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Human Energy Field Owner's Manual
An Introduction
This body of work presented by Patricia  Fields, PsyD  is a compilation of many years of education, research, practice and study. This information is at a more advanced level of understanding and comprehension with the original intended audience of healing practitioners. Therefore, some of the concepts, and supporting framework on which her theories and this material is based, are complicated and build on ideas presented by other scientific theories, philosophical teachings, healing methodologies, and schools of healing. It is a rich source of information and we recommend that you read a section and let what you have learned to integrate into your being and then go on to another section. We will continue to add clips of recorded material to further help your understanding of a particular concept or idea, so check back regularly. Feel free to write us with any questions and we will be happy to respond. Enjoy!

We are the universe—the stuff of stars. Our very bodies are made of the fundamental material building blocks of the universe. In so many ways, we can say that we are the body, the enfleshed universe. As noted cosmologist Brian Swimme writes in “The Universe as a Green Dragon, “We are the creative, scintillating, searing, healing flame of the awesome and enchanting universe.” (page 171) This is not only a metaphor but truly an expression of Spiritual Law. Spiritual Law dictates that our very bodies and energy fields have a point-to-point reference for the universe, the galaxy and the planet. Hidden, yet contained, within our molecules and atoms arethe interconnected reference points to our other homes. The molecular, atomic and subatomic particles are the links to the unidentified chakras 8-12.
The universe is a vast and ever expanding domain, constantly unfolding and emerging. Its evolution is unquestionable, as is our own.
The universe has a very special relationship with and to planet Earth because Earth was set up originally as an experimental planet. But what was the experiment? And how is the experiment going?
By and large, the way planets andspecies evolve to a higher order vibration involves some form of cataclysmic shift. Another way of saying that is there is usually a dramatic shift in form whenever there is a major shift in the octave of consciousness. There are galactic bodies that shift vibration through implosion and explosion as examples. But change in form, from the inside out, and in a seamless, almost imperceptible way is fairly non-existent, at least for planes of existence and species at a rate of vibration of 3rd chakra or dimension or below. An octave shift in consciousness, say from a 3rd to 4th chakra or dimension is a complete, total shift in the very way that a planet or species experiences existence. This means that the very rules that govern reality, the amount of separation/pain versus interconnection/joy, the density of the matter that make up the planet and your body, all this and more are determined by the dimensional vibration of the reality that your consciousness is nestled within. When we take a look at the genetic shifting of any of our species on the planet, which does in fact look seamless, we are observing a shift in form, not in a major shift in consciousness.
This planet has a very special and more direct connection to the universe than most due to the fact that it is experimenting with a nondual, seamless way to shift consciousness. We need the close supervision of the universe to monitor our planetary experiment. And just as our bodies by Spiritual Law must include point-to-point connections to the universe, so does the Earth have point-to-point connections with the greater galaxy and universe. With this special connection to the Universe, comes the possibility of using these portals or energetic gateways to transmit to the Earth and her various species energies that would enable her and her various life forms to slowly but surely shift their consciousness from one rate of vibration to another without having to disrupt the continuity of life as we know it.
This is an amazing and daring experiment. And when it has been tried in other parts of the universe at this rate of vibration, it has rarely succeeded. It represents the universe herself trying to evolve the very way she evolves in these more dense domains of existence. It is her way of trying to ooze into physical material matter the stuff of nonlinear and nondual change. Nonlinear and nondual ways of transforming assume that change happens in a smooth, continuous arc of transition. Linear models of change are most often prompted by some form of struggle or stressful event. Transformation stems from a resounding clash of polarities followed by a sudden leap into a wholly new vibration which mirrors neither polarity but which is inclusive of both. For example, if good and evil were to evolve beyond either one of those polar opposites, the resulting outcome might be the vibration of beauty. To shift non-cataclysmically, with no poles clashing, represents a truly evolved model of change and a higher order of evolution.
Changing the way a planet or species changes isthe single most important, efficient and expedient way to nudge evolution along in our 3rd chakra dimensional existence. The universe herself never sleeps when it comes to watching this experimental baby trying out this new pattern of change.
No one knows the final outcome. Ah ha, but that really is not true and in keeping with Spiritual Law. There are certain tribes that I do firmly believe carry the seeds of Truth for the final outcome of the experiment. And they are just beginning to enter the we’ll need to listen in the coming years!
