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Travel Logistics

Please take a moment to let us know your travel plans below.

Thank you and see you soon!

For questions, contact Julie Blake 512-688-7428

Tetons Travel Plans

SUCCESS! Thank you!

  1. The Teton Blessing Call was Saturday , September 9 .  Please listen to the call before arriving, here's a link to the Zoom recordings

    Click here to download the Tetons Hyperloop to Freedom Practice  


  2. The Teton Blessing Call was Saturday , September 9 .  The recording will be sent out Saturday or Sunday.  Please listen to the call before arriving.

  3. Please fill out the Liability Release Form if you have not done so already

  4. Please share your travel plans by filling out the form here

  5.  Address for the  Gathering :  Black Powder Ranch14733 US Highway 189/91, Bondurant WY  82922

  6. Ranch check in time:   4 pm Thursday. Sept. 21, 2023

  7. At the Ranch, we have requested fragrance free laundry detergent for sheets; we cannot guarantee that will be the case

  8. Dinner will be provided Thursday evening for those who purchased it, and include some appetizers, salad, sandwiches, soup and desert; tea and bottle of water is supplied.

  9. There is no water purifier on site and we don’t know the purity of the water; There is a Britta on site but not enough capacity for everyone so you want to supply your water; we will provide 3 small bottles per day with meals.

  10. Start time Friday 9 am in the main Lodge

  11. We may be changing the start and end times daily

  12. Things to Remember:

    1. Participants need to provide their own transportation to and from the airport to the Ranch; good idea to stop on the way to the Ranch for breakfast and or lunch options

    2. Participants are responsible for breakfasts and lunch; we will be stopping on Friday at Whole Foods for a shopping stop for lunches and supplies. 

    3. It gets colder at night and there is an off chance it could snow so bring warm clothes options

    4. We won’t be going on any long hikes; but you might want hiking shoes all the same

    5. There may be an option for a swim (cold water!) so bring a bathing suit. I will be bringing a wet suit.


  1. Be prepared to bring a chair and some way to give yourself shade

  2. Be prepared to purchase extra supplies of bottled water if you want the assurance of pure water

  3. Be prepared with altitude supplements if that has been an issue for you.  There is some chance we could go over the pass with elevation of about 8400 feet; Jackson sits at 6237 feet.

  4. We could encounter bears; I will bring a bear horn; we might sing on walks; I also have bear spray for emergencies

  5. Mosquitoes are fierce in the summer in the Tetons; by September they are not as prevalent, but you never know so bring repellent if you need it.

  6. You might want to bring a packable portable cooler for lunches or snacks while we are on the road; we will most likely be eating on the road

  7. Bring games or musical instruments to play at night.  I will have my wall projector so we can play a movie if it’s on a flash drive; I might be able to play it on a DVD too.

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