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2024 Boulder, Colorado Gathering

The Living, Breathing, Moving

Nexus of Freedom and Free Will

Boulder, Colorado

The Star House

Co sponsored by All Seasons Chalice

August 9-11, 2024

Freedom and Free Will stand for more than just powerful energetics sweeping the Earth, reinstating original and pure frequencies; they are living, breathing, moving forces that birth new paradigms of integrated Wholeness. This in person gathering explores the dynamic wholeness paradigm of the Nexus of Freedom and Free Will.

From the perspective of the Nexus, what does Wholeness look and feel like?  Imagine your integrated Self fluidly and cohesively moving between and among:

  • Strong connections to the chakras and corresponding dimensions

  • Deep moorings into the prime meridians and grids of the Earth

  • Secure attachments to the Land/Earth of You-your elements, minerals, metals and ores that abide in your molecules

  • Ancestral kinship with the Stars and Celestial Bodies

  • Prime bonds to the galaxy and Central Sun

Envision the very Ground of Your Energetic  Being encompassed by an Intergalactic Infrastructure that harbors seamless connections between all of the above, while at the same time webbs into the greater Whole of the Universal Intelligence.

How could all of those aspects of Self move together without completely overwhelming the human body and its consciousness?

ENTER THE LIVING, BREATHING, MOVING NEXUS OF FREEDOM AND FREE WILL, a dynamic, alive, adaptive, co-creative matrix of forces forged by the vital breath of higher order galaxies.  Newly emergent from recently opened portals like the one in the Teton Mountain Range, this Intergalactic based nexus births and grounds this new paradigm of Wholeness.

While this new paradigm is still in infancy, what can we say about it at this early stage?

  • It's adaptive to newly incoming energies on the Planet

  • It builds resilience in our biology, psychology and energy field

  • Its design ensures more nondual interface between Spirit and your Life; Life and Spirit are more unified

  • Its alignment is to a higher order principles beyond Soul Purpose like Flow, Adaptation, Presence, Alchemy, Creation

  • It assumes that All Will be Well; and that there is Always a Way, no matter how impossible a situation can seem

  • It bypasses the current collective trajectory and shapes a Future more aligned to nonduality and positve outcomes

  • It is sanctioned by higher order galaxies, the Universe and other Universes

  • It changes the fabric of how we experience Time and allows our lives to be more nonlinear and interconnected

  • It is infiltrated with the exquisite harmonics of Magic


Our Gathering is intricately interwoven with the site for our gathering, The Star House.

We lend support to the site and it lends its energetic container to our purpose.  It is a wondrous and surprising alignment.

Located in the foothills of the Rocky Mountains, about 15 minutes from Boulder, CO, it is "devoted to the transformation of life on Earth through illuminating and nurturing the connection between Earth, stars and human hearts." (Star House brochure)

Dedicated as a Sanctuary of the Sacred since 1990, the Star House is surrounded by what its founders call "sweeping vistas and intimate hidden places."  There are seven sacred sites on the property, corresponding to the chakras. Walking on and working with the land frames a "geomythic" and nondual relationship between self, land and stars. This model correlates to aboriginal ways of being where walking the land is tantamount to walking the star geometries.

Sacred Sites on the Land include:

  • Labyrinth

  • Mary's Well

  • Double Tetrahedron swing balancing masculine/feminine energies

  • Star House meeting room

  • Dodecahedron meditation chamber

  • Power Tower a transducer both sending and receiving coherent fields and resonating with the pineal gland

  • Tetraktys bridge between manifest and unmanifest worlds


Dates and Times

Friday, August 9        9:00-5:00 pm; Dinner on site on the grounds of Star House

Saturday, August 10  9:00-5:00 pm

Sunday, August 11   10:00-5:00 pm  (Sunday access only starts at 10:00 am)

Please car pool


$530  to be paid via check, Zelle, Venmo

Deposit to secure your space  $275 to be paid via check, Zelle or


$552  if you pay deposit, balance and/or full fee through the online scheduler.

Please do not mix forms of payments.  If you pay initially by zelle or venmo or check, you need to pay your balance in that form.  If you initially book your deposit by the online scheduler then you will need to pay the full fee of $552 via the online scheduler.  Mixed payments indicates your full fee due is $552.00. Discounted fee of $530 only applies if you pay all monies by check, zelle or venmo.

Balance due: July 15

Fee includes Gathering and catered dinner Friday evening and access to all of the

grounds during Gathering hours only. Limited space for tents or to

potentially rent a tent there.

Registration Process

1. Register on the online scheduler to pay a full fee is $552.00 with credit card; be sure to click agreement to all forms


2. Opt to register with a deposit of $275 online with a credit card; be sure to click agreement to all forms

     -Pay Balance by May 28 via online scheduler with credit card



3. If you make a deposit  by Zelle or Venmo, you will be sent a code to register online in order to click on all forms needing your permission.  Your code entered ensures you will not be charged.


Zelle or Venmo is under Patricia Fields or phone 415-507-9950, or Patricia Fields@spiritevolving   with a picture of me (short hair blue sweater). if you have issues, send me an email and let me know how much you want to pay (full fee or just deposit) and your Zelle or venmo identity and I will send a request to you for the funds. 

If you want to mail a check, send me an email at and I will email my address.

Cancellation Policy

All cancellations are subject to a $40 administrative fee. No refunds are offered after May 28, 2024.

Fees Include:

  • Gathering facilitation; access to Star House grounds during Gathering Hours only

  • Group catered dinner on Friday night on the grounds of Star House

Fees do not include accommodations or transportation.  Car pooling is recommended.


  • Member of InterUniversal Global Support Group

  • Member of Patrice Fields' Community (regularly attending Community Telecalls)

  • Individual clients of Patrice Fields

New Member Options if you Don't Meet the Pre-requisites

Those interested in attending but who do not meet the Pre-requisites are being offered the opportunity to join this unique gathering. Our Community has an open member policy and we are warm and welcoming; however, as we have been together for some time, we use certain practices and energetics while in Community and working with the Land that you would want to familiarize yourself with in order to have a smooth transition to the energy of the group. 


If you are interested in joining this Gathering here is what you can do:

  • Sign up for a Free 30 minute meet up with Patrice (under 2024 Boulder CO New Member) via zoom 

  • You will need to schedule a 50 minute session with Patrice at the discounted rate of $50.

  • You will need to be present at the July 23 Telecall or else listen to the audio file recording.  Cost: $25

  • Total cost of the pre-requisites is $75.00

  • Suggestions for Lodging  BOOK EARLY!!

Any lodging in Boulder as Star House is only about 15 minutes outside Boulder

A Lodge is a quick 8-10 minute drive on a dirt road from the next canyon over.  No need to go downtown


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