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Patrice conducted this 5 class series in Winter/Spring 2022.  In this class series, you will receive information about  and transmissions of  various facets of the Life Force.


  • Overview of Life Force and its Importance
  • Suggestions for Supplemental Practices like  Breathing and Open Focus exercises
  • Building a Group Container
  • Masters of Existence Guides and Importance to our Practice

CLASS 2 ~ Prime Alignment 

  • Explanation and Transmission of the all important Prime Alignment Practice
  • This is the foremost practice to engage nondual Presence and Flow

CLASS 3 ~ Equator and Life Force and the Body

  • Energetic connection to the Equator where all Life Force grids connect
  • Transmission of balancing Life Force with the elements  (earth, air, fire, and water) and minerals, metals and ores in the body
  • Vital Transmission to get Life Force to flow throught the body


CLASS 4 ~ Nature of Order ~ Garden of our DNN

  • Transmission where we connect to the Life Force through our connection to food
  • Life Chi from food activates a biological state of nonduality wherein we catalyze our DNA and co-create with Life itself
  • This relational aspect of Life Force through the metabolism of food and community biologically "enlightens" us


CLASS 5 ~ Emanations of Life

  • Seminal call where Padmasambhava gives us a terma or teaching for these times on the planet
  • We receive transmissions for a "new Tree of Life"  which enables our biology to evolve in consciousness

2022 Life Force - Spring - 5-Class Series

  • This class is copyrighted by Patricia Fields, PsyD 2022 with all rights reserved.  No modifications can be made without the author's written consent.

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