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An Introduction to  Evolutionary Practices

Note: These are profoundly deep concepts – so you’re invited to take a deep breath, relax
and read slowly to allow yourself full immersion in the words, the deeper message and energy.

Make no mistake about this, humanity has never seen a time quite like this, when it has the opportunity to upgrade the entire energetic and cellular patterning of consciousness. This is an experiment for us, and it offers an extraordinary and unique opportunity to co-create a pathway for consciousness evolution with the earth, the galaxy and the Universe.


The Spirit-Evolving Evolutionary Practices, such as "The Platform" create stability at all levels
of being, while everything is in flux during these turbulent times of evolution. Turbulence frees up energy and  unleashes unlimited possibilities. Evolutionary practices unfold novel options while keeping your feet securely grounded.



Benefits of Evolutionary Practices


  • To create a platform or ground of being in your body that unfolds a higher framework of consciousness

  • To provide you with safe passage spiritually, physically, mentally and emotionally during turbulent times of evolution

  • To harness the creative chaos to uplift consciousness

  • To connect the community to the arc of evolution

  • To shape vibrant new ways to connect Spirituality through the foundational portals of Life- this is Spirit in Life, Life in, with and through Spirit

  • To herald in new body patternings and to secure the body’s ability to handle this higher wattage consciousness

  • To complete your soul’s journey in this current cycle of humanity and to inaugurate in the next cycle of humanity

  • To promote equanimity and stability at all levels of being while everything can be in flux; to do this for the Planet as well


What  Happens During  Evolutionary Cycles And Its Effect On You

  • Great evolutionary cycles do not happen overnight. The earth shifts and changes over many years as it evolves from one phase of Life to the next.  During the preparation, height and aftermath of a great evolutionary cycle, all Universal rules go out the door.

  • Even the Spiritual Laws that govern a planet can become more flexible, malleable, or even be suspended altogether. Individual spiritual trajectories and purposes shift dramatically, and bodily grounding wobbles like crazy as the course of humanity as a whole veers off one course and attempts to jump track to another.

  • The rules that govern everything from ascension to enlightenment, spiritual practices, vibrational patternings, daily consciousness, Spiritual guide communication, and  life death transition get disassembled and completely dissolved or reorganized.

  • The inner planes of Spirit, the dimensions, the magnetic grids, the ethereal planes surrounding the planet, the core of the Earth, and the tectonic plates inside the earth all undergo construction. This can give rise to turbulence in our energy fields, distress in our physical bodies, emotional confusion, and spiritual disorientation, all the while creating new feelings of expansion and wonder.

  • However, during peak periods of evolution, it is NOT uncommon for Lightworkers to wonder why they are alive here on planet Earth, despite coming to assist in the process! Even a sense of purpose can go out the door!

  •  At present on the planet, there is a great deal of dimensional rearrangement—so much so that at times, it can be difficult to contact your usual inner planes guides and ground in your body. This, coupled with severe solar flare cycles, can make for a haphazard balancing act.

Since Spiritual Lineages oversee all of these functions, they need to prepare, accommodate and upgrade to take these earthly/galactic/universal changes into account.

What is an Evolutionary Practice?

An evolutionary practice, by definition, is any spiritual practice or transmission (including meditations, prayers, chants, music, sacred dance, sacred art, initiations, sacred writings, etc.) whose vibration aligns with the evolutionary cycles of humanity, the planet, the galaxy and the Universe.


Evolutionary practices are exciting co-creative participations in a dynamic interchange between our atoms, the Universe, and everything in between.   


This process reflects a rare, sacred, mathematical matrix of non-dual alignment—one that is not often found in conventional spiritual traditions.



How Do You Connect to Evolutionary Energetics


​Evolutionary cycles are irrelevant to the purposes of many spiritual lineages. These lineages simply do not take evolutionary cycles into account in their practices. 

Many spiritual practices, even the more advanced, while hitting a vibration of non-duality, do not actually go into the deeper octaves of non-duality that encompass evolutionary cyclic vibrations.

It is true then, from this perspective, that non-duality occurs at different levels; there are octaves and octaves of non-dual vibration, and some are more potent and inclusive than others.

It is only through opening up to the 9th dimension, that you reach a high enough non-dual vibration to encompass the evolutionary trajectories of the soul, humanity, the Planet, the Galaxy and finally the Universe. 

To discover more of the evolutionary energies and blueprints, you also need to search in the core of the earth, commune with the magnetic grids, discover deep hidden places in sacred sites, explore portals, cultures and lands that call to you and listen with respect to other cultures, tribal leaders, and Earthkeepers who appear to those who are open.

