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For another person before or during crossover:

I ask my Higher Self to invoke Spiritual Law on my behalf. Sit in this for 5-10 min.

I ask the Guardians of Law to intercede on behalf of ...........(name of dying person) and to take care of them through the process..

This I ask and allow by Spiritual Law.

For another person who has already crossed over:

I ask and allow by Spiritual Law that I invoke the Spiritual Law and the Soul Recovery Team on behalf of .....(name of deceased person)

And I ask for the proper intercession for this person.

Practice to prepare yourself for crossing over: (2 different practices to choose from)

1. I invoke the Spiritual Laws that are relevant to my spiritual lineage.

I ask the Masters of Law for my lineage to purify, sanctity and update and and all of my crossover plans in a way that is just right for me, my lineage and my heritage.

This I ask and allow by Spiritual Law and my Oversoul.

2. I ask by Spiritual Law that I invoke Padmasambhava and I ask him to purify, sanctify and update all of my crossover plans.

Global Practice to help to purify all spiritual lineages

First do the Platform Practice (see my website under Telecalls)

From the last phase with the Bedoiun, ask that your energy field revolve into Johnson Canyon (information about this sacred site is on my website under Telecalls)

Once in Johnson Canyon, ask to invoke One Great Hoop (an energetic that configures a connection between and among all lineages and cultures)

Then ask the Johnson Canyon Masters to connect all of the resources of the Canyon with the Tsangpo Gorge (sacred site in the Himalayas) and also to the Deva of Iceland (also a powerful global spiritual resource)


Then simply ask all of the assembled resources to purify, sanctify and update all lineages and cultures in accord with Spiritual Law.

       Copyright Patricia Fields, PsyD 2019 with all rights reserved. No modifications  can be made to these practices.              

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