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Patrice Fields, PsyD.

Background and Client Specialty

Transpersonal Mentor : 
Spiritual Development+ Personal Process + Body Awareness

Evolutionary  Consciousness  Visionary & Earthkeeper
Meditation and Spiritual Practice Consultant
Professional Intuitive • Subtle Energy Practitioner
International Workshop Facilitator & Sacred Sites Tour Guide
Technologies for Change  

My spiritual journey started at the age of nineteen.  While reading Walt Whitman poetry, I spontaneously experienced mystical unity, wholly understanding the interconnectednesss of everything and everyone. So began a lifetime of these visionary, nondual unity experiences. At this early age, I had an awareness deep in my bones that my path would not be limited to any one spiritual path or belief system; I knew I was destined to be open to everyone, from all cultures and spiritual backgrounds.

I earned a bachelor’s degree in psychology and then completed both a master's and doctorate in Clinical Psychology, becoming a licensed psychologist in 1983. Over the years, I have worked in corporations, private clinics, schools, and a sex therapy clinic and have taught at the doctoral level.


I specialized in what I called “accessing the resources of the unconscious” developing skills in NLP, hypnosis, interactive guided imagery, and dream interpretation. I also spent many years as a specialist in treating trauma and dissociative trauma. I went on to teach interactive guided imagery as the Curriculum Director for the Academy of Guided Imagery. I became proficient in EMDR and Energy Psychology techniques such as TFT and EFT.  My work has  been profoundly influenced by the work of Jung, Psychosynthesis, attachment theory, neuroscience models of behavior change and quantum physics.

To this day I have a keen interest in transformative technologies, which I integrate into my practice. In the late 1990’s, I studied biofeedback and  EEG biofeedback or neurofeedback and later taught for EEG Spectrum with a particular emphasis on a personal and spiritually transformative protocol called Alpha Theta. My partner and I pioneered some of the first group uses of group Alpha Theta technology, which we taught at Esalen Institute and Asilomar Conference Center. I later co-taught deep personal group intensives with pioneers in the field of EEG, Sue and Val Brown.

In a near-death, kundalini enlightenment experience in 1989, I received a review of my life and the evolutionary trajectory of my soul, re-orienting my life goals and purpose to include the evolution of all life forms and the human/Universe connection.  The awakening placed me on a clear path of mystical visions and awareness, providing me with the intuitive abilities to read and work with the human energy field.  Over time, I learned to read energy fields at a distance, including both human energy fields and the energy fields of particular lands, countries, the collective consciousness as well as advanced energy field structures, including dimensions of the universe and the more subtle aspects of the human energy field (beyond the seven chakras).

For years following, I acted in the role of therapist to many students and graduates of Barbara Brennan’s School of Healing and Jason Shulman's Society of Souls.  From there I developed and taught an Advanced Supervision series for energy healers both nationally and internationally, focusing on Models of Healing which gave healers clarity as to their unique talents as healers and the particular realms of subtle energy from which they sourced.

As I refined my work with healers and other practitioners and spiritual devotees, it became clear to me that we all source energy from the earth in general and from specific geographic regions in particular. This led me in the direction of what is still a current passion: the unique energy fields of regions, land masses, countries and the planet as a whole and their interface with the human psyche and spirit. I began to teach workshops that incorporated the energy of land and from there was compelled to lead tours to sacred sites as part of initiating people into deeper levels of an inclusive spirituality.

My passion also includes studying the interconnection of nondual unity and new revelations in quantum and particle physics.

Outside of the office, you can find me quilting or engaged in some creative craft or kayaking in my Hobie pedal kayak.

I currently see clients in my office in San Rafael, CA and conduct online video and telephone sessions with clients from all over the world. I  have led tours and workshops all over the US and  world including Switzerland, France, Germany, Ireland, the Australian outback, Africa, Canada, Mexico and the sacred Native American Indian sites in the U.S. Southwest pertaining to spiritual development, consciousness evolution, advanced meditation and planetary healing.  I have also specialized in cross cultural psychology and  the professional development of folks in various counseling, psychotherapy,  ministerial, healing and subtle energy professions.

My client population includes healers, therapists, alternative health care practitioners, Lightworkers and those devoted to a spiritual or transcendent practice. I also have particular specialty working with folks who've had near death experiences, visionary and mystical experiences, those with alternative energy fields (walk in's and NDE'ers) and those who feel they have been called to the earth as part of this current evolutionary cycle change.


In my current practice, I do not operate under my professional license as a psychologist. 

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