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In this call, I review the trip to the Tetons where we worked with opening Portals to Freedom. I discuss aalso that with  Freedom as our guiding principle, we are privy to new Models of Change for ourselves and the planet that have more potency in uprooting the lower chakras, reconstructing them at a higher order, and placing us and the planet squarely on a path of Freedom.  We are changing our base rate lower vibration to a higher order and effectively eradicating the second dimension, the areaqn of the "irreconcilables, the unresolvables."  This is ground breaking! In this call, I discuss the new model of change Hyperlooping and the way it operates.   And our transmission for the eveing is Personal Hyperlooping: we vibrate to the our soul's immaculate future (I discuss the role of the energetic called the Immaculate) and hyperloop it back to our present, changing our present.  This energy affects not only our soul (raising its vibration and freeing us from the irreconcilables in our lower chakras) but also our very cellular structure and biology.  Hyperlooping sets a course for us personally and for the Planet to be on a track that supercedes Evolution and allows us to move to a higher order of life in a higher order of nonduality.  This is an important call that sets a foundation for future calls and the Community's direction.

2023 October Community Call: Personal Hyperlooping

  • This call is copyrighted by Patricia Fields, PsyD 2023 with all rights reserved. No modifications can be made without the author's written consent.

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