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This call gives an overview of earth updates and then goes on to address the question: "What is Happening to Truth" these days?  I address how the archetype of Truth is eroding (who knows what is true anymore?) and yet how that opens a doorway for us to liberate ourselves from collective and personal stories and use this time to dive into creating a deeper level of Truth upon which to create and live.  I also address how addicted we can be to our personal and collective "stories" and how dissolving our attachment to them and an old sense of identity is freeing. The vast amount of time in the call is dedicated to transmissions to support the release of old archetypes and stories with the help of the Platform Practice and new planetary energies.

2018 Feb 27 Community Telecall: Truth and Stories

  • This call is copyrighted by Patrice Fields, PsyD 2018 with all rights reserved. No modifications can be made without the author's written consent.

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