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WINTER  2022

Note: Applications are listed next to the class in the PDF button.  Click the button to download.  Applications can be emailed to or  You can also use the Genius Scan app from your phone to email me.

The Realms of Magic  (By Application Approval Only)

Deepening into Life Force  (No Application Needed)

Inter-Universal Intercession Global Support Group
(By Application Approval Only)

Spiritual Mentoring Group  (By Application Approval Only)


This is an 8-week immersive in the Magical Realms, especially designed for those people who already feel a deep connection to the Realms of Magic.  Remember there are about 9 separate Realms of Magic!

There will also be space for those who are simply interested and curious about the Magical Realms.

The Magical Realms include but are not limited to:

  • The Magical Tree of Life

  • Magical Trees

  • Magical Caves, Magical Waterfalls, Singing Rocks

  • Druids, Wizards, Witches, Magicians, Sorcerers, Time Travelers, Gnomes, Elves, Fairies, Leprechauns, other varieties of "Little Folk" or "Wee Folk"

  • Merpeople (Magical Sea Creatures-Mermaids and Silkies)

  • Hidden Folk

  • Magical Plants, Animals, Gems, Rocks

  • Realms of Deep Magic, Alchemy, Music and Harmonics

The Magical Realms of Consciousness were originally an integral part of planetary consciousness.  Magic by definition contains the mathematics of Interconnection!  Yes, Magic underlies all relational connection.  It is the Source for Harmony and Alchemy.  Magical Realms have a deep connection to the 7th chakra.

Down to the fiber of their being, Magical Beings were created from the Magical Tree of Life with the Music of Interconnection.  Their ability to shape shift reality, to shape shift time and space posed a threat to certain cultures and therefore active efforts were made to extinguish this culture. In response, Magical Beings shifted reality so that there were hidden from "Muggles" and learned to live "behind the scenes."  Make no mistake!  Magical Beings are a thriving part of human civilization, and many have interbred with humans over time.  We might call part human/part Magical Being crossbreeds or cross-species.

When you travel to certain parts of the world, the existence of the Magical Realms and Magical Beings becomes very real.  Ireland, Switzerland, parts of Eastern Europe, South America and Iceland house great populations of Magical Beings and Magical Lands.

All of these Beings and Realms are unified by the Magical Tree of Life.

Most Magical Realms exist in a state of consciousness more elevated than human consciousness.  Magic is based on Harmonies, Interconnection and Alchemy.  In the Magical Realms, time moves very fluidly and space can be bent and warped in creative ways.  Just like the Dimensions, there are Magical Realms which are more mature and advanced than other Magical Realms. There is no concept of Karma in the Magical Realms.  Magical Beings are not subject to certain human concepts like spiritual evolution or life purpose.  Life flows moment to moment  and creative play is often the Model of Change for Magical Beings!


I will be teaching in a flow state, allowing the energy and interests of the group to guide what we experience. I may not cover all of the topics listed and I might add others not listed based on the group interests and dynamics.

Possibilities this course offers:

  • Exposure to and experience of the Magic

  • Grounding in the Magical Tree of Life

  • Understanding how the Magical Realms differ from regular human realms and dimensions

  • Immersion into the various Realms of Magic

  • Ways to access and use Magic in your Life

  • Resources to build Alchemy with others and use it to accelerate your learning and healing

  • Passport to Druidic worlds

  • Wisdom from Wizards

  • Connections to the Magical Plant Kingdoms

  • Experiencing Magic in the Space of you and your Home

  • Accessing Deep Magic and using it

  • Relating to Magical Trees and Water

  • Traveling into Magical Caves

  • Inviting the Magical Numbers to dance with you as part of upgrading your sense of Play

Format: Choose between 2 Tiers of Participation 
Tier 1: Active Participation
Tier 1 includes a personal reading of your unique connection to Magic and assistance in using that connection in a customized way for you. You will be the focus of one of our classes, so the class will be structured to unfold your Magic connection and to enable you to transmit from that place. You will come to the class with an intention as to how you want to connect to and/or use/focus your Magic. We will include the group in that process.  

Tier 2: Participant Observers
For those who wish to learn and experience various realms of Magic, but do not wish to have a session devoted to them; or, for those who are curious about Magic.