Very Basic and Sometimes Pleasant and Not So Pleasant Information About Your Ticket to Earth
Why did I come here? (someof you follow this with an exasperated “For God’s sake?” Others, will find this question is obvious why you’s a wonderful life!)
You did choose to come to this planet for some kind of experience. Most people incarnated here originallyto experiment with what it might be like to experience matter in all of its various forms as well as the enormous creativity with regard to time periods of history. This is also a very beautiful planet with tremendous choices of geography and topography within which to travel. And the grandest experiment of all is to have the novelty of experiencing forgetting the wholeness of one’s self. The mere thought of forgetting was an original concept that the universe invented.
Yes, many of us share the same secret, that is, we were seemingly duped by the slick pictures in the travel brochures and the hyped up sales and marketing team. Or, to say it another way, it looked better on paper than it does in reality. No one, not even the Infinite Creator Beings expectedthe forgetting to get so out of control.
What’s Earth got to do with it, subtitled, What’s Love got to do with it?Whether we consciously remember this or not, we are actively involved in a co-evolutionary partnership with the Earth. Our own spiritual development co-aligns with the evolutionary tangent of the Earth. What does that mean practically?
A simple way of expressing this is that when the Earth was formed as a mass of matter, it realized it was lonely, isolated. From its very core, it poured out aninvitation to be inhabited, to be partnered, to be accompanied, to be loved and to love. It was a deep spiritual call, sent out to the very edges of the galaxy. And the Earth knew that to be inhabited by other species was a co-evolutionary experiment in deep cherishment. The Earth and her inhabitants would be inextricably interconnected, intertwined in a transformational love knot.
This is important background spiritual information that has huge implications for humankind and for the Earth. The co-evolutionary process is governed by Spiritual Law ( Link to Spiritual Law). What this means is that our evolution as a species is not separate from the evolutionary track of the Earth. Spiritual Law states that a collective’s or species’ vibrational rate cannot exceed the evolutionary rate of the planet. So when we talk about humankind evolving to a higher dimensional rate of vibration, by Spiritual Law we are implying that the Earth goes with us to that accelerated rate. It is a violation of Spiritual Law for a collective or species to vibrate out of the range of the planet. This is a binding and very sacred contract based on inviolate and sanctified principles of interconnection. We are our Home base and wherever we go so does the Earth; by the same token, wherever the Earth goes vibrationally, so do we.
To say it again in a different way, it is spiritually impossible for the human race to transform to a higher vibration without its partner, the Earth. Though we may like to think we are separate and maintain a separate sense of free will, it is really not the case.
This of course puts those of us who might like to evolve to the next stage of vibrational evolution at odds with the current state of health of the Earth. The Earth is desperately struggling to survive right now in its current state; its overall health is at odds with the natural potency and power it needs to transform to the next stage of evolution. Simply stated, it is tired and its energy is compromised The fundamental resources its needs for evolutional thrust are diminished and depleted.
Spiritual Law mandates that every sentient being has free will. Therefore, the current status of play between humans who wish to evolve and the Earth is precarious. If the Earth cannot recoup its health and/or would decide not to choose a course of evolutionary progress, then the species as a whole would not be allowed to pursue its evolutionary thrust. This backs humans into a corner; those who wish to evolve might need to ascend off the planet in order to preserve their free will and the free will of the planet.
Love means we are not separate. Love implies interconnected destinies. Earth has everything to do with it.
This planet exists at about an average rate of third dimensional reality. What that translates into is that it vibrates to about the third chakra. Given that there are 12 chakras, we are down in the lower 25th percentile range. That means that the experience here on Earth defaults to a fairly moderate degree of separation. Separation in practical human terms means that there is a fairly moderate degree of pain and suffering that occurs in a predictable and rhythmic cycle in your life. And that is simply the nature of order or the natural law for the planet.
This planet is part of a universe whose vibration cannot be described in chakra terms. Universes are so grand and complex; they simply cannot be categorized as a 2nd, 3rd, 4th chakra or dimensional universe. There really is not a good classification scheme to rate universes. They defy categorization! However, what we can say is that any universe that by definition has elements of separation is a somewhat less evolved universe. That this universe has dimensions, each of which is separated from every other dimension puts this universe squarelyin the ballpark of separation of wanting a stiff dose of evolution. The good news is that the universe wants to evolve and is always evolving. By definition, evolution will always progress towards more interconnection and unity.
