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This is a fantastic introduction to one of the levels of Magic (there are nine). In it we meet  with Magical and Hidden Folks from Iceland where we have a direct experience of how they experience their " Magical sense of place." For them, home, family, garden and their neighborhood are all experienced as  extended parts of their sacred identity.  They talk about their experience of life as direct experience unmediated by thoughts and feelings and compare and contrast their way of being with humans.  In this call, we meet with them via the Parliament Place in Iceland and through a delicate energetic diplomacy, we commune with them and they with us in a profound exchange that allows them to transfer to us how we can  experience our world in a more magical way.  They infuse us with their magic and in exchange they merely ask for our love and acknowlegement of their way of life.  The Johnson Canyon Ascended Masters speak at the end and let us know that participating in  Magic is a way to disconnect from collective duality and immerse the world in a state of peace.

2017 Oct. 24 Community Call: The Magic of Place

  • All calls are copyrighted by Patricia Fields, PsyD 2017 with all rights reserved. No modifications can be made to this audio file without the author's written consent.

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