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Alpha Stim is a clinically proven, FDA approved medical device that relieves anxiety, insomnia and depression using electromedical technology, called Cranial Electrical Stimulation (CES). Alpha-Stim generates a unique patented waveform no other device offers. Unlike medications which are introduced to your body in a chemical form and then broken down to smaller components such as electrons, Alpha-Stim begins at the electron level, allowing your body’s cells to return to their natural functioning state. Alpha-Stim provides long lasting, cumulative relief without the risk of negative effects such as tolerance and addiction to medication.

After treatment, there are usually no physical limitations imposed so you can resume normal activities. The treatment is simple and can be self-administered at any time. People who use Alpha-Stim usually report a pleasant, relaxed feeling of well-being.

The electrocurrent is applied with easy to use clips that attach on the ear lobes for at least 20 minutes several times a week or on an as needed basis.

There is considerable clinical research supporting its use. The Alpha-Stim does need a professional healthcare practitioner’s prescription to buy or to use.  I also rent the Alpha Stim.

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Alpha-Stim Consultations and Rentals

Booking a session:

All consultations may be scheduled via telephone, Skype/Zoom or in person in my San Rafael, CA office

Please note that there is a 72 hour cancellation policy.  Prior to 72 hours you can easily reschedule online. 

In case of emergency, if you need to reschedule within the 72 hours, please call me directly at 415-9950.

Click on the service below to schedule a session:

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