Everything here is an llusion:the smoke and mirrors nature of reality.
This is one big dream. And a very real one at that! What does it mean to say that it is all an illusion? You are the dream and the dreamer.
True reality anywhere in the universe is quantum reality. It means that each moment the reality in front of your eyes is reinstated. It really is like a movie with various frames and separation between each frame. The difference is that in the separation between the frames there is free will and a pause...time enough to shiftwhat happens in the following moment. We blink in and out of time and in between each blink you choose the next moment. Reality moments are just instantaneous decisions which lock in one reality moment from a series of probable futures.
Advanced meditators often find that in one or more of their meditations they “get” this. They will experience reality flickering in and out right before their eyes and sometimes the screen goes blank. This is a very powerful albeit scary moment for most humans as we have forgotten the true illusory nature of reality.
What is the point of it all?
Have you ever read the end of a book before the middle? I have. I did the unthinkable. I couldn’t stand the suspense of not knowing if Harry Potter died at the end of the last book. So I wandered into Borders, snuck a copy of the book into a back corner, promptly sat down and read the last 20 pages. My partner was shock horrified. I didn’t care. I had to know. And of course, I was relieved. Harry Potter survived.
A sneak peek reading of the end is really like asking “What’s the point of it all?” We all want to sneak a peak to see if there is a happy ending to help sustain us through the difficult parts of the middle. Yet, in this story, the point of it all is what you make of it. And contrary to our projections, no one will tell you the point at the end. You will review your life and decide what you make of it. But there are clues!
For the most part, the point is all about the freedom to come here and explore the wonders and glories of the fantastic illusions that you can create. There are countless worlds, points in time and space we call history with fabulous costumes and talented and not so talented actors and actresses. You get to try everything on and see where it goes. You get to feel the density and lusciousness of flesh and bones, the magnificence of nature, the pulsing rhythms of music, the sensuousness of tastes and textures, the humanness of it all. Human beings exhibit a poignant strength and fragility that is uniquely their own claim. The struggles and challenges with their attendant hopes and despairs make this Earth experience a unique existence to be treasured for its wholeness.
The point is: the sheer privilege of finding another part of the universe of you.
You write the ending every day, all the time, but most of you will only read it at the very end.
How do I get  out of here?
That’s always a good question. The truth is, your soul chooses when you exit. We live in a reality where conscious death is very rare; although possible. Remember the movie, Little Big Man where the Native American Indian Chief Dan George confidently announces one day “Today is a good day to die!” He promptly marches off to a special place, lies down to die, and then changes his mind. Now that’s conscious death.
Sometimes your soul chooses to lift you out of here because the purpose that you came here for is complete despite the fact that your conscious mind does not recognize this. In fact, this is largely the case. It is equally true however, that at times at an unconscious level, you just decide that the script of your life has dead ended. The plot is no longer interesting or you have written the plot into a corner with difficult exits and you no longer wish to play it out. In this case, this is not unconscious or conscious suicide. It is simply free will playing itself out.
No,I mean how do I really get out, like out of the whole Earth experience?  Wher is the exit sign?
Now, this is even a better question with not so simple of an answer.Thousands of religions and spiritual teachers have been addressing this for eons. And I just come along and boil it down to a few mere paragraphs. That’s heresy for sure!First of all, it goes back to the question, what is the point? The point ultimately at every level is to simply experience it all, the earth, the galaxy, the universe for the sheer pleasure and enjoyment of meeting your own creation. You are the fingers on the hands of the universe and your palm is the galaxy. And with essentially 12 whole dimensions to explore within the universe with each dimension having nearly unlimited terrain, there is a lot to explore!
So, back to Earth. All of the more evolved beings know that the Earth is a mixed bag of experience and one can easily get lost in the experience. So in the infinite wisdom of the universe and her wise elders, there was a decision to create what we call spiritual lineages. (Link to Spiritual Lineages).
When you crossover, with the aid and support of the your spiritual lineage and its associated ascended masters, you jointly decide whether or not you will return to the Earth experience or move your exploration to some other dimension.
