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The real joy in Transpersonal Mentoring for me is the discovery and exploration of who you are.  You are a unique facet of the Eternal Mystery and when you unfold, the pieces of the Infinite puzzle fall into alignment.

Transpersonal Mentoring:  Body, Psyche & Spirit Aligned

Do you ever wish that you had a spiritual mentor that could really “see” you and help design a spiritual path and practice that was custom tailored for your psyche and body, your particular soul and energy field and your unique set of beliefs and preferences?

Did you realize that you have a unique Spiritual Lineage or path that is written in the deep recesses of your energy field that contains the blueprint for your spiritual evolution?

Have you ever felt that your spiritual practice reached a plateau or dead-ended?

Do you wonder what the word enlightenment or awakening would look like, feel like and  “live” like for you, as separate from everyone else’s description?

In this day and age, there are so many varying spiritual paths, but a limited number of mentors who can flexibly align to your perspective and spiritual tradition without diluting the purity of your particular approach.

My experience teaching in and leading tours to varied spiritual environments and sacred sites in many countries, cultures and indigenous tribes has given me an inclusive spiritual perspective that embraces the individual in the context of his/her unique spiritual, tribal and cultural context.

Following a very unusual enlightenment awakening experience in 1989, I developed refined capacities to intuitively read energy fields and incorporated the theme of consciousness evolution into my practice.  My background in psychology and neuroscience combine with my ability to intuitively read and work with the nuances of your particular energy field. This creates a powerful context for unfolding your unique psycho-spiritual path.  

For more about my Background...   

My mentoring and teaching practice combine deep personal process work with advanced spiritual mentoring in the context of a consistent, supportive relationship. Spirituality from a relational perspective means your development quickens in the context of a relationship that affords mirroring at all levels of Self as well as transmissions of spiritual energy individualized for your unique path. For more about Mentoring...


When the situation warrants, I also use Brain Change Technologies to support your personal and spiritual development.  For more about Brain Change Technologies...

I welcome into my practice those who consider themselves to be spiritual seekers with some experience with inner personal work and spiritual practice. I particularly specialize in mentoring those folks in the various psychology, counseling, ministerial and healing professions as well as folks who have had spiritual emergence and  near death experiences, visionary/ mystical experiences, those with alternative energy fields (walk in's and NDE'ers) and those who feel they have been called to the earth as part of this current evolutionary cycle change (Light Workers).  For more about my Areas of Specialty...

Evolutionary Consciousness & Earthkeeping

In essence, I believe we are a matrix of self and Spirit intertwined, embodied in a human form, supported by the Land upon which we live and the culture that surrounds us, moving to the rhythm of our unique personal spiritual trajectory within the greater backdrop of the collective, planetary and universal evolutionary arc. 


My consultations, telecalls and workshops hold sacred the notion that we are planetary citizens mindful of our on-going spiritual role as Earthkeepers.

Evolutionary spirituality is full throttle living! And my work with you supports your being interconnected at all levels.  For more about Evolutionary Consciousness...

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The Power of Community

Nobody can navigate chaotic evolutionary changes alone. We need the power, protection, stability and support of a community that is diverse and provides a grounded platform for ALL Lineages to create together in unity without diluting or changing any one person's beliefs.

I offer Community Telecalls on a regular basis that lend support to your spiritual evolution. Additionally, I periodically offer workshops or gatherings. For more about Community Telecalls...

For more about Current Workshops...

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December 19, 2023

Community Telecall

Immaculate Celestial Transmission

5 pm Mountain Time

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2023 November 28

Community Telecall

 Immaculate Galactic

2023 July Community Call


April, 2019 Free Telecall
Crossing Over/ Transition from Life

2023  Life Force Class

Magical Realms Class

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The Book of Magic 2

December 13  

5:00 pm Mountain

Spiritual Law

December 11, 2023

InterUniversal Global Support Group(Closed)

 Dec 9, 2023

9 am PST/MST

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PAST Community Telecall



Patrice Fields, PsyD.



I am no longer doing clearings of negative entities, curses, demons etc. and am referring those cases to

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