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Welcome to the 5-month continuation of the InterUniversal Support Group.

Monthly meetings are held Saturday mornings, 9:00-10:30am Arizona Time, except for our January 28th meeting where we meet at 8:00 am Mountain Time.


January 28    9:00-10:30 am Mountain Time

February 11   9-10:30 am Mountain Time

March 11        9-10:30 am Mountain Time

April 8             9-10:30 am Arizona/Pacific Time

May 6              8-9:30 am Arizona/Pacific Time


NOTE: Patrice lives in AZ where the time does NOT change! Clocks change March 12.

For April and May classes here are the accurate class times:

Pacific Time Zone: 9-10:30 am

Arizona Time Zone 9-10:30 am

Mountain Time Zone 10-11:30 am

Central Time Zone 11-12:30 pm

Eastern Time Zone 12-1:30 pm

Sign up requires a 5-meeting commitment to attend all classes live via Zoom and recordings will be available. The group does require a live commitment for the calls. Patrice understands that situations can come up which prevent live attendance, but by and large there is an expectation to attend the class live.

Patrice will be leading the group; however, feedback and discussion is an expected part of attending the class. At the end of this class period, we will reconvene to see where we go from there.

Decisions where Patrice wants group input will be decided by majority vote with everyone agreeing to abide by the vote. Any processing of group dynamics is a part of the group sessions and will not be conducted via emails. If any group conflict arises, participants agree to abide by Conflict Resolution Guidelines provided by Patrice.

Registering for the class implies that all participants agree to the above conditions. No refunds are available as the calls will be recorded.

SESSION 1 ~ January 28, 2023

Love From the Core of the Earth


Change our relationship with reality and dream the future with Love, hope, innovation, creativity, WONDER & MAGIC!


CLICK HERE to download the full Zoom video & audio file


CLICK HERE to download the PRACTICE only MP3


Watch the Remote Viewing The Year 2060 on the home page Stephen A Schwartz Stephan A. Schwartz (

Movie: "LIVING" in theaters now CLICK HERE to watch the trailer

TV Series on Amazon Prime "THE RIG" CLICK HERE to watch the trailer 

NEWS story about the Earth's Inner Core CLICK HERE


The movie "TOMORROWLAND" mentioned by Andrea about the power of choosing to focus on the LOVE and what we intend to create vs complaining and feeding energy to the dark. It's a great example of creating with Love, creativity, Magic & Wonder... CLICK HERE to watch the trailer.

Thanks to BB for sharing the book "The Body is Not an Apology" CLICK HERE to read a free preview of this book of profound love, acceptance, and sacred honoring of our bodies. 

SESSION 2 - February 11, 2023


CLICK HERE to download the full Zoom video & audio file


CLICK HERE to download the PRACTICE only MP3

NEW invocation to add at the end of your daily practice:

"I invoke the new Laws of Regulation and I ask and allow by law that they companion me everyday and in everyway."

It is advised that if you wish to replay the call and practice, it must be done in groups of 3 or more from this group. Do not practice this call alone. 


We will be hosting a practice group where we replay the InterUniversal Regulation Call
Sat. Feb 25th at 8am - 9am MT- 10am CT - 11am ET.

Password = 888

Mark your calendars if you wish to join us.

SESSION 3 ~ March 11, 2023

Magic, Esthetic, Bolivian Portals 

***This is a "One-Shot Call" ~ Only listen to it once.

Summary of Call
We were guided by the Masters of the Covenant and their emanations. We opened up
to magic, the law of aesthetics, and the portal opening in Japan. We also experienced
the InterUniversal energetics from Bolivian portals creating alchemy, smoothing our
bodies, the earth of us and the earth so that as classic law disassembles it is now
infused to shift more smoothly and magically to law of classic structure, to organizing
principle structure, and then we took that put it into an alignment and literally placed it in
between time and space in the Tetons to slow down the release of wild freedom and
free will not only to slow down the release but also to make the process of change and
the release more magical and more aesthetic. That was a lot.

There is no practice for this call. 

Here is the dragon Japanese Portal painting by Mei Mei "Clara." 

Mei Mei Portal Painting.jpg

SESSION 4 - April 8, 2023


CLICK HERE to download the full Zoom video & audio file

CLICK HERE to download the PRACTICE only MP3

Session 5

Double Dip Gelato Delight!

Nature of Order with 11th Dimension &
Awakening our Celestial Bodies and Purifying the Underworld at the Tetons and in Us

To download the full Zoom audio and video

CLICK HERE to download the PRACTICE only MP3

5.1 Practice MP3 Nature of Order with 11th Dimension

5.2 11th Dimension & Awakening our Celestial Bodies

Class 6

June 10, 2023

Advanced Order of Nature

Click here to download the InterUniversal Zoom recordings

To download the practice only (45 mins) edited by John Holley go here

Thank you John Holley and thank YOU to everyone for your contributions.

Class 7

August 12, 2023

Immaculate Alignment

Click here to download the InterUniversal Zoom recordings:

To download the practice only (38 mins) edited by John Holley go here:


This call is about getting to the bottom of things. I think it's about the awareness of how being the universe turned inside out and back as a planet is allowing us to see some of the original flaws in the design of the universe that created so much separation.

From that original separation, magic was separated out as a force, separation  and union were separated and then this story just goes on from there.

This call was about going into Tetons with infinite creation and compassion and resources to build on the law of the Immaculate. Remember everything builds on everything else the law of the Immaculate was placed in the Tetons this week to be a law to create a fix for the universe's design flaws.

What we did today is build on that energy and start the process of realigning unity, separation and magic. Realigning a different way for the axis, atlas, earth and magic of you to relate in a way that has more magical interconnection.

In this process, so many unresolvable's that you may have never been aware of unconsciously start to get resolved. Irresolvable’s not only from your life on this planet but other galaxies – things that are so non linearly connected.

In this deep process within the group, within the Tetons with all the resources, the underlying message is there is a great end to the story - what may look like devolution now it's all just messy evolution that things cannot be taken off track because the universe has already decided we're moving on.

That when you know and feel, and I can tell you that I've had this feeling. When you now end of the story is wonderful it gives you a place to hang on to during periods of time where you wonder what the heck is going on or I wanna give up hope.

This work gives you freedom ultimately to exit the universe and your death, it gives you the freedom to drop and void certain unresolvable’s.

And most importantly it is restoring magic as a force that allows all of these separated elements to finally come together.

The energies were sent to Syria and Afghanistan and Palestine and Israel.

More importantly or as importantly they are in your field. We loosened your connection to the iron ore core and I anticipate over time because I've already seen this I've been working with it, that we will be re-anchoring into a higher order kind of iron ore, we will be anchoring in different places so that we're not so enmeshed in the deep iron or core - this is an ongoing dreaming and creating process.

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