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June 19,  2018  Telecall  Registration


Earth  Updates, Law Updates &

The Magical Kingdom Parliament


 Opening in Iceland




So much has happened since we last met in March, 2018.  First of all, I moved to a new home in a town called Petaluma, just north of where I used to live in San Rafael.  I am also in  a new county, Sonoma, mostly known here in California for its world renowned wines and lush vineyards. 

And it feels like a new life.  The potent energy of the sweet rolling hills of East Petaluma,  just west of my house, radiate a nondual energy that is wholly nourishing.  My office window, faces the hills and I feel their support in every session and telecall.  The wind from the ocean (some miles away) meanders through the screens and surrounds me with just enough moisture to boost my water element and the wind a whiff of ocean scent.  It's so peaceful here in this quiet neighborhood, out of the buzz of the consciousness of my old county, Marin which had gained an unpleasant edge.  The hills here seem protected, unlike some of the rolling hills north of here, where the California fires raged and ravaged. 

Moving here has been such a reminder that 1/3 of our energy field is made up of the land upon which we live.  The other 2/3 are comprised by the spiritual dimension aspects of us that connect through us via our chakras and the magnetic grids that link us into the earth and vitalize our meridians with Life Force.

Take a moment to soak this in: 1/3 or your whole energy field which sources you, impacts and affects your daily moods, rhythms, biology and personality is aligned to the land upon which you live. Every day in every second, you resonate to the earth and most notably to the land upon which you live, work, eat, sleep, play and dream.

So if you are living in an area that bothers you, be sure to take time to commune with "juicy" nature in some way on a regular basis to refuel and re-energize yourself.



The Earth turned a few corners in these last two months.  Most noticeably last week, there was another in the series of Great Turnings.  My guides continue to "repeat" themselves and their themes (and apologize for sounding like a broken record!). Polarization continues, with the good getting better and the unpleasant getting worse.  But again, they stress that the polarities are not the real focus of concern. Rather, the planet, in its wild throes of system change, has lost its ability to balance the extremes of the polarities.  The overarching container that keeps the polarities in a state of checks and balances has to a large extent, exceeded its capabilities. And so the polarities are running wild, without an underlying system of cohesion. 

Even the usual Laws that govern the planet: the Law of One, which regulates unity and the Law of Two, which oversees individuation, freedom and the purity of duality have now eroded in their power.  This is perhaps the greatest change in the last two months.  Law itself, which administers the ultimate in spiritual balance, has shifted.  On a scale of 0-10 (with 10 being most significant), this represents a change of 10. 

A new Law has been made available to the planet, called Supercedent Law-a law which supercedes the Laws of One and Two.  Supercedent Law is very interesting and complex and I will be saying more about that in our upcoming Call and transmitting it to you, as it's a powerful resource during this time.  It's an adaptive Law, meaning it shifts, changes and adapts with and to the forces of the collective as well as the energies of the Earth, galaxy and Universe.  It allows for our collective to to affect many changes on the planet without stepping on anyone's toes!!  But more about that in the call!     

The question more and more becomes:  Where do I source my energies from now?  Where do I position my consciousness? And how do I stay out of the fray of the global buzz and noise? 

Here again is where the Platform Practice helps.  Once you have made it to the Bedoiuin portion of the practice (the Platform is on my website,,  allow your consciousness to slip into the Mystery Universe or Johnson Canyon. These are two designated safe places that exist with nondual, powerful consciousness and remain outside the daily limits of the collective polarization.

I have spent the last several months building energetic tunnels between and among Johnson Canyon, the Tsangpo Gorge in Tibet and the powerful nondual sites in Iceland.  All three of these places are designated as safe places to moor your field.  If you travel to any one of these places in your consciousness, you now automatically receive the benefits of all three universal sacred sites. Meditating in these places fills your being with resilient high level spiritual fuel.

Our goal as a community is to continue to build our resilience and strength learning to DREAM/CREATE.  New energetic permissions have been made available to the planet to seed dream our personal and collective futures and to insert bubble worlds of higher order energies within the planetary collective.



