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This is a deeply moving call. We took time to connect as community. We prayed with and were prayed for by higher order Guides and Laws. We were taken to Johnson Canyon where a very esoteric form of Dragon Magic was unleashed. This Magic was designed to purify and dissolve shadow aspects and in particular to work with our multi-dimensional shadow aspects. And indeed, we spent quite a bit of time reaping the benefits for our own shadows.  In former times, this Magic held a revered place on the planet, only to be abused and then banished for quite a long time. Portals have been opened for this Magic to return at this time on the planet. In the call, we are also fortifying our community energetics to be able to call on this Magic when the time is right to work on the collective shadow.

The ultimate goal of Dragon Magic is Magical Freedom-a powerful alignment that allows all multi-dimensional aspects to align to Freedom fired in the Law of Unity. This alignment drops shadow and incomplete aspects of self in all existences and reinstates the entire spirit's commitment to Freedom seared in the Law of One. Dragon Magic transcends Light and Dark, conscious and unconscious with its singular alignment to Freedom, facilitated by Magic.


This call can be listened to any number of times and it is advised to do so.

2022 November Community Call: Dragon Magic and the Magic of Freedom

  • This call is copyrighted by Patricia Fields, PsyD with all rights reserved. No modifications can be made to this calll without the author's written consent.

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