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This past month we saw massive hurricanes and earthquakes globally and nationally.  In this call, we invoke the Global Master Devas who convene with us via the North Iceland Emergency Energy Center.  They stabilize our fields and then as a community, we create the Global Alliance of Trees whose true purpose is to allow Nature to liberate and purify. I discuss the role of the current vibration of collective humanity and its influences on nature as well as some of the less positive influences on Nature sourcing from the forces inclined to Separation.  Liberation is delivered  back to Nature  and we as community are gifted with forces of energetic liberation that only Nature can provide us.  This is a hugely powerful call with global and personal effects.


No coupons are available this month as this is the only call of the month.

2017 Sept. 26 Community Call: Devas and Tree Alliance

  • All calls are copyrighted by Patricia Fields, PsyD 2017 with all rights reserved. No modificaitons can be made to the audio files without the author's written consent.

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