Topics for Consultations

All consultations may be scheduled via telephone,
Skype/Zoom service or in person in my San Rafael, CA office. Appointments are scheduled in PDT zone.

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Change Process/Personal  Self-Development

  • Any issue that relates to  emotions, beliefs or behavior patterns: reducing negative patterns; enhancing positive patterns

  • Issues relating to anxiety, depression or sleep (interventions may include personal process techniques, the use of the Alpha Stim device (FDA approved device), or other subtle energy processes

  • Trauma issues or Post Traumatic Stress issues (interventions here may include personal process techniques, EMDR, the Alpha Stim device, Emotional Freedom Technique or Neurofeedback)

  • Past life information and clearing

  • Exploration of your "shadow" side

  • Future directions related to job, career, relationships

Tranpersonal Mentoring/Spiritual Development

  • Comprehensive assessment of of spiritual development

  • Assessment of your spiritual goals and desires

  • Questions about and suggestions for your spiritual or meditation practice

  • Soul purpose readings

  • Negative energies/entities clearing

  • Spiritual lineage concerns and questions

  • Assessment of the important aspects of your energy field including your dimensional aspects (Axis), your earthly aspects and connections (Atlas) and the Earth of you (elements, minerals and early biological imprints)

  • Support for spiritual initiations

  • Preparation for and debriefing of spiritual pilgrimages, visits to sacred sites, or sacred medicinal journeys

  • Re-connections with your Higher Self and guides

  • Re-connections with your Home energies

  • Aid in embodying more of your Higher Self energies

  • Updating your final transition (death) practices

  • Understanding of and resolution for unusual, paranormal or kundalini spiritual experiences

  • Practices for contributing to planetary healing and evolution

Mentoring for Psychotherapists, Healers & Subtle Energy  Practitioners

  • Case consultation

  • Energetic initiations which evolve your healership

  • Practice skills development

  • Practice building

  • Readings about your model of healing as a healer

  • Improving your communication with your guides


Relationship Readings

Readings regarding couple compatibility; karmic connections and agreements; strategies to enhance relationship satisfaction and to resolve conflicts


Mind/Body Issues

Readings bringing to consciousness the physical, emotional, mental, soul and energetic correlates of physical disorders. PLEASE NOTE:  I DO NOT CONSIDER MYSELF TO BE A MEDICAL INTUITIVE AND THE PRIMARY FOCUS OF MY PRACTICE IS NOT PHYSICAL HEALING.



Subtle Energy Field Readings: Business and /or Land/Property

  • Readings of the energy field of organizations and work environments

  • Readings as to the various energy fields on land and property

Crossover/Life Death Transition Readings

  • Aid in crossing over and contacting deceased family and friends

  • Resolving relationships with the deceased for personal process/self-development issues, intuitive readings, spiritual development.

Eathkeeping Mentoring

Mentoring  as it relates to your personal or professional work dedicated to the caretaking of Planet Earth



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