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1. CLICK HERE to download the SOUTH/WEST participant contact list
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3. Julie Blake will be coordinating Zoom calls for everyone to connect and meet each other before Iceland. Her email address is

4. Outhorse Your Email. Disconnect from work and let the horses of Iceland reply to your emails while you are on vacation. (Seriously)


Notes written by Patrice Fields, PsyD

Sources of Information are Erla Stefansdottir, Patrice and Maja

(CLICK HERE to download the PDF file)


Information from Maya and Patrice (from ourselves and some from the major power site of Hofsjokull)

•       This island then has connections to the dimensions of the planet and to the ley lines or magnetic grids of the planet

•       Sends and receives energy to and from earth, celestial and galactic and universal and for some multi-universal places.

•       Has connections into the most of the major sacred power places in the world e.g. Tibet, Mongolia, Russian centers

•       Thus it’s a place where all cultures and lineages have a place

•       Easy to receive and transmit energy to just about anywhere from there

•       Has access to all of the realms of Magic of which there are 9; connects you in at the airport

•       Parliamentary meeting of all of the realms of Magic once a year at Pingvellir Park

•       One of the first major energy centers on the planet

•       Protected site

•       It is off the grid of evolutionary chaos; while its inhabitants operate in time and are aware of time, the land itself is timeless-thus you have access to the past present and if given permission to the future (this is not easily given)

•       It has one of the 9 Master Devas

•       One of the most important points:

  • Can walk the path of enlightenment here via Nature; air, sky, the water, the waterfalls –if you energetically master the various energy centers here you will walk the path of completion of the galaxy here and complete your spiritual journey; it is a place to feel the completion of being human

Why Iceland is important now:

  • Magical Kingdoms resurface during major times of evolution on the planet to help the transition because they are not a part of it-not caught up in the chaos of change; they are not caught up in the battle between light and dark though the island does have these forces, they are not caught up in the global duality.

  • They wish to offer humanity the gifts of Iceland for spiritual purposes, for healing purposes, to help the grids of the earth become more stable and to elevate time


Erla Stefansdottir

  • Has written maps with energy information about Iceland and about Akureyri in particular

  • There are 7 energy centers in Iceland which are connected to corresponding deities or devas of nearby mountain ranges; these centers are also associated with the chakras.

  • She sees that the energy centers are connected to each other and to the other power places on the planet through light lines (ley lines) forming a network of ley lines

  • These light lines do connect to the dwellings of elves, gnomes and other magical folk and hidden beings

  • These lines also connect to the main Guardians of the Land (like Major Devas or Nature Spirits) which she calls Land Wights. These land wights are depicted in the National Emblem of Iceland.

  • There are 7 main energy centers: in the center of Iceland where there is the major center located in the Hofsjokull glacier; this places transmits energy of 12 different light beams.

  • There are places in the N, S, East and West  and then there is also the Mountain Queen and the Prince

  • Near and around AK. In the north center, there is the mountain Kaldbakur, a very powerful center and this is where there are very many elves and Hidden beings.

  • There is also a guardian angel of AK which is in accord with the goddess of growth and to the land.

  • AK sits in the center of a triangle of mountains so it has a great deal of powerful energy and very many sacred places.  As well there are a great deal of elf, gnomes, dwarf and hidden folk dwellings.

Role of the Hidden Folk

  • To introduce you to the deep power in the Land


  1. Deep primordial magic realms

  2. Druid realms

  3. Fairies, elves, dwarves, gnomes, goblins, pixies, nymphs

  4. Hidden folk

  5. Magical plants and trees and rocks

  6. Magical animals

  7. Sorcerers, magicians, witches, wizards, warlocks

  8. Elemental kingdoms: water, earth, air, fire

  9. Mermaids

  10. Trolls


(CLICK HERE to download the PDF file)


1. Find out about the history of the land you are visiting; and the culture of the people; explore information about sacred sites there.  There is usually a lot of information on the web. The more familiar you are with the land, its history and the culture, the more readily you can adapt and receive what the site has to offer.


2. While you are on the journey to your destination (Iceland), invoke the master Nature Deva of the country you are leaving and ask her to smoothly transition you from your connection to the country you are leaving to the country you are visiting.  It could be like this: “ I ask and allow with the permission of Spiritual Law and my Higher Selves that I invoke the Major Deva of _____(your home country). “ Wait a minute or so for that connection to be made.  Then, “ I ask that this Deva smoothly transition me from ________ (your Home country) to the Master Deva of ICELAND (the country you are visiting with the sacred sites).   I give permission to the Master Deva of Iceland to shift all of my energy structures in a way that helps body, mind and spirit to adapt easily to this new country and its sacred sites.  I ask the Master Deva of Iceland to help me to receive only those energies in these sacred sites in Iceland that are supportive of my being and to filter out any energies that may not be just right for me. This I ask and allow by Spiritual Law and all of my Higher Selves.”


