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The Spirit-Evolving Welcome Course


When new members sign-up for the Community newsletter, they automatically receive the free Welcome Course filled with the introductory information sent in bite sized pieces so they can get up to speed smoothly and efficiently with the Community’s language and way of working.


Please note: As a current Community member, you will automatically receive the new Welcome Course.   I encourage you to invite anyone you feel would benefit by joining the Community to sign up for the newsletter on my website Homepage.


All Welcome Course materials are also contained on the website for your convenience!

The Welcome Course Includes:

  • Audio files for some of the most commonly used Grounding practices

  • Description of your Oversoul & Oversoul Invocations

  • Intuition Troubleshooting with your Guides

  • Spiritual Law Invocations and Undo/Re-Do Invocations and uses

  • The Platform Practice:  video intro, audio file and written Invocations and depth info

  • EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) info, videos and written handout

  • Telecall Information: How to Prepare for and Get the Most out of the Calls

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