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Daily Grounding Practices

All practices are copyrighted 2017 by Patricia Fields, PsyD with all rights reserved.

Start your day off with a short and powerful practice to get your energy field deeply grounded into your body and aligned with the most optimal energy. It really makes a difference and puts your day in flow!


Below you will find three (3) separate audio files from a series of classes I taught, called the Quantum Ground of Being. In the audios, I use my voice to transmit instructions to your energy field.


You can also experiment with creating your own practices by recording the written practices below on your own tape recorder or phone.  You may find listening to own voice works better for you.

Commit to spending 5-10 minutes each morning for at least a week on your grounding practice and notice the change in how you feel and how the day plays out.  


Just follow my voice and it will transmit the energy and energy instructions to your field.
Your field will then simply follow along and shift!


Notes: Because the Clear and Balance practice is longer and very deep, you might want to start with the other two. Refresh the
 web page if the recordings do not play properly.

Ground, Center, Balance and Align

Use in the morning to start your day. This foundational practice anchors your field to the earth and then centers, balances and aligns the major energy structures.

Ground, Center, Balance and Align - Patrice Fields, PsyD.
The Quantum Process of Change

You are almost always in the process of change: changing beliefs, feelings, thoughts, patterns and bodily states. This Invocation to your energy field models a process of change that is: Simple, Deep, Profound, Dramatic, Seamless and Imperceptible.


In this model, your change is significant and yet subtle, allowing for little to no disruption as you change. Use this as often as you like during the day.  When focused on intently for several minutes every day, you can expect to see a shift in how you change in several weeks’ time.

Quantum Process of Change - Patrice Fields, PsyD.
Clear and  Balance

The Clear and Balance audio is longer and takes you into a very deep process of clearing and balancing your energy field.


This practice is perfect for a morning practice or can be used at the end of the day before you fall asleep to assist in integrating the day. It is also very helpful to use after any stressful event or client session.

Clear and Balance Practice - Patrice Fields. PsyD.
Download all 3 Audio Files

CLICK HERE to download all 3
Daily Grounding Practices MP3s

 Morning Grounding Practice (for you to record in your own voice)


“I ask and allow that all parts of me that need to be embodied to start my day, gradually rotate their way back and ground into my body and energy field. I would also like to fully ground my energy into my molecules, rotating and spinning into them in just the right way for me to be secure and stable for the day.”

​Ground, Center, Balance and Align Practice (for you to record in your own voice)


Read each grounding statement slowly and pause for a deep breath in between each statement and notice your sensations shift. The notes are for your information, but not necessary to say aloud.


"I ground, center, balance and align my energy field into my chakras  and from there, I  Ground, Center, Balance, Align."


"I rotate my Axis to just the right place, connecting me to all of the dimensions and from there I Ground, Center, Balance and Align." (grounds your connection to Spirit)

"I anchor my energy field and body into the Atlas and the magnetic grids of the earth, and from there, I Ground, Center, Balance and Align." (grounds your connection to the Earth)


"I allow my energy field to drop and connect into just the right place in the earth for my energy field and body for today and from there I Ground, Center, Balance and Align." (grounds your first chakra to the Earth)


"I ask my energy field to rotate into the Land of me and into all of my molecules and from there, I Ground, Center, Balance and Align so that I am fully embodied and present for the day." (grounds all of the structures that support a healthy ego)

For more information on Advanced Energy Structures...


Clear and Balance Practice (for you to record in your own voice)


Preface all of the phrases below with the words, “Clear and Balance.”  Remember your energy field understands all of the instructions and knows how to follow along, even if your mind is confused.


Clear and Balance…


  • All 9 levels of the inner spiritual planes and the outer material planes

  • The physical, mental, emotional, soul and spiritual bodies

  • The electromagnetic grids and dimensions

  • The magnetic grids (grounds you to the Earth)

  • The electrical field (supports your biology and chakras)

  • The organs, tissues, cells, glands, and other physical structures

  • The atomic and subatomic particles

  • Your core and core star (grounds your Spiritual Center)

  • Your axial rays, rods and grids (grounds your connection to the galaxy which regulates your body)

  • All  Master Archetypes (time, space, matter. light, energy, sound, pulse, rhythm, movement, harmonics)

  • The elements of earth, air, fire and water

  • The right ratio of the elements to one another

  • My connection to Spiritual Law (grounds your connection to your Oversoul)

  • My connection to my Guides in a way that allows me to clearly be in contact with them

  • My alignment to the earth so that my field is in the right relationship to the earth and that that right relationship gives me the earth’s nourishment


At the end, speak aloud any intentions for how you want the day to proceed and then finish with an inner smile.

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