So to summarize and finally answer the question....You with the aid and support of your nonjudgmental and nonauthoritative lineage and wise spiritual masters or elders determine your readiness to leave the Earth experience.Andyoucanleaveatanytime!But if you are like I was (see story below), you probably don’t know that and even if you know it as information, it does not really compute that you have the option. For many spiritual lineages (but not all), the determining factor is whether your soul has been capable of vibrating to the 7th chakra vibration. Once again, that is your soul’s ability to vibrate to the 7th chakra, not your conscious mind. And as for the conscious mind and conscious earth experience, many lineages hold that you only need to move through about 70% of your deepest fears and still retain a sense of trust, faith and hope. And this is more true of lineages which subscribe to reincarnation as each life represents an opportunity to master a small sector of fears.
I remember a time way back in the eighties when I was about to undergo a profound and life changing spiritual experience. I was on the Big Island of Hawaii at a retreat center not far from the active volcano of Kilauea. Stuck in a room that had holes in the screens, I found myself swatting mosquitoes nonstop and realizing how far a ways I had to go be enlightened. I was perturbed, irritated and annoyed that my “deep” experiences of meditating were being interrupted on a non-stop basis by either slapping myself or scratching an itch. I finally took to bed and put the covers over my head. I relaxed and went into a deep trance and drifted into an altered state. I was transported to a domain where kind and gentle beings were briefing me as to how to crossover, that is, transition from life to the other side of pure spirit. I heard what seemed like the voice of God say, “And where would you like to go after your experience on the Earth?” I was incredulous. Where else was there to go? “And, by the way,” I asked innocently, “Why would I want to go anywhere else? I like the Earth. It is my home!” For some reason, I felt offended at the mere suggestion that I
would betray my roots.
With the kindness and serenity that only higher level beings can offer, they ushered me into a special viewing room that looked just like an IMAX movie theatre. I was given a front row seat and there before my eyes a panoramic view that was expansive beyond imagination appeared. It looked like horizontal bandwidths of color and each bandwidth had a unique and wholly distinctive color, flavor, sense, and multimedia feel to it. I was overwhelmed and awed. In a millisecond, I realized I was looking at the 12 dimensions of the universe and they needed no verbal explanation. One of the wise beings took a pointer and placed it on the left side of the lower quadrant that was vibrant yellow. “Here is the placement of the Earth in the All of Everything. That is where you were and wish to return to.” Nothing else was said or implied by his voice. No judgment, nor suggestion, nor advice. Once again within a millisecond, I understood everything. I saw, heard and felt the whole vibration of Earth as it exists in third chakra consciousness. I realized there was so much more, so much more to explore. In that moment of recognition, I also felt what Bob Monroe, founder of the Monroe Institute, called the mu of the earth. This refers to the overall sound that the Earth is one of stress, distress and dis-ease amidst periodic harmonics of joy. And that disharmonic sound did not emanate from most of the other bandwidths of color that were placed above the bandwidth of Earth.
I felt a strong pull to point to one of the other colors, which turned out to be a sixth chakra color. It’s sound was sweet with soothing harmonics and I was drawn ever deeper into my curiosity to explore that plane of existence. The being looked deep into my eyes, nodded understanding and the altered state experience came to an end.
In the two days following this experience, I dreamed that I was crossing over to this place. I would awaken in the morning to a mixture of deep peace and underlying anxiety. Was I going to die? What would happen to me? I had made friends with a couple at the retreat center who invited me to a picnic spot nearby a luscious waterfall. I remember wondering if this was going to be my last lunch on my last day. How did I feel about that? Did I want to do something more dramatic? What did I want to do if this really was my last day? A deep blanket of peace swathed me as I sat on the grass drinking in the sound of crashing water and relaxing into the warm mist from the waterfall. There was nothing more to do; nothing more to be and this place, these people were just perfect. Somehow this moment in the grand spectrum of everything all made sense.
The next day, I was called to meditate in a small, sheltered clearing right at oceanside. I went into a deep trance and lost my conscious memories for 20 minutes of time. And that is when some part of me left and went on to another dimension and another higher vibration part of me slipped into my body.
What is enlightenment in this body of work?