3. At Keflavik airport and on the way to your next Iceland destination, if possible, take a moment to:


4. Ground, center, balance and align. (see

5. Ask the  Master of Ceremonies of the Parliament and also the Master Deva of Iceland to open the portals of the Magical Realms Parliament meeting for you. Ask that you be energetically connected to just the levels of Magical Kingdoms that are just right for you.  Ask that the Master of Ceremonies of the Parliament and the Master Deva and all of the Magical and or Hidden Folk to keep you safe and protected (at all levels from physical to energetic) for the duration of the trip.  In return, you pledge with your heart to honor and respect all Iceland and her lands, people, animals and elements. (This is important as the Magical realms are very used to be made fun of and disrespected).

6. Access your intuitive abilities, whatever way is right for you. And ask your whole being to be RECEPTIVE!  Some see with visuals, some hear words, some sense with their bodies; some do all of the above all at once.  Everything in Iceland is full of life, vitality and energy.  It is alive!!  And very uplifting!  Take in that wonderful chi, life force energy.  Notice how the air, the land and flowers, the Icelandic ponies, even certain bodies of water can convey magical properties.  If you need help with your intuition, try reading this:


7. Every powerful place holds both positive and negative energies usually within a close distance of one another.  This is just the yin/yang balance of the Universe. It is also a part of the very Lawful way that the Universe was created, and it is why this Universe and our Earthly experience does contain dualities and polarities.  Light energies always attract their opposite and the reverse is true: Dark energies attract Light energies.  Negative energies can take many forms depending on the country.  In Africa and South America, the darker energies are very different from what we might experience in Iceland, Mexico, the Himalayas, Native American Indian sites et cetera.

In preparing for a trip to a sacred site, I always ask my Guides and Higher Self to help me understand the darker forces present near the site I am visiting so that I can be aware of and  respectful of those forces. This allows me to avoid them and also to be invisible to them!  This is no different from what you do consciously or unconsciously when you travel to a different country. For example, when you travel to New York, you know that’s it not wise to walk down a back alley late at night! In Mexico, you become very aware of your surroundings and in what neighborhoods the gangs hang out, so that you can take precautions. This does not prevent you from travelling.  It just makes you be aware and allows you to be safe and have a wonderful time!

8. The Magical Realms (all nine or so of them) have shadow sides with darker energies as well. Each of us has our own interpretation of what a darker force or shadow side is, so I will leave definitions here to your own wisdom and guidance.  Whatever your definition, it is still wise to take precautions. (Even though you may have compassion for a member of the Mexican cartel and see the Light within him/her, do you really want to encounter that person?) Deep wisdom is deep discrimination about what you choose to encounter.

To get to the point, there are contained within some of the Icelandic lands darker forces of Magic. If you have inner eyes, ears and senses that can perceive at this level, you will notice embodied in the natural landscape, sorcerers, magicians, and darker wizards. And yes, they can shape shift into various forms including the wind, air, rain, et cetera.

9. In any country or any sacred site, it is wise to do Invocations at the beginning of the visit to guide your encounters. Simple Invocations can make a world of difference to your travels. They are easy to do, and only take a few minutes!

First do the Invocation in Step 2.

Next reinforce that with this Invocation:

"I ask and allow by Spiritual Law and my Oversoul, that I override any and all parts of me, that consciously or unconsciously would attract me to certain people, places, sites or aspects of sacred sites, or energies that are not beneficial for me at any level from physical to spiritual.  I also ask that I override any and all parts of me consciously or unconsciously that might attract me to powerful energy places or people whose energy is more powerful than I can safely handle and integrate.  I ask that if I am in the presence of more powerful energies than I can safely handle, absorb and integrate at any level of my field or body that my Oversoul, Guides and Devas of that country or site safely filter the energies so that I can graciously absorb the energies in just the right amount for me. I acknowledge that I may have parts of me consciously, unconsciously, spiritually or energetically that might otherwise be attracted to certain negative energies or forces that are not in alignment with the Light or the Laws of Unity  (out of a need to explore and be curious, innocence, or just a desire to have an adventure) and yet I give my Oversoul and Spiritual Law permission to override those parts of me in order that I be protected, stay safe and have a smooth energetic and spiritual experience. This I ask and allow by Spiritual Law and my Oversoul."


10. Group dynamics at sacred sites can be an issue for some people. At some sacred sites, you will just be exploring on your own. In some situations, you may be asked to participate in a group energetic practice.  For some people, this is a problem as they fear they will pick up on the energies of other people in a way that interferes with their own energetic experience.  When Patrice does group practices at sacred sites, she will set up a special form of sacred geometry or magical energy practice that allows you to get the benefit of the group power while still retaining the integrity of your own energetics.  Maja has her own way of handling this situation as well.