As of this week, preparations began in Iceland to fling open the doors for the Magical Kingdom Parliamentary meeting.  In June, the official meeting of delegates from all nine levels of the Magical Kingdom will begin and our Retreat members will be there during the Parliamentary meeting time, supporting the global agendas of these beings who form the underbelly of planetary consciousness. 

If it is appropriate during the call (which I anticipate it will be), we will assisting in Parliamentary meetings. 

At the meeting, there are many agendas which vary from lending our support to specific magical kingdom realms, to supporting the efforts of the Great Master Deva of Iceland and the North Iceland Emergency team to regulate the consciousness of the Earth.  This is deeply important work, as these regulatory systems form the foundation for all spiritual lineages and the preservation of global sacred sites. 

In Iceland, there are a massive number of interdimensional portals, all of which allow each spiritual lineage and culture to freely access its Ultimate Source.

So please join me in this call, as we DREAM our futures with the help of new Laws, and we directly aid the preservation of all sentient beings and their right to LIBERATION energies.


Living in Being: For the Body

one of the ultimate stories""

March 27 postponed until April 4, 2018

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This month one of my dearest male friends died of cancer. It was quite a grueling, painful last few days for him and fortunately I was there with him, his wife and his daughter up until the last breath and beyond. Bedside was right where I wanted to be, had promised to be and needed to be-for him, his family and yes, for me.

You see, we had a family agreement. We were family to one another and for us, this is just what family is, what family does and where family is, if at all possible.

Most of you know that one of my favorite sayings is: "make it good to the last drop."  He made his unmistakeable light presence known until the end for us and so did we for him.

There were two walk-in beings present at the final moments-myself and one of his other spiritual companions, a priest.  I had been on duty for hours with him and was so relieved when this other friend arrived.  He had the privilege of extra energy to facilitate my friend Nerindra's final crossover-leaving out of his 8th chakra located near the crown chakra at the top of the head. Nerindra didn't even cross over into the Light; he just zoomed on by the Light tunnel, the debriefing and went onto his next existence in the spiritual realms.  No vacation for him!  He was ready to move into his next adventure.

On the way home in the wee hours of the morning, as I drove in the dark, silent night, Nerindra appeared to me wafting verbuti (holy ash) in my direction, blessing me. I cried all the way home. I could not imagine having just crossed over, how he managed to summon up his spirit to send me his blessings.

And now he has dissolved -that is a wonderful source of comfort to me.

Nerindra was Indian. His heritage was Hindu. For his cremation ceremony, a Hindu Vedanta pundit performed what was the most blessed funeral ceremony I have ever witnessed. Nerindra was placed in a simple cardboard box, body dressed in white, for all of us to witness.  His pundit performed many blessings, chants, and rituals.  Flowers were abundantly strewn over his body, round after round of flowers; blessed rice ceremoniously decorated his body. Oils purified his lips, fire and smoke were incorporated as cycle after cycle of the ceremony unfolded.  The family circled the body, time after time, all the while sacred chants were being said or sung.  All orafices of the body were sealed and closed. He was gone, and no other being could ever enter his body again.

But those were  the outward expressions-the things I saw.  What was happening in the inner realms, happening all around him, the room, the family and friends gathered was the most exquisite blessing and completion of material existence.  His bodily expression along with his spirit were being completed, elevated, and transformed. The earth, air, fire and water of his being were transfigured into a transcendent presence.  I felt the pundit "conjure" the elements, conjure the earthly kingdoms, conjure the plant kingdom. The rose petals became alive and did  an etheric dance all around his body, as if they were summoned by God/Goddess to say the final good-byes to the physical-and to say good-bye in a way that was more profound than profound. I saw the divinization of the body. I saw the story of his material existence...end..and it was a happy ending to what was a painful death process. The "how " of his dying , the story, was erased..all memory of it from his karmic heritage. was gone. Never to be traced.

Naturing -Enlightenment for the Body
Many many indigenous cultures say that our spirits are crossed over from "heaven" to earth via the medium of a tree.  Well, I can now say one of the most profound ways to cross over is to die in the arms of rose petals.  As I watched, listened and felt the magic unfolding in front of my eyes, I had the perfected realizaton of just how much Nature births us and crosses us over with the most unconditional Love you can imagine. The Plant Kingdom was the ultimate ceremonial priestess, weaving her spell of Nature Magic, heightening the very vibration of the elements of the body until the story dissolved into the Light of Sound..or maybe it was just Magic itself, deep primordial magic, the magic of the origins of Creation. Whatever it was dissolved into, I was transported. I remembered, I re-enacted the uncompromising Truth of Liberated Matter.