The first class will be an overview of Magic. We will build a Magical container for the class and get to know each other through the frame of Magic. There will grounding exercises from the Magical Tree of Life.  In subsequent classes, I will teach for a part of the class on one of the aspects or Realms of Magic and do a transmission from that aspect or Realm. The remainder of the class will feature one person from Teir1 who will provide a lens to explore more of the Magical Realms.  The class will be highly experiential.  The class series will end with a closing class to integrate all we have experienced and explore follow-up options.

Class will be limited to 6 persons at Tier 1 Level; unlimited participation for Tier 2
Class will be videotaped.
Applications required for both Tiers.  Click on the APPLICATION BUTTONS Above to download the application. Slots will be filled on first come basis.

Cost: Tier 1:   $490    Tier 2: $350
Deposit for Tier one required to reserve your space. Deposit: $250

Course Dates and Times: 
All Classes held weekly on Wednesdays from 4:30-7:00 pm MST unless otherwise notified
Class dates:
Start Date:  Wednesday February 9, 2022    End Date: Wednesday March 30, 2022

Course Registration and Participation Requires Application and Application Approval.




The single most important spiritual/energetic practice to adopt during the next few years revolves around strengthening your Life Force and your connection to the Magnetic Grids.  While I have transmitted more evolved forms of Life Force in prior telecalls, those practices scratch the surface.

In these 5 calls, I will transmit various frequencies of the Life Force. The Life Force itself will be evolving constantly in the next few years, so these calls will reinforce those updates.

These calls are designed to strengthen your connection to the Life Force during a time when the Planet is strongly emanating End of Cycle energies which are highly draining.  Calls are designed to potentiate your tan tien and hara line to set a strong course for your health and Life.  Our future adaptation hinges on our ability to stay in deep contact with the Life Force and to learn how to flow with it.

For those of you who have been highly connected to the dimensional energies and guides, these calls balance your field and prepare you for future planetary shifts.

The first call will provide an overview and essential grounding exercises.  The majority of time in subsequent classes will be spent receiving transmissions. Note: First call is longer in length.

January 29th  9-10:30 am MST
February 12    9-10 am MST
February 26    9-10 am MST
March 12        9-10 am  MST
March 26        9-10 am MST
Cost: $200
No application necessary; this is open to anyone in the Community; calls will be recorded; registration is for all 5 classes. There is no registration for individual classes.

To register, go to

This group is an updated version of the former Earthkeeping group. This group will be an on-going group meeting once a month for 2 hours.  Membership is anticipated to be on-going, so please do not apply for this group unless you are highly committed to Earthkeeping.

My guidance keeps reiterating that with all of the off-planet sources of energy coming into the planet during these next years, the best way to secure the integrity of the Earth/Universe connection and the integrity of the Earth herself is to work from an Inter-Universal perspective. We will be guided to intercede on behalf of the Earth's Axis and Atlas/Equator, our sacred portals and sacred sites.  To this end, Padmasambhava has highly recommended my initiating this group.

Membership is by application approval only.  This group is open to all those who are aligned to Earthkeeping and  have some familiarity with working at Universal and Inter-universal levels.  Those who have primary connections to the Great Central Sun, celestial bodies and other galaxies are also welcome to apply.  This is an advanced spiritual and energetic group.   If you are unsure about your qualifications and are interested, please apply. 

Fee: $50 per class  
Class registration is mandatory for each class.  Class recordings will be available. Class begins in February.

Do you have relationships that support you spiritually?  Do you long to experience a sense of intimate spiritual community with like-minded others? 

These next years are critical for having the spiritual and energetic support you need.  This is 9-month group commitment for those with a deep intention to further their spiritual development in the context of an intimate group.

These groups will be limited to 8-10 participants.  Our goal is to get to know one another on a personal and spiritual/energetic level.  We will be developing personal relationships as well as fermenting our spiritual alchemy.   Over the course of time, we will be building an energetic spiritual group on the inner spiritual planes which is invaluable during these changing times. 

Each person will be encouraged to share their spiritual lineage, spiritual practices, and spiritual and personal commitments for the year with the expectation that the group will be holding them in its strong container.  Emphasis will be placed on owning and managing your personal and spiritual shadow side, harnessing the power of a secure attachment within the group coupled with high level communication.  Each group meeting will allow for deep spiritual communion and support.

Depending on the input I receive from applicants, I may choose certain themes for the various groups.

Format: Still being developed
If you are interested, your input will be highly regarded in the group formation.
Applications are currently being accepted.


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