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Class starts April 18 and ends July 1
Tier 1 is currently full: ; there are spaces for Tier 2;; Applications due April 15


(Please Note: Other classes will be offered this year in Spiritual Mentoring and Earthkeeping so keep an eye out for future dates)

Choose to participate in this group class if you are interested in learning how to manifest, create and dream in specific areas of your life and/or to create cohesively for your whole life.

This is an interactive class where I be teaching and transmitting 4 models of creation for the entire group to learn and practice. Then we will work as a group to shape the creation module that best suits each individual and move on from there to create with and for one another and the planet. During the class, I will also  present foundational creation information gleaned from over 40 years of using these models.

There are 2 Tiers of Participation:

Tier 1:  Participation includes a personal reading during class time relating to the best model of creation for your being Note: There are only 6 spots available for Tier 1. Before registering for the course at Tier 1, your application needs approval and then you will be sent a link to register.  Applications for Tier 1 and 2 are the same.

Tier 2:  Observer/ Participant includes all aspects of the course except for a personal reading of your best suited model of creation.  However, through the group experience you will naturally resonate to those models that best fit you. Application needed but there is no approval for Tier 2 required, so a registration link will be sent upon receipt of application.

Manifesting is the foundation of creating and works with at least a 5th dimensional consciousness. It is considered a high order of duality creation and very useful.  

Creating is a more sophisticated option and usually assumes an 8th dimensional vibration.  Dreaming usually starts in the 8th dimension and spirals upwards dimensionally and is a more nondual and inclusive way of creating.  Creating energy tends to be more masculine in its approach while dreaming tends to be more more feminine in its process. 

Models of magical creation defy location dimensionally.  Magic sits in its own vibrational world.  

The group container will be formatted energetically so that even though we may be working with an individual, our nondual relationship with one another will harvest creation equally for the group.  Every class you will be receiving the transmissions of the models highlighted.

Learning to manifest, create and dream is a life-long journey.  It's a creative venture where you are always learning more and more about yourself in the process and more about the process itself.    


Benefits of this Group

  • New models of creating are opening up this year

  • Empower yourself to create a life path and what you need to move through the dynamic changes of this year

  • Learn what models of creating work for you

  •  Enjoy the feeling of wonder as you shape your human life to the contours of your spirit

  • Enrich your toolkit of resources

  • Receive the power and support of the group for your own creation goals as well as the mutual creation goals of the group


Format  and Content
This group begins with a longer day on Saturday April 18th and ends on July 1. Most class dates are on Wednesday evenings.  Class dates and times are listed below. All classes will be videotaped and available to participants.

The course will begin with introductory information and then proceed to transmissions of 4 Models for the whole group.  After that, in each class we will work with an individual in the group context, unfolding their best suited model and applying it for the individual and for the whole group.

Content covered:

  • Introductions and building of a group energy container

  • Partnering with a Creation Ally

  • Foundational information relevant to all models

  • Guidelines for how to develop needed intuition skills for creating including how to connect with your Higher Self/Guides

  • Guidelines for how to troubleshoot guide communications

  • 4 Models to be formally transmitted to the group

  • Additional models will be outlined and presented each week depending on the best suited model for an individual

  • Inductions into the experience and power of creating with group alchemy


What are some of the Models we will Cover?

I will be choosing 4 models within manifesting, creating, and dreaming that will most benefit the group such as: 

  • Manifesting with the help of all of your chakras

  • Using Guides/Sacred Sites to help with your creation

  • Creating with your body and your molecules

  • Magic models

  • Creating with the Earth and her elements

  • Sacred geometry and Movement models

  • Using the Grounded 12th dimension (very different from the old quantum practices)

  • Etruscan models of dreaming Land


Creation Ally
Participants will be encouraged to select one or more Creation Allies for the duration of the class so that you can discuss the class and further practice the models taught in class.

Tier 1 :  $540 in full or 12 payments of $45
Tier 2:   $420 in full or 12 payments of $35

Saturday, April 18         9am to 4:15 pm PT
Wednesday, April 22    4-6  PT
Wednesday, May 6       4-6 PT
Wednesday, May 13     4-6 PT
Wednesday, May 20     4-6 PT
Wednesday, May 27     4-6 PT
Wednesday, June 3      4-6 PT
Wednesday, June 10    4-6 PT
Wednesday, June 17    4-6 PT
Wednesday, June 24    4-6 PT
Wednesday, July 1       4-6 PT

 If you are interested, please fill out the application below and submit it to Patrice at or or fax to 707-921-7930


Tier 1 applications require approval to register. Once approved, you will be sent a link to register.  Tier 2 requires application with no approval and and you can register below. Applications are the same for both Tiers.

I began to explore manifesting and creating as a part of my spiritual path back in the 1980's and tried many models.  Then in early 1990, I discovered the Calistoga Deva whose main joy was mentoring me in manifesting and creating with her and the Vortex of energy she oversaw.  That led me to begin teaching manifesting and creating to groups and to the creation of a number of tapes/CD's.

During my time with the aboriginals in Australia and the ancient Etruscan Earth Elders in Italy, I was introduced to Dreaming. This topic has been a long term passionate interest of mine. It is also true that an aspect of my essence is sculpted to be a Creator/Dreamer. I am delighted to teach and to pass on as much of this legacy as I can through the powerful alchemy of the group. 



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The response to this course has been amazing! Thank you to everyone who signed up!

Watch for new classes to be announced.
Creation Registration Box


Please fill out and Email to:
or fax to 707-921-7930


Please fill out and Email to:
or fax to 707-921-7930
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