It's so easy to focus on our spiritual bodies, our chakras and energetic structures. Yet in the presence of this cremation ceremony, I was brought back to the knowing, that the greatest story of all is the story we live in  En-Spirited MATTER,  the story of body and spirit as equal partners-  the story of Liberated Matter. 

The ceremony was undeniably erotic and sensual as the senses were "divinized." The underlying uplifting of material reality was acknowledged, completed, transformed and transfigured.  I was "high" even as I was sobbing with grief, laced with wonder.

That is what an eighth chakra ending is really like..what a gift..."good to the very last drop".

And now I want to share this gift with you...

In the last few weeks, I have been deeply pondering the "force" of living in Being and how deeply inclusive of the Body, living in Being really is.  I cannot put these thoughts into words.  I just know Nerindra left me this gift..he is complete at all levels with the physical.

He wrote the ending to his story and meant it to be shared. 

Receiving the Gift
Please join me this month as I transmit the true nature of Living in Being...for the Body, with the Body, and within the Body. In this transmission we will visit the blessed beginnings of the living body and we will feel the transmission of its ultimate enlightened end -imprinted into your field, so that when the time will unfold inside of you, like a living breathing rose petal, ripening in the morning sun.

This call is devoted to my dear friend Nerindra and the gifts of Being he left behind..with love.

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Recent Free Telecall Presentation

 The Energies of Iceland   

Tuesday, December 12, 2017  5-6:15 pm PDT

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Please join me for this free telecall presentation with energetic transmission!  Iceland is a place like no other.  It contains many portals to other dimensions and worlds, houses other cultures such as the Magical Folk and the Hidden Folk and fiercely anchors into the Life Force and her magnetic grids.  Here in this land, the very elements of earth, air, fire and water combine in an evolved way.  The Icelandic horses themselves emit a transmission of magic, while the hills peer out to you with their mythological eyes. This is the land of the Sagas. 

Here you can meet and greet the kind of  Enlightenment that only Land can bestow.  The call includes energetic transmissions and channelings from the Master Nature Deva of Iceland and the Magical and Hidden Folks.

Free Telecall Presentation

The Importance of  a  Ground of Being


 November 14, 2017

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In this presentation with energy transmissions, I will address: 
  • What is a Ground of Being?

  • How is it the same as or different from just being grounded?

  • Why is a Ground of Being important?     

  • Do all humans have the same Ground of Being?

  • What or who sets my Ground of Being?   

  • Why is the right Ground of Being necessary for advanced spiritual practitioners?

  • Does a Ground of Being change over time? Is it set from birth?

  • What are some examples of a Ground of Being?

  • Does the Ground of Being change with Earth changes or is it independent of Earth changes?

  • How do I know if my Ground of Being is right for me? And if not, how can I adapt it?

Please join me for this free presentation which will also contain energy transmissions.  My own guidance has made it clear that this information is time-sensitive and needs to be delivered to anyone on a spiritual path.

In short, a Ground of Being is a particular configuration within your energy field and body which latches into and interconnects with your spiritual vibration or spiritual essence and allows you to be securely moored into your body and into the earth.  Your Ground of Being includes your connection with the magnetic grids of the earth but is much more comprehensive.

When your spiritual vibration and Ground of Being are in right relationship,  they complement one another. When they are in right relationship, your life is “on track.” When they are out of balance, even if your soul has a life purpose or path laid out for you,  that path cannot materialize or unfold.
Too much spiritual vibration without a proper Ground of Being can burn out your body and its molecular structure.  It can create damage within the spine and kundalini; it can upset your overall consciousness making it feel ungrounded, resulting in your being dissociated. Furthermore, it results in your being untethered to the earth, giving rise to the feeling that you just “want to drift away” into the multi-dimensional realms!

With the recent tumult in the magnetic grids of the planet, having a solid Ground of Being is essential!

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