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This call highlights information from the most recent visit to our sacred site Johnson Canyon and provides some planetary updates as well.  Most of the Call is a transmission to expand the power and complexity of One Great Hoop, the sacred energetic that allows all cultures, tribes and lineages to communicate peacefully with one another and dream the future. collectively.  In this Call, the Johnson Canyon Masters ask for our assistance in evolving the Hoop, allowing it to work more effectively and to redream the original dream for the Earth.  At the same time, the transmissions begin to build within our biology more resilience and adaptability for tolerance of differences between humans, nations, lineages etc.  This is a very powerful transmission to offset current divides, polarities and conflicts globally and personally.

2023 May Community Call: Facets of One Great Hoop

  • This call is copyrighted by Patricia Fields, PsyD 2023 with all rights reserved. No modifications can be made without the author's written consent.

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