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These are selected audio recordings from the Spring 2002 Realms of Magic Class. In these recordings you will find:

-Patrice's initial overview of and introduction to the Realms of Magic

-Patrice's introduction to and tranmissions of: 

   -Spiraling into Magic  (Class 1.1)

   -Magical Platform Practice  ( Class 1.2)

   -Elohim Blessings from Magical Iceland  ( Class 1.3)

   -Council of Wizards and Druids Practice ( Class 3.1)

   -Navigating Magical Realms with Privacy, Permission and Caution  (Class 4.1)

   -Invocation for Wizards and Druids to full spiral (Class 4.2)

   -Conjuring and Wishing Alchemy Practice  (Class 6.1)

   -Magic of Numbers and the Unicorn Practice  ( Class 7)

   -The Magical Wishing Tree (Class 8)

-Audio recordings of 5 Class students who are well versed in Magic working with Patrice to unfold their gifts more deeply.  The recordings are highly experiential, full of Magic energy and surprises!

Sessions include:

-The Magic of Mexico and the Owl  (Class 2)

-Deep Magic (Class 4.3)

-Deep Magic, Dragon Magic and the Magical Tree of Life  (Class 4.4)

-Wild Magic in the Red River Gorge  (Class 5.1)

-Profound Diamond Magic (Class 6.2)


Magic Class Spring 2022 ~ 8-Class Series

  • This class is copyrighted by Patricia Fields, PsyD 2022 with all rights reserved. No modifications can be made without the author's written consent.

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