11. Sacred sites are powerful sites. And powerful energies at sacred sites can amplify the psychological  energies and feelings you bring to them. For example, in a sacred site, if you are a little annoyed about something or someone, it is possible that you will experience A LOT of annoyance.  Or if you are feeling content, the site can magnify this so that you feel really happy.  Whatever you bring to the site, just gets more powerful, so be sure to ground,  center, balance and align on a regular basis.


12. When you first encounter a new energy, it feels very powerful. And this is what attracts people to powerful places.  Once you attune to the energy at the site and your energy field gets familiar with these new energies, you will lose that powerful feeling. That is because your energy field has now become accustomed to the energy and learned how to absorb and integrate it. Often people get disappointed after a few days at a powerful place, thinking that they have “lost the feeling or lost the power of the energy at the site.” In fact the opposite is true: it means that you are naturally integrating the energy!  It’s a good sign!

13. When you are on your way Home or at Home after your trip, do this Invocation:

“I ask and allow with the permission of Spiritual Law and my Oversoul that I invoke the Major Deva of Iceland (the country you are visiting). “  Wait a minute or so for that connection to be made.  Then, “ I ask that this Deva to smoothly transition me from Iceland (the country you are visiting) to the Master Deva of _________ (your Home country).  I give permission to the Master Deva of ___________(your Home country) to shift all of my energy structures in a way that helps body, mind and spirit to adapt easily back Home and to integrate any and all energies that you absorbed on the trip.  I ask the Master Deva of __________(your Home country) to filter out any energies from the trip that may not be just right for me. I also ask the Deva of my Home country to help my conscious, unconscious and body to smoothly integrate back to my usual life. This I ask and allow by Spiritual Law and my Oversoul.”


Copyright by Patrice Fields, PsyD 2019 with all rights reserved. Version 2/24/18

Navigating Magical Realms with Privacy, Permission and Caution

*Excerpt from Magic Class

(CLICK HERE to download the MP3 file)

Question: Mine is a logistical question as far as using magic. I have dabbled with magicking just like from myself like “I want to magic so and so” and that’s the practice is me magicking something, and then the second way is when we went to Iceland and we met like the hidden folk I would call them and magic with them, and then I tried today bringing all of my magical allies in, and it felt like too many folks were there, and I also didn’t think that certain ones of them are really interested in doing like little day to day supportive help magicking, Some feel like they’re for bigger projects. I know that’s like a three part question, but any little bits of info will do.   

Answer: I really think you have to be careful who you call in in the Magical Kingdoms because unlike calling in guides or angels or whatever who are trained to be guides, magical beings aren’t trained to be guides in the same way. Magic is not organized according to lineages. It’s organized according to groups and kinship in a group is what is really important, so I wouldn’t recommend just randomly calling in certain realms because it’s much easier to get into trouble in magic too. It’s always safe to call in the wizards and druids. If you are in a forest and there are magical trees, those have a higher order of safety, but you really want to ask permission and be very, very careful about…You know it’s not like a summon like we do “I ask and allow by law that I invoke blah blah blah.” You’re swirling into magic into certain realms, and you’re tiptoeing around and really asking permission, and it is really true that a lot of magical kingdoms they don’t like muggles, and it is also equally true that there are lots of magical beings who would like to be of help as long as you’re very respectful. I think the rules are just really, really different.


You have to think about it as going to a new neighborhood and just barging in on somebody’s house. They wouldn’t like it. You have to knock on the door and be very careful and really ask if they want to. It’s also very true that some magical beings don’t like to work at a distance, so if you are in their forest or in their realm, they might be much more open than if you say call in some of the hidden folk. They don’t want to be worked with because you’re not in Iceland, so again caution is the word you want to use here. Again, it’s much more easy to spiral in and use the wizards and druids.

Question: Even for every day little stuff like maybe you are planning a trip and you want to make sure you’re safe.

Answer: No. I don’t think that’s little stuff. I think it’s really ok. Even if you go into an elf realm, it is possible to ask and allow by the laws of force and magic that you enter a realm with beings who are friendly to humans and who would like to be of help for some everyday things. What you can find there is maybe you do get an elf who says this is really kind of cool for me, so everyday things are ok. I don’t think the issue is big or little. I think the issue is more about privacy, permission and being cautious.


Question: So can I ask the wizards to hook me up with the appropriate folks and then…I just don’t know how logistically to do it as someone who is not from the magical…I don’t have my own…

Answer: I would just turn it over to the wizards and let them figure out the logistics, or I would turn it over to the Druids and ask them because they have specifically said they would be available for this class. That’s your safest bet.



