2021 South/West Iceland Tour  August 1-August 5

There are some additional  tour spaces available, but contact Andreas Baumgartner for details.

August 1, 2021      Arrive in Reykjavik; check into Hotel Reykjavik Light Hotel

                                         Greeting in the hotel lobby at 7 pm with the option to have a group  


August 2-4            Touring of Southwest sites

August 5                  Tour ends in the afternoon. Participants heading home will be dropped 

                                          at the bus station in Borgarnes to take the public bus to Reykjavik.  Those

                                          travelling to the North Retreat will stay with the group and drive to  

                                          Akuryeri where we arrive in the evening.  There will be a rest from

                                           Thursday evening until the North Retreat starts  Saturday evening.

Border Regulations

US citizens can enter the country without restriction if they provide proof of vaccination.or covid antibody test.  This is the current standard and it may change.

European citizens

From May 1 Iceland will adopt the Europaisches Ampeisystem. This means that in accordance with your country of origin restrictions will be more or less severe.  You will need a valid PCR test that is not older than 72 hours before entering Iceland.  If you are travelling from a green orange country no quarantine applies.   If you are travelling from a red country a 5 day quarantine applies.   Participants with proof of covid vaccine or antibody test have no restrictions upon entering Iceland.


All of the participants have made initial payments that were transferred to 2021. Some paid in full last year.   The deadline for all payments will be sometime in summer 2021.  We will notify you well in advance of payment deadlines.

For more info:

Andreas Baumgartner

phone: 3548659429