Simply put enlightenment is not one thing, experience, state or reality. Enlightenment for most folks comes in infinite stages. It is the experience of multidimensional consciousness. But depending on the dimensional vibration of your experience, your enlightenment experience will vary. For some, it feels like enlightenment if they can resonate to a vibration that calibrates to the 4th dimension or 4th chakra. Others may describe it as universal consciousness or oneness when in reality it may have been the universal consciousness as expressed in the 9th dimension or chakra.
Let’s take another example. In the near death literature, you read about people seeing the Light at the end of the tunnel. The nearly universal description of that Light is of unconditional love and unity. In reality, there areinfinite octaves of experience of unconditional love, octaves that extend out to the 12th dimension and beyond. The Light that is seen and the corresponding experience are tantamount to the amount of unconditional love that that individual can tolerate and handle as a soul.
Back to the Story
Back to my experience following a week long workshop at the Monroe Institute....Slide back time to 1989....
Having just finished a weeklong intensive in consciousness and out of body travel, I checked into a local hotel inFaber, Virginia with my then husband. We were really tired after an exhilarating trip and did not want to drive the hour’s long trip back to Philadelphia where we lived. We both lay down in bed and my husband instantly dropped off to sleep. I put my head on the pillow and without a thought, fell into a deeply altered state.
To make a long story short, I saw within the span of several minutes, the entire history of the evolution of my soul. I saw how my soul had set up for eons of time a soul program wherein I repeatedly experienced unrequited love unendingly life after life. I saw, heard, felt, within seconds, the extreme anguish of never having had a full and complete fulfillment in a loving relationship. Lovers were snatched away by wars, family disputes,spiritual divides, class clashes and every imaginable other glitch of life. I also saw that at a spiritual, energetic level the frustration from all those experiences, the pent up disappointed foam of feelings and energy that had been secretly accumulating in another dimension of consciousness, stored as a huge reservoir of pure energy. Pure frustrated emotion purified into pure energy. Here was ripe energy to be used for transformation. In that moment, I felt all of that energy begin to release and I experienced a Light beyond Light, cosmic unity that was immeasurably compelling. I was asked then if I would be willing to give up my life for the sake of the evolution of all of the other souls who were a part of my soul pod (a group of souls with whom I had been evolving over eons). To this day, I wonder how anyone could ever resist that Light! I said that of course I would! The Light was so compelling that I did not even think about leaving family, friends, or my beloved husband who was in bed next to me!
As I felt myself head out the door so to speak, my experience was interrupted on the inner planes of spirit by a fluke, a true spiritual mistake, so to speak. It was a violation of Spiritual Law actually. Wow! That was a painful and traumatizing experience.I wanted to go! I was ready to go. And by that time, I was over half way there only to be stopped in my tracks.
When I opened my eyes, I was still in such a deeply altered enlightened state.
My husband then awoke and said he had just had a dream that high consciousness beings had come to visit him and told him to prepare for the fact that I was going to die. He hugged me vigorously and said he was so glad I was alive; the dream had been so real. That was when I realized just how real my visions had been. This was not just a dream or figment of my imagination.
In the meantime, I was so exhilarated given my enlightened state of consciousness despite the fact that I was alive and wasn’t supposed to be. Over the course of the next hours, I laughed outrageously and was known to say, “I cannot imagine how everyone doesn’t see that a frog, a rock and a tree are all the same!” What I was seeing was how everything was energy, pure enlightened energy and totally connected! That state lasted for hours and in the intervening time, I had numerous insights into the cosmos and was bathed in enlightened energy and consciousness.
My best guess after years of attempts to piece all of that together was that my consciousness was stationed in about the 6th to 7th dimension. And yet, if you ask me if that was enough relative to my knowing that there were/are another 5 or 6 dimensions to go, I would tell you that I could have stayed in that place for eternity it was so full.
This is why spiritual teachers all over the world say thatwhen you rest unendingly in and attach to only one place of consciousness for the sake of its pleasure, you are missing out on all the other possibilities.
In the end, some aspect of you in some dimension, most likely not the you that exists in this 3rd dimension will reach the vibration of the true Universe. When that happens and you absorb it enough until your spirit is full, the enlightenment from there might spawn you to take your travels to yet even another place.
Enlightenment goes on and on and as my deceased and most wonderful father would have said at this point to me, “Hon, it just doesn’t get any better than this...And, it just keeps getting better.”


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