(CLICK HERE to download the PDF file)


  • Being wind/rain resistant proof coat

  • Pack for layers sweater, jacket pr polartec and overcoat that is wind rain proof 

  • Long underwear

  • Water proof hiking/walking shoes

  • Hats for warmth; be sure they cannot blow off

  • July is the main summer month in Iceland with average temperature of 10,6°C (51°F), it is usually warmer than that and sometimes the temperature goes as high as 20°C (68°F) or higher. ( - however with the very unpredictable weather, it can feel like 20 degrees with the windchill factor. 

  • Backpack and rain cover for backpack

  • Water resistant pants suggested (not mandatory)

  • Gloves, scarves

  • Walking Stick

  • Warm socks

  • Water bottle

  • Snacks!!!  (Food in Iceland is very expensive)

  • Consider if you want to bring some protein for day trips (protein drink/mix; canned protein); I like to have some Trader Joes canned protein with me

  • Notebook/pen

  • Music/earbuds for long drives

  • Eye mask/ear plugs (it is very light at night) Sunrise is around 4:00am and sunset is around 11pm.

  • Bathing suit (for hot bubs) and sandals or bathing suit cover for spas and apartment hot tub

  • Ankle/knee braces if needed

  • Extremely portable folding seat (not mandatory but it can come in handy; chairs are too big to carry; Rei in the US often has them)

  • And then of course pack whatever else you need!!

  • Credit/debit cards are widely accepted in Iceland, however, you might also want to have Icelandic Krona, which is the only currency they accept.

  • Consider buying an Icelandic sim card at the airport for your phone or check with your cell phone provider to explore their international plans.**Verizon offers a $10 a day “Travel Pass” in Iceland that does NOT require changing your SIM card

  • Consider contacting your bank and credit card companies in advance to let them know your travel plans.

  • Purchase a power adaptor to charge your cell phone etc.

  • Proof of vaccination (if you have it)

  • Iceland has currently removed all covid restrictions. However, check with your country to see they require a negative covid test for re-entry. The US had currently removed this restriction.


(Some of) The Magical Beings Represented at the Parliament in Iceland

 Patricia Fields, PsyD  2018 copyright

(CLICK HERE to download the PDF file)


  • Hidden Folk (“Huldufolk”)—The Icelandic elves. The Hidden Folk are found in the rocks and the land, although many Icelandic legends depict them as being just like humans, with farms, churches, and societies, only smaller or invisible.

  • Elves & Fairies—Magical beings very closely associated with nature, nature spirits, and all 9 realms of magic. Although grounded in nature, many are very well-versed in multi-dimensional energetics and high order magic.

  • Wizards/Sorcerers/Sorceresses/Magicians—Master magic makers and magic workers. In the magical kingdom (as opposed to human incarnations of wizards, etc) they are much more closely tied to nature and can be seen and felt in the land, connected to the area they live and work with.

  • Druids

  • Nymphs/Nature spirits—Magical nature spirits associated with specific areas of land or nature (forest nymphs, lake beings, tree nymphs, etc.). Not the same thing as a Deva, which is much more powerful and has a much greater land influence.

  • Dwarves/Gnomes—Earth dwellers and earth workers; grounded, heavier, heartier energies associated with the magical realms of the lower chakras

  • Trolls—Earth energy beings; heavier, gruffer energies. Can be lower vibration. Share a magical connection with the mushroom and fungus kingdom.

  • Merpeople (Mermaids/Mermen, etc.)—half human half fish; magical water beings connected to oceanic magic and rhythms

    • Selkies—“Seal”—Oceanic shapeshifters who take the form of seals; they shed their seal skin to play ashore on the rocks and beaches and connect with other creatures

  • Huldra/Hulder—Forest nymphs specific to Scandinavian folklore. They are not directly associated with either dark or light magic. In traditional folklore they are depicted more negatively

  • Magical Plants

  • Magical Animals including Dragons and Unicorns

  • Magical Rocks

  • Magical Gems

  • Magical Singing Caves

  • Leprechauns (not in Iceland but represented at the Parliament)

Magical Beings
Navigating Magical Realms


North Iceland only needs food preferences.  South Iceland does not include dinner or lunches, breakfast is provided at the hotels.


Breakfast in the apartments we will have coffee and tea, we will have dairy and non dairy products, fruits, tomatoes and pepper, eggs, bread and porridge. 



We will have every day a set menu but people can opt for another vegetarian option.

(there is fish, chicken, beef and vegetarian  meals, on the welcome dinner, we might be serving lamb and of course vegetarian option)


The only dinners included are the Welcome Dinner on July 30th and the Farewell Dinner on August 4th.  


All North participants will have a kitchen where they can cook, or go out to restaurants, however it is high season, so they can be packed. 

Food Updates
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