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Hidden treasures in the Slovenian landscape: discovering the next book of magic


~An adventure with Magical Destiny~

Patrice Fields, PsyD and Maja Bandelier

September 19-24, 2024

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Tour Limited to 20 persons maximum

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Magical Date With Destiny

Please join Maja Bandelier and Patrice Fields as we continue our decades long exploration of Magical Landscapes and Realms with the intention always to integrate Magic into the fabric of Reality; to unify it with human consciousness and ultimately uplift Humanity and Consciousness.

Magic, at its core, is the Universal Force underlying all unity.

Historically, Slovenia has been one of the planet’s great Homes to Magic, Magical Realms and Beings, Magical Lands, powerful Magical Water Beings and hidden Magical Gateways. Even as you land into the country, the auric air element spindrifts the Magic your way, surrounding and enfolding you. 

Magic is in the air, but it’s also just everywhere. 

This destiny trip to Slovenia promises special surprises.  In sessions and meditations following my transmissions of the powerful Book of Magic * (governed by the Druids), I felt the Magical Kingdoms beckon me while traveling on a plane ride.  Unseen Beings took my hands and guided me to find a short documentary about Slovenia from the airplane’s selection of movies.


While in flight, I found myself mesmerized by the Slovenian Land and heard the Magical Beings and Land summon me there. It was a magical lightning strike and yet, I barely knew where Slovenia was on the map!  This was a powerful invitation; as alluring as the call from Iceland’s Magical Beings.

This is another date with destiny trip.


As the months unfolded, it became clear that another esoteric Book of Magic was emerging from hidden Slovenian realms. As ancient as it is potent, this Book is raw and ripe with primal Magic Forces.  Within the Julian Alps in Slovenia, transparent luminous portals slowly open revealing an unformed energy that wants to ground again in Slovenia.


The energy/Book can be described as “honey lava, flowing like melted gold rivers” which slide into our bodies and into the Slovenian forests, caves and gorges.  Mysteriously, the energy is sourcing from the Alps and yet simultaneously emerging and grounding from secret places in the gorges and caves.   


This Magical energy is so new, it is not in the form of a Book yet!  It is not in any form. All of the Master Devas from surrounding countries (Slovenia is bordered by Austria, Croatia, Italy and Hungary) have surfaced to support this emergence and Maja and I are exploring it in sessions.

During the Communist occupation, the Magical Realms and Beings literally went underground.  The repressive atmosphere was so intense that many Magical Beings, deprived of freedom, turned inward and underground, to Dark Magic as it gave them safety and power against the harmful Communist regime. 

At the same time, many embodied esoteric Magical lineage beings were kidnapped by the Communists and forced against their will to use their energies in ways they could not refuse, threatened with torture and death.  Many Magical Being humans also perished. (these are all historical facts and in fact Partrice has met one of these beings, a man whose Magical lineage family managed to escape Eastern Europe). 


The new Book of Magic reveals the ancient, pure energies that, like molten lava, simply engulf and dissolve darker realms of Magic and restore the Land and her Beings. The energy flows, melts and meanders its way through the energy fields, bodies and Land and it feels richly deep, silky and solid.  


This Original Magic coming back, heals, regenerates and shape shifts reality with its exotic, rare Alchemy.  Even in its infant form, its power to heal the unconscious from the trauma of war, Communist occupation and repression surprise, delight and inspire awe and hope.


This Magic replants the roots of Life itself. It will do so with you!

This is just the beginning of Freedom returning Magic to the World. In the next months, more surprises will unearth themselves from the secret underworlds of hidden Magic. Expect the unexpected!

Please join us for this trip of a lifetime!

Please Note: To secure this trip, we will need minimum of 12 people. Deadline for decisions about the trip will be made by the end of March. Be sure to buy travel insurance for this trip, in case of any cancellation.


(Itinerary is subject to change).


September 19   Arrival in Ljubljana airport LJU;

  • You will need to order a private transfer from the airport to our hotel in Kranjska   Gora

  •  We will make some suggestions of companies that will transfer you

  • There is also a bus that you can take

  • Welcome Dinner at the hotel as a group

September 20-23  Tour to Special Sites

September 24  Departure

  • You will need to order a private transfer from Ljubljana back to the airport


(we will stop and meditate and commune with the local energies as much as we can)


September 20  Day Trip to Bled and Bohinj and communion with Julian Alps and Triglav Park

  • Vintgar Gorge visit

  • Traditional Pletna ride to Bled Island and Church visit in Bled

  • Walk around Bohinj Lake and visit the Church there

  • Cable car ride to scenic overlook of Lake Bohinj on Mount Vogel with lunch included

  • Savica waterfall visit

  • Overnight in Kranska Gora


September 21  Day trip to Soca Valley and communion with Julian Alps and Triglav Park

  • Visit Kranjska Gora

  • Visit Lake Jasna

  • Drive to the Soca Valley

  • Short walk in the Trental Valley                         

  • Lepena visit (Great Soca Gorge)

  • Lunch in Bovec

  • Tolmin Gorge visit

  • Overnight in Kranska Gora

September 22  Slovenian Karst

  • Drive to Postogna Cave and visit the Cave

  • Drive to Dolina Lurske Matere Bozje and visit the holy site

  • Arrive in the Valley and lunch

  • Vilenca cave visit 

  • Overnight in Ljubljana

September 23  Velika Planina and the Kamnick Mountains

  • Visit the Velika Planina and walk there

  • Commune with the other mountain range, Kamnick Mountains

  • Ljubljana walking tour

  • Overnight in Ljubljana

  • Tour debrief 



  • 2 Telecalls: 1 before the trip and 1 following to integrate

  • Guided Tours by Patrice and Maja to special sites

  • Van transportation to special sites

  • Breakfast Friday though Tuesday departure day

  • Lunch one day

  • 4 or 5 Dinners

  • Hotel Accommodations

  • Entrance Fees and boat ride



  • Airfare and ground transportation to and from airport

  • Tips for the bus driver


Costs and Payments: COMING SOON! 


There are no refunds after April 30th. Should you cancel before then, you will be charged a $125 cancel fee. 

Travel insurance is a necessity as there are no refunds after April 30th.  We always suggest a Cancel for any reason policy. 

Hotel Accommodations will be posted in the near future.


Maja Bandelier is a Swiss native with a private practice of global clients in both Zurich and Buchs, Switzerland.  She has profound skills as a Cranial Sacral Therapist and Subtle Energy practitioner with over 20 years experience. As a child, she was gifted with intuitive abilities and a rare depth of perception of energies and other realities. 

Her expertise in treating clients with physical, emotional, spiritual and energetic issues is well recognized in many countries in Europe. She received a degree as a Subtle Energy Practitioner from Barbara Brennan's School of Healing and she has also practiced in the past as a licensed Physical Therapist.

Maja currently facilitates many groups and workshops in Europe teaching meditation and healing energy practices. She has also led tours to sacred sites in Africa, Tibet, Slovenia and Finland. In addition, she has developed a special expertise in various aspects of the Magical Kingdom.  Her understanding of these Kingdoms and realms, their people, their ways and customs informs the depth of her perspectives on current global consciousness issues.

Contact Information
Maja Bandelier
011 41 81 756 6419 (from the US)

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