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Welcome to the Spirit-Evolving Community

The Power of Community

Humanity has never before experienced a consciousness cycle change of this magnitude.  Evolutionary cycles call for collective efforts. 

Our bodies and energy fields were not innately designed to withstand the current influx of vibrations that emanate from both within the core of the earth as well as from the galactic and universal realms. We have gone “off the map” as a species. And our current energetic solutions were designed for our past evolutionary cycle.

During evolutionary cycle changes, we can easily flounder as individuals; a cohesive Community lends clarity, stability, and shared resources as together we create a way through uncharted territory.


During this time, we are called to  create new paradigm solutions to new paradigm challenges.  The way to a more unified consciousness is by learning how to “be in it together” along the way.  We cannot walk a singular path to a unified destination.


In the Spirit-Evolving Community, you will find grounded practices and advanced spiritual skills that transmit how to ride the waves of evolutionary change to your benefit without crashing in its storm surge.

The hallmark of this Community is its ability to preserve the integrity of each individual spiritual path and Lineage, while harvesting the potency that can only come through collective efforts. This means we harness the collective resources without taking on anyone else’s energy or issues through a special form of group sacred geometry.

The Spirit -Evolving Community is:


  • Wholly inclusive of individuals from all lineages and spiritual paths

  • A community which gives a sense of belonging to a larger whole

  • Like minded people with a vision for unity, nonduality and visions to steward the Earth as Earthkeepers

  • A community that knows how to resonate with the uplifting evolutionary energies

  • A place to come for evolutionary support

  • A source for advanced spiritual practices that can only be conducted with the power of a group

  • A safe haven from the collective evolutionary chaos for spiritually minded folks, Light Workers, Healers, Therapists, Walk-Ins, Near Death Experiencers, and those with Alternative Energy Fields

  • A collective of custom designed practices updated month to month

  • Monthly telecall meetings with a theme, gives updates for evolutionary energies, and provides energetic transmissions.



To see a description of the current telecall and to register CLICK HERE

The Platform Practice

The Platform Practice is the foundational practice of the Spirit-Evolving Community which allows the group to disconnect from the collective chaos of evolutionary energies – and shift and anchor into an alternate Universe with higher energies and creation potency.


To read more about the Platform Practice and  to experience it, Click Here


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