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In this call, I weave together transmissions with 2020 and decade long themes. In this decade, we will be working with the Earth/Galaxy connection as so many portals are opening between these two centers.  Galactic Kinship is one of the key themes. Transmissions from the pure, original dreams for 3rd chakra Earth are given so that as the Earth continues is evolutionary process, we can go back, remember and complete the original reason we incarnated into a 3rd dimensional, embodiment planet called Earth.  This is an important call as we set the energetic template for the decade and most importantly for the body and energy field

2020 Jan 28 Community Call: 2020 Themes and Galactic Completions

  • This call is copyrighted by Patricia Fields PsyD 2020 with all rights reserved. No modifications can be made without the author's written consent.

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