In our Community, we connect to evolutionary energies through The Platform Practice.

Aren't All Spiritual  Lineages and Practices Evolutionary?

Not long after my near death experience, I had dreams and visions that called me to some of the major retreat centers in Northern California. My guidance kept saying, “Go there, to the great meditation halls, and see for yourself.”  I wondered, " See what?"

When I got to each one, I ended up seeing the same thing: with my inner eye I saw the history of the respective spiritual lineages of each retreat center, most notably Zen, Vedanta and Visspassna.

I saw the spiritual, historical timeline for each spiritual lineage: the peak periods of purity from its early origins as well as the deep valleys of its vibrational devolution due to everything from persecution to human degradation.

But each historical trajectory was lacking an adjustment to the evolutionary cycles of the Earth, galaxy and universe.

I could see that these lineages were actually in danger of extinction or devolution due to the chaos of evolutionary turbulence.

As I sat in each of these meditation halls, higher order Ascended Masters of each lineage appeared, along with many Galactic and Universal Spiritual Law Councils. We added a code to each lineage that allowed it to shift its inner plane orientation to accommodate the current earthly/galactic/universal evolutionary cycles, thus supporting the survival and growth of each lineage, irrespective of wild evolutionary currents.

Varieties in Lineages and Practices

Like most things in life, spiritual lineages and practices come in all varieties. Many spiritual lineages offer some form of spiritual practice, though the purpose of a spiritual practice differs depending on the spiritual lineage.

Some lineages focus on upgrading the multidimensional aspects of the person (e.g. Buddhism, Eckankar, Hinduism, Rosicrucian’s), raising the vibration of the soul’s inner planes higher on the dimensional scale, thus increasing their non-dual consciousness.

Some lineages downplay the ego and material life favoring the illusionary nature of reality. Others chiefly foster the development of higher order traits like love, compassion and wisdom. Practices in these traditions can vary from meditations, prayers, chants, writings, rituals, dance, and poetry, which can serve many purposes from releasing karmic residue in the body and strengthening the chakras, to providing initiations, kundalini awakenings while encouraging detachment in daily life. Some lineages focus more on a daily life well lived with no focus on the vibrational energies.

Yet, many lineages are static in nature, their practices having been repeated over the course of many years, passed down from generation to generation. They tend to minimize or neglect the importance of joyfully reveling in material reality and communing with the Earth in specific terms. The evolution of the earth, galaxy and the universe are rarely mentioned. There is nothing wrong with this; in many cases, the goal is to evolve the soul’s vibration and consciousness so that it exits karma and is released from its relationship to the earth.

Indigenous spiritual cultures tend to assume spirituality as a way of life. Life itself is the practice. In some of these traditions, there are no inner planes or dimensions; perhaps some worlds (like underworlds or overworlds), but these do not correspond to dimensions. The goal is not to increase vibration or consciousness, but to live life in balance with the tribe, the earth and the ancestors.

For some, the afterlife is indeed a virtual reality that exists in the same space as the earth, just as a slightly different altered state. For other indigenous tribes, Life takes the earth into account as well as its intimate connections with the galaxy, and often, with particular star groups which are viewed as “spiritual home bases.”

Some of these indigenous lineages do not take evolution into account; yet other tribes are considered Earthkeepers whose destiny is to evolve in concert with the very evolution of the Earth all the way through its course in history.

Evolutionary Practice: Choice or Mandate?

The matrix of an evolutionary practice does offer specific support for an individual soul’s trajectory, while offering support for the greater whole. Evolutionary practices by definition cannot override or negate an individual soul trajectory, because individual evolution is nested in human evolution, which is nested in planetary evolution which is further nested in the evolution of the galaxy and Universe as a whole.


For some people, evolutionary practices represent a liberated choice that allows their practice to serve a greater collective than just the individual soul or a particular soul group. For these people, evolutionary practices are like electives in college, not mandatory for their individual path, but optional.

For others, evolutionary practices feel mandatory; they are an inherent part of that person’s individual, tribal, or collective ancestry.

Many indigenous tribal members belong to a spiritual lineage that assumptively accepts their role in Earthkeeping and inherently understands the connection between humanity the earth, stars and Universe. Some indigenous tribes or spiritual lineages are in fact caretakers of the evolutionary arcs, such as the Australian aboriginals or some special sects of the Christian and Jewish heritages.

And for many souls who have come to the earth at this time, often referred to as Lightworkers, evolutionary practices give them nourishment and are as essential as breathing since they fulfill the devoted life purpose of assistance to the earth and her sentient species during this cycle of evolution.

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