

You can list several different intentions if you like. Next, you will prioritize your intentions. Once this is complete, I get an immediate sense from your field of how much more background information I might need to work with that intention. At a certain point, your energy field will signal me that it is ready for me to read your field and I proceed in the way I described in Re-Unions with the Self.

How Should I Prepare for a Session?

It is a good idea to come to the session with intentions about what you would like to address in the session and what you would like to have happen as a result of the session. I can usually help you to clarify your goals by reading your field.

What are the Various Aspects of Self That Are  Addressed?

 The subtle energy bodies described below are conceptualized as a series of energy matrixes that interrelate at all levels of Self.

The physical body includes those aspects of Self related to the physical health of the individual. Interventions at this level direct themselves to looking at mind/body interactions in a way that promotes not only symptom relief, but also the well-being of the entire individual. As I am not a medical intuitive or physician, I do not diagnose or prescribe for physical conditions, nor do I specialize in the healing of physical symptoms. Rather I intervene at the level of the mental, emotional and spiritual factors that support the physical issues.

The emotional body relates to the part of Self which carries feelings and affect states. Intervention at this level primarily involves facilitating the individual's readiness to release unpleasant and/or unwanted emotions, while at the same time encouraging the identification and integration of more pleasant emotions. While some emotional patterns are ready to be instantly released, others require a more depth understanding of the underlying causes that gave rise to them in the first place. This leads us to the mental body.

The mental body is that portion of Self encompassing the thoughts and belief systems the individual holds about self, others, and the world. These core attitudes are often self-reinforcing in that the beliefs that are held operate as magnets drawing to the individual those people and experiences that are in alignment with them.


Intervention at this level focuses upon bringing into awareness these underlying beliefs in such a way that the individual has choice as to whether or not to retain them. An example of a mental body issue would be an adult woman who, having been abused as a child, made a decision in childhood that no one would ever again merit her trust. As a result of this decision, chronic issues surrounding distrust pervaded her life.

The soul body, on the other hand, relates to the overall sense of spiritual purpose the individual holds for this lifetime. The soul body also contains information pertinent to the individual's past and future as it relates to incarnations on the earth plane. Soul level interventions address deeply held karmic and archetypal issues that affect the individual across multiple lifetimes.

Finally, the spirit body is comprised of those energy systems (most notably the chakras, subtle energy fields, core star, core, kundalini ) which provide the sustaining life force of the individual and which serve as the energy linkage system between the incarnated self and what has been referred to as the Higher Self, Transpersonal Self or the Multidimensional Self. In addition, I also work with the more advanced structures of the energy field.


This spiritual body aspect also represents the executive function of the Self whose primary concern concentrates on the overall spiritual evolution of the individual. As this body provides the central channel for the life force, it acts as the conduit for higher order transformational energies that are directed into the individual for the purposes of healing and transforming all of the various other aspects of Self.

Overview of the Session's Subtle Energy Work

In my practice, I not only work with the chakras and the subtle bodies, but also other more advanced energy structures  which include the magnetic grids, electrical fields, the Land of you  the elements, molecules, atoms and spiritual genetics. In this framework, the chakras connect into the 12 dimensions of this universe and this work incorporates those dimensional aspects of self.

My work generally focuses on working with transforming structures of the energy field which allows more than one issue to clear at once and more than one level of an issue to clear at the same time.

 What are the Principals This Work is Based Upon?

This work is rooted in the principles of psychodynamic theory, Jung, Psychosynthesis, as well as cross-cultural healing, quantum physics and subtle energy healing all of which emphasize the inherent interconnectedness of all things. These principles illustrate that encoded within each individual are blueprints for the natural processes of healing, wholeness and evolution. Given a safe, supportive, and inviting environment, specific information related to the unfolding of the Self will naturally be revealed.


Another basic tenet underlying this work is that it is the experience of Self which is most transformative. Each person will experience this work differently. In fact, the experience of this work from session to session may be different since we are always evolving.

How are the Aspects of Self Made Conscious?

Several modalities come into play in order to allow the Self its "voice," so to speak. Many people take advantage my ability to be an intuitive spokesperson and advocate for those parts of the client's self seeking attention. However, if a client wants a more non-directive approach wherein the client's process is gently facilitated in gathering his/her own information, this is supported. Most clients wish to have some combination of both. If a client is working in an on-going way, they are generally encouraged to develop their own intuitive resources through mediation, imagery, inner dialogue and other exercises.


Can This Work  Be Accomplished at a Distance? Are Phone/Skype/Zoom sessions available?

One of the benefits of this work is that it can definitely be accomplished over any distance. Phone sessions are available with the option of Skype or Zoom. I do have the ability to not only tune into your being at a distance in order to mirror to you information from your Self, but also to transmit the energies necessary for the intervention phase of the work.

Can I Record the Session?

You can record the session with your own equipment; alternatively, if you give me advance notice, I can give you an alternate phone number where I can record the call and then send you the audio file.

Anything Else I Need to Know?

Yes, it is important to know (and I reiterate this in the first session) that the information that you receive is not absolute TRUTH for all time and space (I have yet to find absolute truth!). It is also possible that the information you receive is not historically accurate.


In my experience doing this work, I have found that the information provided by you to yourself reflects what you want, what you think or feel, or what you want you to know based on where you are in your process the day of the consultation.


Frequently, by just hearing what you have to say to yourself on any particular topic, you change. As you change, so do your feelings and perspectives. Another way of saying this is that the information you receive on the day of the consultation reflects what your being in its own inherent wisdom wishes to say to you as a way of supporting your process. Therefore, what you hear today may be different from what you might hear tomorrow based on the fact that you have already changed and are then ready for the next level of information unfolding.

I caution clients about making important decisions based on just the information gleaned in session. Rather, it is wise to take this information in combination with one's conscious thoughts and data gathered from other intelligent sources when making important decisions. Information pertinent to medical conditions gained through sessions should always be checked with one's physician as I am not trained medically.

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