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This is a ground breaking call.  A new model of change is landed on the planet sourcing from the Law of Emanations.  We discover the properties of Emanations and how unfolding them within ourselves and other structures like the Life Force adds great power and leverage to the very way we work on large projects like the planet.  During the call, we unfold emanations within ourselves and also within the Johnson Canyon, and the Earth.  The importance of the symbology of the Diamond conscousness is explained and energetically revealed as we coordinate new emantions within many life forms. This sets a new platform and standard for how we engage and move ourselves toward an evoltuionary future.

2022 March 29 Community Diamond Emanations

  • Thi scall is copyrighted by Patricia Fields, PsyD 2022 with all rights reserved.  No modifications can be made without the author's written consent.

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